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So Veeky Forums whats the general consensus around these 3 coins? I heard alot about ARY here but then it kinda died off. Is it a shitcoin? How about the other 2?

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Anyone got any opinions on these? Im especially curious about ARY and why it was hyped here then I hardly see shit about it anymore it seems. Everyones too busy posting about how the market is going between bear and bull instead.

Here's the latest update from block array
Don't know much about the others

I'm pretty hype for block array. Mostly because they've got a working product currently in pilot study with a small trucking company. They have a good market niche and the CEO seems to know what he's doing

Thanks for the link. I checked it out, sounds like they are just getting started, which is fine. Maybe there's more to it than what I just read, i'm sure there is. Do you personally have an opinion on the coin and what its future may be?

ARY is the most solid of them, working product and a good team. Would not be surprised if it 5x

AMB is one of the only projects I am currently taking seriously.

They are further along than most blockchain companies in that they have a working product. They are a startup thus the small marketcap. So higher risk higher reward. The token itself has a good use that will drive its price up as long as the company succeeds

I have quite a heavy bag of modum atm like -80% bag so good time to buy

Can someone give me a rundown on Sam Bacha?

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ERC20 token with masternodes. This is fuckin magic bois.

Don't fuck with ARY bois!

Probably because ARY is below ICO price and people are cumulatin'

Just bought 100k, Thanks!

But in general, I'm considering selling out all my NEO (Not much, just about 8 or so) and putting it into 1 or all 3 of these coins spread out. I just dont know if its worth doing or not. I like NEO a lot, but I dont see it 2,3,5x in the same amount of time one of these coins potentially could.

If you had NEO would you sell out of it for these?


He's partnered with the POA network. Sam said the hardest part of running a masternode with be passing the KYC. It's not a traditional masternode. Pretty sure it will be azure or AWS based. Masternode operators will be similar to validators on the POA Network. That's just my guess though. It'll be more like hosting a server and getting paid in ARY


50% of my portfolio is in ARY so I'm biased. But I would sell some neo and either go 50/50 on 2 or all in on one. I like the small marketcap of ARY. The fact that it's based in the US, has a working product in a good niche, the CEO has experience running a small business, they have made good strategic partnerships, and have been making good progress. Marketing is not their strong suit, but with the business model that they have as long as companies are using the product the price will rise even if the general public knows nothing about ARY

Gotcha, thanks for this reply. And can you tl;dr me on what the benefit of holding the token is for us people buying into it? Assuming its a small amount, say under 10k ARY or so.

Modum is a joke. ARY is just a piece of shit

Modum doesn't adequatly solve the multitide of problems that come with supply chain logistics. Blockchain integration into supply chain will one of the best use cases for companies and somehow Modum fails deliver a thorough and comprehensive solution that companies would like to adopt in the future.

I'm already holding a masternode for VEN and I hope my accumulation of AMB will be enough for the you could say I'm biased towards those. DYOR. I work as an external consultant for F500 companies with a focus on supply chain solutions and I frankly think Modum is shit no matter the niche they're tackling (or think they're tackling).

you can start by looking at the Modum team (though on paper they look initially impressive, they lack proper experience in logistics and supply chain field)

Tell me your unfiltered opinions on AMB.

tl;dr of the tokenomics would be that companies would need to buy ARY to use the Block Array system. Like a software license. It has no utility to a regular person. Also if timing impacts your judgment I wouldn't expect large price movement on ARY until later this year. Summer or so.

Unrelated but I'm feeling generous. I would look into STK if you want a sound investment that will probably moon sooner

Why don't you like ARY?

So I personally only heard of ARY this past month through work...and the co-founder and their team are literally a joke. I did some brief research on it, and they honestly do not provide any value to the industry. How do you see their solution as being something a company would adopt? It's a small and mediocre product they are offering in a complex industry.

Supply chain will really be overhauled by blockchain, but companies will adapt comprehensive solutions and ecosystems (one stop shops) that would touch every single point in the supply chain (which is why I personally believe in AMB).

I'll be honest, I love VEN and will probably always hold my masternode, but AMB is the type of solution that I see F500 companies adopting first. But that also depends on AMB being able to deliver (and if they do, they would be the first to market). AMB noted they have multiple NDAs in lockdown so I'm interested to see how that goes.


I don't get how this shit works. Is it just a wallet that pays with crypto or does it turn your crypto into real money and give the retailer $ during point of sale?

Saying their team is a joke because that's how I heard about them. Apparently none of them have any real background in the industry and just created this coin "ooo let's put it on a blockchain"

Look at this clown for yourself. His experience is on par with any fucking university graduate who's fresh out of uni for 2-3 years

does AMB legitimately have a parternship with the UN.

because if true, then big.

how many amb do you need for a masternode?

Do you brainlets know what google is?

CEO used to work at UN too.

You sound like your larping. What is wrong with the block array team?

They haven't given out the specifics yet, I'm just assuming my stash is large enough to qualify at this point, and if it isn't then I'll just buy more

DYOR, it's your money, not mine.

Here, I'll get you started with this question for you to answer:

How do you see their solution as being something a company would adopt and use to tackle logistics and supply chain problems that from point A to point Z.

Can you give a little bit more info as to why you're so down on Modum's product? I hold a bunch of it and it's made me a little bit of money but not averse to moving it to something else.

You sound like the same retard that's in every block array thread who has a hate boner for Sam.

You're a joke faggot modum will moon and you all will fomo

No love for Devery?

You know block array is targeting 3rd party logistics companies right?

Simply, it's not a comprehensive solution. And any money made on any token (I'll even include AMB as I was lightly shilling it here) is purely based on speculation, and maybe even some pump and dumps.

I feel a lot of people do not see how large and complex supply chain runs (+ globally too). Companies I consulted for are beginning (relatively speaking) to realize the immense value of blockchain (everything from efficiencies, to lowering cost, to providing full range of data). Companies of all industries prefer comprehensive solutions and ecosystems, not just a token that fills out a small niche in the overall chain.

If anything, you should look into industry reports and research about supply chain in a general sense and then pharma industry specific and compare it to what modum offers.

IMO any coin you are planning to hold long term, it would be smart to research what a coin is offering as well as the doing research into the problem they think they are solving.

I got to head back to work now

I'll also note that any supply chain solution token has long ways to go before adoption.

Alright thanks for the info. Don't get me wrong, I've done some research on it but I have not researched its competitors as thoroughly.

Oh for sure. I'm grateful for the gains I already have but I bought MOD more out of interest in what they are trying to accomplish in pharma.