How much longer before Amerimutts defualt on their debt and the dollar collapses?

How much time do you peasants think you have left before your currency becomes worthless ?

it won't. America has so much influence and power, that if it ever came close to that, they'd drop a nuke somewhere and start world war 3 and 4 back to back.

it will go like this
1) due to the insane level of borrowing the Fed is doing to finance their debt ( making it bigger inflation will rise ALOT
2) this is not helped by the fact that Trump is adding to the budget deficit by cutting taxes while increasing military spending
3) to curb inflation, fed will have no choice but to raise rates
4) this is basically the end, as US govt has $20 trillion debt now, but it is getting by due to low interest rates. If they go to 8-10%, they will not be able to pay it
5) dollar collapses, americans cant pay their mortagages, car loans etc due to insane interest rates couple with a weak dollar

so id say as soon as the fed raises rates anywhere above 5%, its over


McAfee predicted this.

whats their end game? this would cause a world wide depression, and civil war if everyones assets become worthless

also you are saying that the Federal Reserve is literally what controls America, and the Worlds financial markets

push socialism even further, to accelerate the decline of western civilisation.

I believe this because after the incoming mega recession, i think capitalism as a whole will be blamed ( when in fact this is a result of CRONY capitalism ) and a socialist like sanders will win in 2020 unopposed. Republicans will lose ALL credibility as they have been bigging up the fact that the stock market success is due to them, but now cracks are beginning to show

If communism or socialism is the end game..crypto will be worthless if you can buy it with dollars. You can't really believe that they will let the cryptofags retain their wealth.

crypto will tank, just as everything else will. You know in 2008 the US debt was sub $10 trillion, it is now over $20 trillion. This recession will be INSANE, people will pull money out of all assets , ESPECIALLY speculative ones like crypto in order to feed their families

American savings rate at a 10 year low. Auto debt at an all time high. Mortgage debt all time high. The average american is going to be slaughtered by this recession

What the fuck would they pull out into? USD? Fiat value will drop by >50%

I didn't know Peter Schiff goes on Veeky Forums

Schiff is a fucking shill. He just wants investors to buy his mutual funds which consist of international bonds and shitty gold mines

>implying the dollar crashing wouldn't destroy the entire world economy
you faggots need us more than we need you

>America defaulting
It will never happen dipshit.

in 2020 interest on the debt will be 1 trillion a year. Thats just interest. How the fuck can anyone pay that?


How do we prepare?

If people will be cashing out of everything into Fiat (I don't fully understand this as fiat will become virtually worthless)... someone help?

of course the dollar collapse would destroy the world economy. There would be massive wars, food shortages etc. This next collapse will be about Robbing the middle class of all their wealth. 2008 was just a test run

schiff predicted 08, and he will be right again. All the causes of the 08 crash are present once again, but on a far, far larger scale


you cannot prepare, other than use your money now for things that have real value. Supplies, and basic necessities..Maybe some land

yeah a broken clock is right twice a day. A 10 year old can predict a crash is coming. The question is if we will default on the debt which means a dollar collapse..or will there be another round of Quantitative easing, which would drive the debt to 30-40 trillion.

Artificial contracts representing land ownership will become invalid when the dollar collapses.

buy gold now. It will tank initially, like everything else, just like in 08. But the point is it will tank less, and then proceed to hit ATHs just as it did in the years following 08.

If we manage to recover , then gold will decline while the stocks rise. So sell gold for stocks if you see recovery signs

If we dont recover and truly descend into chaos, then even gold will not save you. Only thing you will need is ammunition and basic supplies as the other user said

not if the land is owned outright. but if things got real bad, they could declare eminent domain

that cycle cannot continue forever, and you know it. Maybe you are right, but all it will mean is when the actual recession hits, it will just be worse

I live in London, UK.

I can be arrested for firearms charges for just having hairspray used as a self defence tool.

to be honest I dont think we will get to doomsday scenarios, so the ammunition and supplies scenario probs wont happen. I think it will just lead to mass unemployment and a resurgence of socialism

But if it does, then you are fucked im afraid

The government can never pay it's debts you fag it all a slow milking you retard.

it can't continue forever. They will try another round of low interest and QE when the crash hits..The economy will remain floating for a short time and then sink under severe stagflation.

pajeet, at least try to use English


Fuck off kike we all know that the government can never pay it's debts and has to take a loan to pay the previous loan. We all know how you ((banking system)) works.

Lol central banks are some of the best inventions of mankind. Money is not the value for which goods are exchanged, but by which goods are exchanged. Gold is only worth what the market values it at

5.power structure changed from us oligarchy

unlikely there will be carnage in the streets

you're a dumb mutt

gold maybe?

It can't go bust.
It's a zero sum game between givernments and banks.
I owe you you owe me situation, where we comunicate through a hired pajeets (all of us) and we both agree to increase the debt supply and keep paying the help the same or less...

The people don't fight back like we used. Demanding that we be treated fairly. It was easier then when you didn't have a military industrial complex at its peak. What's done is done. 1913 was a virus and viruses eventually die.

Sounds like an ideal situation for a civil war. Can't wait to watch it from across the ocean sitting on my stacks of silver and gold. Comfy as fuck.

>gold feeds families
>brb feeding my baby some 20 karat gold

This. The US will start WW3 when it wants to.

It can and will go bust. It will be worldwide right in line with the continued cooling of the planet and crops losses and famines. Lol. DYOR its coming. Grand Solar Minimum bud. Buy seeds that thrive in low light. Buy gold and silver and lead. Ha

hey user, sorry if you know, but check out the 'grace commission' very good read on where the taxes actually go!

You faggots will be in the same situation or worse, the dollar is the worlds reserve currency..not to mention you will have to weather hordes of immigrants, and china/russia looking to expand

this "socialism" you speak of is not real socialism in essence -> state,country sponsersed socialism, which isnt socialism. it's national socialism - hence nazis

>anti-federal reserve circle jerk
>both far Right and Left
>runs almost entirely on conspiratorial thinking and Dunning-Kruger effect

One day you shills will reach too far and deaf words will fall on dumb masses. Remember this.


no shit, china is dropping the dollar and oil as its reserve currencies and switching to gold this year

>Going back to gold standard

Even they aren't that dumb, but if they are then there exists a blueprint for robbing their treasury. Ask France.

Yeah but I can buy your mum with my gold bars.

You won't buy shit britbong. Africans will be balls deep in your tight trap asshole

no such thing as nukes

You don't own land if you pay tax on it. You are a renter, a serf.