IOTA and VW partnership confirmed by VW CEO. This is huge.

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Another bold claim with zero source, whoop dee doo.

actually my bro in law works at the Chattanooga VW plant and he's been saying this for months, he bought into crypto in january.

Here you go brainlet, fyi that's the CDO of VW Group.

You know this ones for real.
Theyll use IOTA to transfer to emission testing devices to let them pass their inspection

buy my bags sir please very heavy

Will the CDO of Volkswagen do?

why dont you faggots understand that posting these shitty lies does absolutely nothing for the price of your coin? at best you're tricking a brainlet into throwing $100 in the fire

Amazing how a shitcoin that doesn't work at all can get so many partnerships with big companies

then again, big companies do fuck up a lot and often

Scam coin partners with diesel scam car company.

t. future regretti

Problem is, IOTA will fail, and VW will have to go elsewhere

Lamborghini is literally a subsection of VW.

How does that change the fact that they defrauded millions of car owners with defeat devices?

/biz IOTA fudders on suicide watch

The problem is, after claiming a partnership with Microsoft and then repealing it, it is very hard for partnership announcements to get investors to come back to IOTA.

IOTA is dead

That's not the fucking CEO of Volkswagen retard, he announced weeks ago he's partnering with Iota aka


Meanwhile Iota value continues to shit the bed.

CDO. Chief Digital Officer.

Look at OP's post. Read It word for word. He claims the CEO of Volkswagen confirmed a partnership. Which is horse shit. The CDO of Volkswagon joined Iotas advisory board last month and now just had a little chat about it. Nothing new at all. Now if Volkswagons CCCCEEEOOO announced something thats an entirely fucking different story.

What the fuck are you spewing around here, when the CDO of a company announces official cooperation with someone at an official event, it's the real thing. Do you think the CEO will let the CDO run wild and do his own shit?

"Investors" in your sentence meaning little babies throwing around their christmas money. This is, right now, one of the major coins that SEES adoption. No big twitter announcements, no hype campaigns, just working on integration and adoption. You can keep investing in your little pajeet scams or you can follow big money, we'll see who will end up richer in a year or two.

Lol at the desperate fudsters trying to downplay this, get fucked pajeets

BTW whats a good IOTA wallet?



wait for trininty

bugatti, bentley, lamborghini, porsche and audi are all owned by vw group

But biz knows better, user

ssshhh ssssshhhh linkie stinkey better buy, iota is is trash shhhhh shhhhs hhshh shh

And like I said in another post. Bosch makes all of the sensors and Infotainment systems for most major car manufacturers. Including gm. Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, gmc.

This is fucking huge

hahahahaha. Still though you should buy IOTA



The more threads that trash IOTA means the bigger a sleeping giant it becomes when the IOT becomes IOT(beta).

Has anyone actually used iota here? Shit sucks

Daily reminder that there are people who bought large bags of IOTA at close to $5.


IOTA is trash

You're one of those idiots that still uses coins and banknotes I assume?

Did you seriously just call a collection of numbers 'trash'? Like, how stupid are you? Do you even math?

>Pic related: Bitcoin's obvious weakness that IOTA eats on a daily basis.

Pic very related


IOTA交易量超商貿2779530283 + 1 =不朽的貨幣符號$ 777