So why do we need a blockchain to track wine?

So why do we need a blockchain to track wine?

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More importantly, what stops people from putting your tracker on fake shit?

>The technology that can track wine couldn't possibly track every product in existence.

They'd have to buy the original product to do that, wouldn't they?

so that we can tell if it's authentic or not also to verify where it came from .

yes, let's tell hollywood that. Overlook piracy and illegal streaming, cos the pirate is paying to obtain the media anyway

>digital vs physical products
Are you that stupid?

There will be two types of products in the world
- Products tracked on Vechain
- Products branded as inferior products

Which will big enterprise prefer?




Wow never thought of that are u a genius? thanks just sold 100k

>soon to be the biggest market in the world
>huge counterfeit problem
>vechain offers a solution

you have to be different kind of stupid not to see where this is going

Um... WaltonsChain. Fuck you. reminder that the majority of vechain posters are racist and making fun of women and asians (sunny lu). We have better Tech. Fuck you /pol/ racists. WALTONSCHAIN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..don’t forget.. One Belt One Road.. meetings with Belgium.. Vevid dapp.. Fiat pairings.. ATMs.. Renault.. soon, BMW.. list is endless

We'll see about that.

Have you ever considered that all these "partnerships" are just companies buying into the hype of blockchain so they can say to their shareholders "look how progressive we are!" and pump their stock price?

1/10 FUD. Just give up and kys

Seeing I'm an alcoholic who drinks about 4 bottles each day, I really do care about knowing that my grapes are Spanish.
Nah kidding. Imma drink even if VEN tracked it to Rwanda or Tibet or some shit

China don’t fuk around like dat.

Muga, Muga

this wanabe walt conk pandering to alcoholics and cigarette junkies disgusting and pathetic

It doesn't matter what China does. BMW wants to look good to share holders, they "partner" with a blockchain outfit like VEN. Done.
They then do nothing with the tech and their stock price still goes up. Look around.

Blockchain isn't even mainstream for anything yet, let alone ridiculous niche use cases like tracking wine

This is another coin / company that will fail. Dead already.

BMW doesn't give two shits about pumping up their stock price in the short term by partnering with a blockchain company. They want to generate long term value for shareholders and have a strategic vision to do that. If VeChain is a part of that it won't be to pump the price for a few months.

Everyone is developing technology to track supplies from their origin, Walmart is doing it as well as IBM. Vechain looks like it will be implemented already with the agreement with DNV. If anyone wants to try the product they could, just download the vechain app from the app store and scan this qr code.


dont need blockchain for anything besides crypto currency.. it solves the ONE problem that pre-existing tech couldn't, which is the double spending problem on decentralized network. i still set up PoC's for my business counterparts (i work in IT) but it's only because they demand it and not because architecture selected the niche middleware as a solution. it's never going to be the solution for anything (besides money)

Works fine if true, but it isn’t - but its a competitive advantage to be sure either way. Vechain gets more value and more partners so growth, R&D, and progress self-perpetuates.

Some cryptos have more than one function. Vechain Thor will have a currency component.

Short-sightedness generally not cured on Veeky Forums.

>Thinks multinational billion dollar companies operate like indian pump and dump groups

are you retarded lmao

It's built into the fabrication process. There is no "on". Your question is "More importantly, what stops people from manufacturing counterfeit goods and writing those counterfeits to the blockchain using a legitimate manufacturer's private key?". Your question becomes retarded when we stop thinking in terms of stickers.

appreciate the offer of information, but i'll pass. so i'm a successful person, and you're a pleb nobody with no money. i'm just fine with my own opinions, thank you.

You do realize DNV GL is a private company as well as PWC you mongoloid

We’re all pretty happy about that, enjoy your permanent boomer retirement..

>larping on biz
your room reeks of marijuana and cheetos i bet

marijuana, yes. i smoked a little before dinner.

>im successful
>i smoke weed and browse Veeky Forums

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You fell for the stereotype.

I have smoked 95% of days since 2006 and it’s a help, not a hindrance. Open your mind gramps.

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What is "Profit Margins?"

You'd be surprised what hipsters are willing to pay for the dumbest shit. "Hurr durr this wine is from Rome, Italy, you can track it on the blockchain". Suddenly the wines worth x2 as much. Value added.


for our boy bobby B

>5k Down in a single day
I fucking hate this market.

Take a cruise around the nearest port near you. The amount of packages (commerce or private) that is delivered and shipped, thanks to globalization, is outrageous. When you hear in the media of "trade wars" or "America First", what is the real meaning behind this? It's the construction of products from raw materials that originate from a specific source and is DELIVERED to the intended recipient, which creates more value through exchanges.

Simply put, if you want to ship your macbook to your mail ordered, soon to be wife in Mongolia, the macbook will arrive in her hands
and not get "lost". Thus, you get married and live happily ever after.

Neets here have no fucking clue how essential logistics and supply chains are for the economy.

I have a better taste in clothing than you
czech mate

> ship your macbook to your mail ordered, soon to be wife in Mongolia

are you fucking KIDDING me?
you might as well ship it to your mail order waifu from etherwaifus dot co

Only cunts and kneelers need to track their wine.

proud VeChain and Walton owner over here. Feels good man.

i have no style, i'll admit that

feelsgoodman BRaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPPP

They kinda ARE the economy.. I knew that supply chain mgmt degree from ASU would pay off!

..and Pilsner

:( If you're a lanklet just spend a lot of money on Saint Laurent :)

Lol have you done business in China? That’s exactly how China fucks around.


what's wrong with a vin number?

> implying that's a bad thing

Appearances is almost more important than the actual tech. If you have enough money backing you you can pretty much just poach the tech from some other company that doesn't know how to market their shit

It's not FUD. I want to understand what the fuck it's for.

To prevent counterfeiting which costs companies millions every year. What kind of fucking brainlet question is that?

It's for supply chains. You can track any type of product and digitilize your supply chain. It's a huge deal.

it needs to be a ven number faggot

>No whitepaper
>Webdomain is linked to other scams
>insignificant public patents in comparison to IOTA and WTC

You're getting scammed.

IOTA and WTC fags try to fud but it comes out all wrong like this and just makes people want to buy VEN.

we don't and that's why crypto is a SCAM.. youve been warned


Wow you actually forgot about the financial crisis less than a decade ago?

>expecting big business to act rationally and responsibly when they could make a butt load of cash instead

Really? because I can't shake the "internet of shit" vibe

>A big difference between VeChain and Waltonchain is not found in their goal, mission or vision but in the way they communicate their news. Both Waltonchain and VeChain have obtained the Holy Grail in the blockchain business: government backing. Waltonchain is working with the Fujian province to create the first Smart City. VeChain released almost the exact same news stating the will work with the Gui’an New Area.

Vechain is engaged in a multiple month long FUD. It's literally a shitty hype coin with inferior tech.

Proof of FUD campaign

Have yet to see a thread on Veeky Forums fudding WTC.

You clearly haven't read a WTC thread. Fuck off shill.

>everyone is either a shill or a fudder

but I know what you are

Here are a few VEN fud threads. Show me the WTC fud threads.


not going to bother looking for more. I see "salty walty" in comments all the time. I gave you a media outlet that showed a coordinated FUD campaign.

VEN uses NFC and WTC doesn't. VEN uses POS while WTC uses POST. The tech is nearly identical.

Do opposite of biz says

no thats literally all you can find. ive been around here for quite some time user. and i honestly dont need either one of these coins but i can tell you, i have never. once. come across a wtc fud thread, just about every other rising coin i have though

Holy shit I want to beat the fuck out of you, smug reddit-tier retard

What? Are you stupid. You literally posted a shill thread. I'm talking about the OP here.
Obviously in every thread there will be posts in favor of and against the OP.

vechain best chain


Why do we need a website to buy dragon dildos?

Tracking pretty much any product with the precision of vechain creates massive amounts of very useful information for a company, vechain is essentially going to become an information juggernaut like google. This is especially important for industries like medicine/aerospace/nuclear that need completely immutable information and every unit every step of the way. The tracking process also helps boost sales by reducing counterfeits, which is useful in everything from yeezys to asiago cheese. Buy before mainnet launch or forever hold your peace

>So why do we need a blockchain to track wine?

For the same reason we need a blockchain solution to frozen vegetables.

Pic related.

Then we add CPC.. storage architecture.. sidechains.. there is something interesting brewing..

We're going back up. Have a good evening Anons!



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walton cucks on suicide watch rn. vechain will surpass walton in fiat value soon. screenshot this.

Guy's WTC insider here, some very upsetting information regarding this coin is about to become public. Since I'm not a LARPER I will tell you now:
>It has been revealed that a 'digital' paper trail has been found linking the profits of WTC to several out of state bank accounts that funnel funds to the Turkistan Islamic Party - A terrorist group listed by NATO and western countries. The Turkistan Islamic Party has ties to Al-Qaeda and ISIL and has been making a resurgence in China...

You have been warned, I would personally sell off all WTC holdings as there has been talk of Chinese citizens possibly having their assets frozen and branded terrorist-sympathisers in a carpet effect method of cracking down on WTC until they can sort the unknowing from the knowing...

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