LTC to 1400?


>95.45% accuracy rate

Nigger haters btfo !!!

I wish. I sold my eth for ltc right before crash.

What the fuck?
Bag holders are desperate.

oh shit dude I need to rewatch Diamond again.
I wanted it high last time and I had a huge blast, pure entertainment specially the restaurant scene.

Is there any other anime as fun as this one so I can watch it high?
Best suggestion gets 0.43 eth that still sit on my old wallet

Ixion Saga DT

I so hope this is right, literally been getting absolutely motherfucking JUSTed.
t.bagholder at $330

why should ltc go 6x for no reason?

Voodoo majik is ‘no reason’?

junk boy and Urusei Yatsura

big if true

Full metal alchemist brotherhood.

95.45% accuracy rate at predicting the future? Is this man a wizard? How has he not retired yet from all the gains he made with his predicitons?

it's only that high when you post it online

when you don't post it online it's 50%

One Punch Man
Yu Yu Hakusho

A quick twitter audit is all you need to know about this guy.

is he usually pretty accurate?

ReichCoin to $1488 on April 20th

FMA Brotherhood is the best anime of all time

Detroit Metal City

Samurai Champloo

already watched my dudes

Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Neon Genesis Evangelion

The big three. All others are faggot

so i won?

watched both stoned and sober
stoned was alot better

fma was clearly better sober


What data?

forgot wallet


Space Dandy, DUB
deliver you bitch

pothead does'nt deliver
what a surprise....

i bet he didn't even watch space dandy

Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

It has : bro love, asian dishonor, space battles, LONG POLITICAL STATEMENTS ABOUT THE PAST, an earth cult, a merchant jew planet guild

its the best. But i watched most of it while tripping on acid/shrooms.

you wont regret it though


Hoozuki no reitetsu. I don´t know if it´s fun like Diamond, but it´s the best shit that I watched. It´s so hillarious. Thank you if you will give me 0xA02CbF8e698Cd2cc693c41A16ed67feAdd9B2c24 And if not, well, you are welcome (if you like it this anime)

>I'm the only one in the world calling this
Not exactly inducing confidence here.

Mononoke Hime? its a movie but still.
Akira? this one is obscure but bruddy gudd

Did you just say that Akira is obscure?

so mr. pothead, where is my weedmoney now?
i need it

No, his followers are fake.

mob psycho 100

Desert punk, thank me later


Address, no way anyone can bear it

Litepay litepal and mass adoption

Plus a big secret from Charlie Lee.

Fun hold for sure!

In my opinion Berserk have watched the original probably 3-5x the golden arc 2x and watching the new season rn but not the same quality

>not 1488
I mean if you're going to give such a precise fucking number, at least do it right

Hmm ltc or link

Devilman Crybaby

Shirokuma cafe

So everyone laughed when the Lite whisperer was saying 3000$ by end of summer