Survey Thread

>how much did you put in
>how long have you been in the game
>how much do you have now
>swing trade/ day trade/ hodl crew
>whats your day job


>since march 2017
>failed at daytrade, swing trade and now i just hodl

damn it, what was the most youve held at one time?

>Since Nov 2017
>20k (40k peak)
>I just hodl, timing dips is difficult
>computer eng. student

>june 2017
>I just hold for now, used to swing trade

got damn what did you buy???

>since Dec. 2016
>hodl 6 months at a time
>chair force cuck

>early january

bonus points: im an actual normie

I bought Antshares(NEO) single digits, Waltonchain sub $1, Chainlink Presale and during that insane dip down to 1000 sat, hmmm yes something like this.

I also patiently do like 1 trade every 2 month on my bittrex account buying low and selling high. Waiting now for Qtum to get lower

>Invested: $1950
>Current HODL: ~$1732

I would be in the green if I didn't lose about $400 on ICON.

>3 months
>HODL, don't have time to study daytrading
>Senior sales executive
Me on the left

thats a good hustle!
god damn! Army Vet here, what got you so rich?
your still making money!!
damn you got the really good deals! do you use indicators? how did you find these things?

>1k at may dip
>Found some alts, hodl/swing trade if I can
>100k at peak, now 72k

>Invested 1500$ before dump 2 weeks ago
>would have recovered but $500 down because DBC shitcoin will never recover

Dec 17
Used to swing trade, now I just hold onto good a project and wait it out for a moon
Law enforcement

>7 months
>$10k, had $25k at the peak in December. Like a retard didn't Tether up.
>all 3, depends on the coin. LINK HODL for life.

>Literally 2 days
>just hodl
>uni student
I don't think it's a good sign when after 2 days I already lose $100. At least I'll easily make this money back in some weeks when I start working. Still sucks ass

>One week in the game
>Hodl only untill $1mln
>Early retired. Rent shit for €2k/mo
Pic related

>I don't think it's a good sign when after 2 days I already lose $100.
Don't be a pussy, this is normal.

>maybe 60k
>5 months
>100k (240k at peak)
>technology architect

Ethereum for 6 months then antshares/neo for 6 months then Lisk for 6 months I did just switch to another coin recently but I'm not here to shill. Hopefully I'm a millionaire by the time I get out.

>since july 2017
>2000usd, tho had 5500 month ago..
>gonna just hold thhrough this long bear market
>surgeons assistant

I ain't selling. I'm hodl for the long term. It just sucks ass that it came crashing down just as I started off.

damn thats crazy i really hope it goes your way! any advice for a newer guy starting out? i have about 1300 in the game right now and im at about 1200 now :{ how do you find these new coins? what exchanges do you use? (im on binance)

>4000 then, 1000 last fall
>4-5 years
>500k+ usd
>buy and hold, timing the market/knife catching
>uni student that never seen a paycheck in his life

>about a year

>6 months
>$11000 (ATH $17000)
>Hold and swing trade

>Literature professor

Wtf why are there so many new fags here?

>hodl (I couldve cashed out at $20k)
>mortgage servicing clerk

Do tons of research and read as many white papers as you can until you find one with the most value that has yet to be realized.

5k, August 2017
Hodl main (LINK), swingtrade shitcoins (nano)

I hold 130 000 link btw.

I bought in on the Stratis ICO with $5000, sold at the peak in May into Ethereum. I have about 100m now.

Damn son, beautiful port. You will unironically make it.

December fag here.
Put 8k.
Ath 24k
Now 14k. Luckily i bought eth instead of btc during the peak so i didn't lose money.

May 2017
25k instead from May-Nov 2017
Peaked at 1 mill
Currently 300k

good track record, tell me the other coin pls

3 years
Swing trade

awesome thanks so much!!

>8 months
>£80K down from ATH of £200K
>ICO's, some swing trading, maybe a couple trades a month and a couple ICO's a month
>SOC Analyst

>beginning of feb
>key, trx, hat, qash hodl
>ex international student/illegal immigrant

Nov ‘17
Route Sales Rep

you fuckin suck lmao, plus fuck you.

> 1.5k
> Oct 2017
> 5.5k after cashing out initial investment
> hold, rebalance portfolio after crazy gains
> event management/DJ/student

>may 2017
>Topped at 250k
>Now at 70k with 20k cashed out as well

>>how much did you put in
>>how long have you been in the game
since may 2017
>>how much do you have now
25k (cashed out 75k last month)
>>swing trade/ day trade/ hodl crew
mostly held and occasionally swing trade
>>whats your day job

Dunno why I still come here. Y'all are a bunch of poorfags and NEETs.