ChainLink vacancy?

Do you guys think this is a vacancy for a ChainLink developer? Pretty nice salary (or is it low for SF standards?).

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Could be.

Jason Parser

Nice find. Why don't you apply and find out? Or call the recruiter and ask for more info.

Imagine you go to a job interview and meet peak male performance in person. What would you do?

shake nervously

kek not living in burgerland, guess someone could try?

yeah someone should actually call and ask what the company is

unfortunately Sergey took his own life after receiving hundreds of XXL plaid button up shirts.

Post the link to the vacancy so we can get contact details of the recruitment agency

I lived in Seattle (not SF, I know) with 100k a year and it was a shit ton of money for me. I didn't have any dependents though.

I will give 10 LINK to whoever calls them and confirms who they are hiring for. Record it and post it here.

Anyone else want to contribute to the bounty?

Oh and I didn't have to pay rent. Dem sweet sweet MSFT benefits.

It's 10:30 pm in Switzerland right now. Maybe he'll pick up though.

150-180k p/a, god damn

>or is it low for SF standards
it's average by SF standards

definitely chainlink

It's America? What are you talking about

Make it 15 LINK to whoever calls them and gets the info.

The phone number is Swiss, so I guessed the recruiting agency is there, but maybe not.

Why didn't I do programming in school godammit!!!

Ah sorry, it's a recruitment agency hiring from Europe for America.... Is this normal?

Call them in the morning, make a thread and I'll read it and send you LINK if you make a recording.

You have to properly ask them though and sound legit, I don't want a 10 second conversation where they say "we cant tell you" and you just hang up.

Also I would like to join a serious telegram / discord group related ChainLink. Could anyone send me one at [email protected]. I will deliver.

It's a UK number isn't it? Here

Although the contact is this guy
Did you find his office number?

It's on the OP's picture, +41.

His telephone number is here.
+41 43 50 80 817 (Thomas extension 3164)

I'll make a thread tomorrow morning.

Ah. Sorry im retarded. Didn't see

just check out the sub famalamadingdong

wish i would fill the requirement, would move to the us in a heartbeat

video is up