So the initial main net (alpha) was released a few days ago, ahead of schedule

So the initial main net (alpha) was released a few days ago, ahead of schedule.
A major step in the concrete development of Chainlink.

99% of shitcoins out there (even so-called legit ones) put out fancy roadmaps which they inevitably fail to meet; but Chainlink with its "no hype" approach actually delivers ahead of schedule.

And yet, the price barely did anything.

In fact, it might continue to plummet during the coming weeks; like it did after the unexpected announcement about the 5 major banks who were joining Chainlink's demo at Sibos in October.

Face it, Chainlink is never going to move.
The biggest move it made was when it simply grew along with the market during the general crypto bull market.

>the price barely did anything
Yeah but this is exactly a result of their "no hype" approach. LINK is still relatively under the radar, ask any normie what it is, they'll say they have no idea

are you new to crypto? look at all the coins retard. its not only LINK thats dumping. seriously all you fucking idiots don't know how to hold more than 3 months

Well, when it gets used, the nodes will start paying out and people will want a piece of it. That will make the price spike.

Mainnet will unironically bring it to $.40.

Why do I still have to explain this to you newfags, price is directly tied to market cap, market cap is the amount of money invested in the coin. The reason pump and dump scams soar in price is because retards buy in and it all falls apart once it moons, the reason LINK and other real projects will increase is because industry and companies will invest and it will hold its value. Those same companies arent going to buy pump and dumps they are going to invest in real products that have a long track record of working, an alpha released 2 days ago doesnt constitute a long track record of working. Come back in a year or even 2 years when its not an alpha but a working product and more importantly its been integrated into thousands if not millions of day to day transactions and operations through hundreds or thousands of company partnerships. Then talk about price.


Don't expect anything to happen to the price until major announcements start happening. Things that normies can't ignore. That will cause the price to rise due to speculative investment.

Then there's tokens being locked up in nodes and actual use in the real world, when chainlink enters derivatives market etc. and gets its value from actually being very useful.

I'm not expecting any real changes in price for at least 6 months.

How best to sell and buy back in? I have so little link and want to up my supply

>market cap is the amount invested in the coin
no it's fucking not. you think $178 billion have been invested into BTC? market cap is a goddamn inflated number because people buy low and hold. yes, if every single person who held the coin sold at today's price then it would equate to the market cap. but thats never fucking happening. you start your rant like you know what you're talking about but you don't have a fucking clue

I'm wondering if I should try to buy the lowest dip I can before the March conference or wait until after. I guess the question is whether or not Sergey will announce anything big at that conference, as well as when marketing efforts will begin. Anyone have info on this? Particularly the marketing part.

buy more without selling what you have to play it safe

this speech is going to be different from any speech he's every done before.

That's my point, all it ever does is follow the market, regardless of news.

o no, how awful would it be if it plummeted back to, oh, say, $0.30. what a dreadful thought. what kind of person would look forward to such a thing.

by which I mean to say, he could say anything. Supposedly they're hiring a market director when the main net goes online, but there will probably be no warning. That could be sooner or later, no real way of telling, I guess it just depends on the feedback they get after opening up the repository.

>market cap is the amount of money invested in the coin
Absolutely not.

>until major announcements start happening
Alpha release was a major announcement.

Test net or alpha main net was speckled for q1
Its q1
How is that ahead of schedule?

how so?

A coin plummeting after significant news like an alpha release is an extremely bad sign.

he's never talked about the subject. The last one "Moving beyond tokenization" was pretty much a repeat of the devcon one and barely different from the one before. This time he has a cohost and we've never heard him talk about smart conracts and how they relate to lawyers. So honestly this one might not even be about chainlink but rather smart contracts in general. He's also talking with the docusign guy who's still on the board and involved in several companies that could all make use of chainlink so they could very well throw in a "and our companies are working together to do x," which could very well also be why they're paired up for this talk.

It didn't really plummet, it just fell with the rest of the market. It moved up for that news then has retained its new spot on the market cap list.

Simplified Golang main net launched ahead of schedule. The fact that the Chain Link team decided that Ruby wouldn't be able to handle what they expect the network to do and ported to Golang shows they're serious.

When it comes to normies and no coiners the only thing they know about crypto is Bitcoin. Most don't even know about Etherium. The day when coins are 1) traded on normie exchanges like Scott Trade, Coin base, etc and 2) talked about on T.V. or social media is when we will see the singularity happen. Too much LINK is going to be locked up on staking and institutions that the demand will far out pace supply.

I have a tendency to believe . It seems with the last conference the tone has changed from strictly technical to now business/marketing. It seems that the CL team believes their product is ready for the main stream. I'm going to put in an order before the conference in March.

It doesn't matter that the alpha was released. Everyone who knows of chainlink and was going to buy it already bought it. The reason the price isn't moving is that LINK has ZERO presence outside Veeky Forums. Every LINK post on reddit gets deleted for an inexplicable reason. And those retards have posts on the front page with thousands of upboats for announcements of announcements for every shitcoin you can think of.

If LINK is to make a price move we need new money to hear of it. There is no other way.

Well, most times, q1 means end of march.

Pretty much every coin that said they were releasing something Q1 hasn't done so yet.

I am currently swing trading my stack of ~1900.

Be very very conservative and have patience.
At least we know it won't moon yet so no need to FOMO if it hauls some gains while you're out for an hour, it's probably gonna drop again.
I think whales are keeping price down.

Keep a solid eye on the depth chart to observe support and lackthereof in case of emergency so you can get an idea of which way it's heading.
Don't trust all the support walls, sometimes they will crash and you are in deep shit if you don't have fast reaction.

Started with 1000 added 333 link worth of litecoin into my stack and am now nearly passing 1900.

Crazy to think that each one of these little cubes are gonna be worth over 50 dollars one day...

They until end of March.

at the moment, LINK is basically drinking it's own piss. it's a biz fuckfest and biz only wants to keep it to itself, keeping us all poor. everything on reddit is downvoted into oblivion, when retarded coins like Nano get jizzed all over by the dumb money there. we need to get the whole world to know how good LINK is. everyone had their chance to fud and get more.

I feel like he'll have a much more minor role in the SXSW talk. I do feel like it is a much bigger event, but nonetheless

Yeah, ironically LINK's status as "that Veeky Forums coin" and a gigantic meme here is what's keeping it from mooning. Reddit doesn't take kindly to upvote brigading and a thousand autists posting memes. It just looks like a pump & dump to them.

>The reason the price isn't moving is that LINK has ZERO presence outside Veeky Forums.
To add, if you don't believe me, find me one instance outside Veeky Forums of the alpha link being mentioned. You won't find any.
LINK's twitter has 1566 followers. Less than all of us here at Veeky Forums. TRON's twitter has 384k followers. See the issue?

she's already hired

>market cap is the amount of money invested in the coin
nice bait

Though it's hilarious that so many people are turned off Chainlink because of Veeky Forums autists acting like scamming Pajeets.
Imagine the reactions if/when Chainlink moons a couple hundred times all of a sudden.

this has no effect. chainlink ICO was a huge deal. Sergey got a pr company to put out articles on every site known to man annoucning things like advisors joining and before that a lot of good sites (not the shitty blogs it gets now) wrote about

Once they go back into wanting to be in the public eye and real things start happening (an alpha code release does not count) they will easily go back into the public eye, and there's nothing Veeky Forums can do to stop it.

I actually don't think this is true. Rory denied she was, but when asked about Jordan Bonilla he said everything was speculation until the code release.

The trends on Veeky Forums are always followed by reddit, they will be late to the party but they'll figure it out eventually. It's literally the trickle down effect with memes, news leaks, crypto and everything else.


i see it coming, im a poorfag though and will miss the boat, can only buy $200 a month

company is called "chain" "link" logo is a box that some dude made in MS paint. The definition of a shitcoin.

>this has no effect. chainlink ICO was a huge deal. Sergey got a pr company to put out articles on every site known to man annoucning things like advisors joining and before that a lot of good sites (not the shitty blogs it gets now) wrote about
Yes, and then SIBOS happened where nothing happened and everyone except Veeky Forums forgot about it. Dumb money has the memory of a goldfish. They had hype shitcoins like trx or xrb to think about, not LINK with its zero media presence.

>Once they go back into wanting to be in the public eye and real things start happening (an alpha code release does not count) they will easily go back into the public eye, and there's nothing Veeky Forums can do to stop it.
You're right. I think when the marketing director gets hired and starts doing its work the world will finally wake up. Until then we're looking at LINK just following the market and having no movement of its own unfortunately.

Where'd you get dat?

Sergey's got a point guys

I really dont want the outsiders to be able to buy in until $5-10...theyre unworthy

Bad sign of what? All the price indicates is market sentiment. Let's not pretend the market actually understands value. Retards could sell it down to 10c, it wouldn't change anything about the project itself.

And the price rose. It's only tanking now because of btc tanking.

Alpha isn't really a big deal. It means they have a product. When big partnerships are announced, the kind of thing that even normies cant look away from, then we will see the singularity.

Having an actual product with a real lifr use is more than most crypto can show at this point

>groundbreaking product that solves a fundamental issue that stood between crypto and useful mass adoption
>its just a working product guys lol
Once the masses understand, there will be a bullrun like we have never seen before. The question is how much stinkies you can accumulate till then. The March conference already looks like they're geared up for prime marketing.

And the articles write themselves. Sergey will be interviewed by something like CNBC about smart contracts and how chainlink actually makes blockchain useful. Sergey isn't against press because he's spent money on it before. He literally just doesn't want it. I have no doubt something like coindesk has wanted to talk to him but he's just said no since the ICO.

>thinks normies will drive the singularity

The singularity will be driven by funds, companies and whales trying to get in on the action. Normies will play no part.

It's too technical for normies to understand.
Did you see the tweet?
It said something like "we're excited about bringing APIs and off-chain computation to smart contracts". That is not a sentence that normies can understand. Compare that with Justin Sun's tweets like "TRX is just getting started!!"

My point is that once ChainLink nodes are being operated by companies that normies know about, it wont matter if they understand the tech, they will just see the company name and understand it means money

Goal posts are being moved again *rolls eyes*

"Sure, you could trade LINK for a bigger stack but they could announce the alpha mainnet any minute and then you'll be fomoing in at $5"

>Alpha mainnet is announced unexpectedly
>20 cent boost
>Dumps less than a week later

That announcement should've seen the price rise to at least a dollar.

I stand corrected. Industry will drive the singularity, normies could drive it into a speculative frenzy.

>That announcement should've seen the price rise to at least a dollar.
Pulling arbitrary numbers out of your ass


People here need to understand that SXSW is going to be fucking huge. I know for a fact that those docusign people are elated to be associated with link. How do I know this? I'M THE FUCKING PERSON WHO TOLD THEM ABOUT LINK. They literally didn't know what it was until I told them about it. These are smart fucking lawyers, one dude is an advisor to Dragonchain. He immediately understood the value of link and must have brought in his old boss buddy from docusign (because I actually only talked with the lawyer). They are well monied and have connections throughout tech. LINK will be way bigger than docusign and they know it and they want a piece.

It's time for us in the link community to start shilling link to influential people who can understand its value. If you have accumulated and you want this to moon, use the resources available to you to spread the word. I'm not talking about Twitting or some dumb shit like that. Spread word professionally and to people who have influence. The best part is that they will have you to thank when we all get rich.


No one cares about alphas or schedules, though.


>Pulling arbitrary numbers out of your ass

You don't think the release of the alpha should've been nudging the cervix of its ath? It hit around $1.40 with no released working product.

>That announcement should've seen the price rise to at least a dollar.
I agree.

And the October announcement about the 5 banks should've put Chainlink in the top 10 cryptos by market cap.
It doesn't make sense.
OMG for instance has no working product yet either, and is also """just""" a token, yet it's way up there, with only a handful of local banks and McDonald's Thailand (tenuously) behind it.
Compare that to Chainlink with Swift, AXA, Sony, etc.

>fundamental issue
Then why does no one else give a fuck and why is only a two man team working on it?
If it was a big a deal as you fags say then the wider crypto community would be all over it.

Omise processes millions of dollars a day
Dont try imply that chainlink has greater prospects than the company taking over payment gateways in south east Asia

>only a two man team
I hope you're not actually retarded enough to see a problem with this.

In case you are: Microsoft, Google, Apple, ... were created by "only a two man team".
Amazon even had "only a one-man team".


And, pray tell, when did you do that? Tell us at least the month.

>being this deluded
Bill Gates never received 100,000 ether to build a computer in his shed

So it sounds like you'd just know about chainlinks involvement with docusign, and not necessarily anything else sergey's been up to. But is there anything else you can tell us about those two?

Well, I have 10.000 LINK (originally had 60k but sold around 1$.). I guess I'll kill myself in a year when I only have 100k$ with those instead of 600k$. But well. Market looking too shit at the moment.

Also reminder that if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, don't be a fag. Yesterday I stood in front of the entire management of my company (with some 15k employees) and shilled the fuck out of smart contracts because they'd quite literally save us tens of millions a year, and of course I namedropped LINK when explaining why no one has been able to utilize smart contracts until now.
Do your part, faggots. Smart contracts will revolutionize just about every industry. We just need to force the fuckers to take the leap.

I told him in late November or early December I think, could have been earlier... Around the time when Dragonchain was 70 cents. I spoke to him at a legal event.

>Dont try imply
Ok, I won't. Because you asked nicely.

>Bill Gates never received huge sums of money to develop his product

LARP or real? Tell us more.

I don't think SXSW will be a big deal because it would be unusual to make an announcement at a panel discussion.

You guys overestimate normies. look at BTC and how that keeps going up.
I had the same feeling about VEN a week ago, like when the fucks this shit going to moon already? Just give it a month and it'll be $2.50.

No partnerships are officially confirmed

Because nobody is really using it.
What good is a vaporware ICO token that mentions Chainlink? It's no good.
With the simplified mainnet, there's not much left to hype. So LINK will have to be valued closer to its actual value, which isn't even 10 cents right now.

>i guess i'll kms
yes, you will, because it will be a lot higher than 10 bucks in a year

Yeah, nah, it was just Sony and AXA literally using, and Swift literally paying Sergey for a year of development AND an exclusive demo spot as the only crypto dev at Sibos, and five major banks getting involved in the demo, etc. etc.

How and which industries, specifically? I've done quite a bit of research but still am not sold that smart contracts have any immediate or obvious advantages.

100% this

yup and if there is even only one huge brand name partner they will basically dictate that he has to do something

Because what these deluded linkies don't realize is that if Link goes above a buck it defeats the entire purpose of the coin.

>tfw no linker

Feels comfy.

I haven't heard about this or can't think of what you're referring to, unless it's not already known. Spill some beans.

The guy I spoke with is an advisor on multiple crypto projects and he was a fundamental part of making digital signatures hold legal validity.

I don't have inside info. I just know that the value that these docusign guys have and can bring to Link is huge. He pioneered the legal foundation for digital signatures to hold legal merit and helped write the laws that govern that area today.

>Face it, Chainlink is never going to move.
sell you bitch

mostly just speculative off of all the supposed partnerships. big companies spend a ton on marketing and when they have something new they cram it down your throat. now whether it be swift actually partnering with LINK and the marketing is geared towards businesses or partnered with some company in the normie eye and the marketing goes to the masses, marketing will be done

chainlink has actually nothing done, the repo is utter shit


To expand on my own point a but further, I think these are the people best positioned to advance the legal validity of smart contracts as they have the most real world experience in the most similar arena. I suspect that the legal precedent of digital signatures (like those used by docusign) will be used to make the legal arguments to support the validity of smart contracts. That is fucking huge. No one else has that and that is a barrier that must be crossed for smart contracts to go mainstream. No company wants to take the risk that a smart contact won't stand up in court when challenged. With docusign guys on board, it looks much safer and I expect them to be pioneering this effort. I don't really see another reason for their association.

id like to keep reading you thoughts on docusign

>trusting some sand-nigger named emad

pls kys in the most painful way you can imagine

Best post on biz today.

So you shilled chainlink to DocuSign, sounds important. Well fucking done

These people aren't with docusign anymore, they made their money and moved on to new endeavors. I'd suggest looking into the former GC's bio and work history for greater context. I think what they will do is help bring legal stability to smart contracts and they are getting out in front of the issue. There will undoubtedly be legal challenges to smart contracts in the future and they will be forming the legal basis on which the supporting arguments will stand. This is going to be a challenge since most smart contracts will be anonymized and docusign has your signature right on it. I'd have to think more about how they will get around that hurdle. Basically they will bring to SCs what did to digital signatures. That's my theory anyway.

>most smart contracts will be anonymized

I don't understand what you mean by this. At what point will they be anonymised?

i mean its the most level headed theory regarding link on biz in months. this place is like being on acid 24/7

This. Also, LINK is at 86 in the top 100 market caps at $0.64. Even if the price has dipped it's doing just as well as it was when it was over $0.80. The whole market is hurting.

he is extremely careful with everything he does. sergey is highly calculated with all of his actions. the man is a literal genius. i think that hes actually fat on purpose. i think the man doesnt want to be perceived as attractive but rather simply intelligent.

I mean that I don't expect John Doe will be putting his name on a SC where the public can see his name on the blockchain. So without a signature it makes a valid contract a bit harder to prove legally (unless you have an ongoing subscription with seller, like an Amazon account). Docusign makes you have an account where you agree to a bunch of legal shit that validates any contract you sign through their platform. So you see, with no signature and no ongoing membership, it complicates things a bit. Not saying it can't work, just saying I don't have the answer. Maybe there some similar membership that can be made, but wouldn't that centralize things? Idk, haven't thought that far ahead.


I work for a major Pet retailer with 1000s of stores. Can LINK do anything for us? How would I shill this to the higher ups?

Idk man, you can shill out to any company that would use smart contracts, not sure how pet stores would use it. Maybe with supply contracts somehow. Obviously it doesn't need to be shoehorned into every business. Shill smart execs for their personal investment or maybe they know someone in an industry that can benefit from it.

Really intriguing points you’re making user. Please, enlighten us further.

That's a great description lol, but it's not going to moon without an actual working network. It's too technical. Listen to Sergey's intereviews, watch the interviewer die inside as Sergey refuses to promote at all.