i work at google. i could get fired

> i work at google. i could get fired

oh cool good job mr larp

go back

Either undermine them, or get your money and fuck off to a company that isn't evil.


My dad works at Nintendo and he told me you are a gay faggot.

> i saw the secret powerpoint

But did he get fired tho?

> i have special information which i will post tomorrow

My Nintendo dad fuck your mom gay and made her poop faggot babies

just give us the name of the coin now, and post the larp tomorrow after you've slept on it

nobody cares

this one is good


I see what OP is doing and it is pretty funny. Good joke Mr. I have a EE and CS degrees and Google once knocked me back after a 3rd stage interview because of diversity (white male hapa neet).

>i went to lunch with clients

I used to work at Apple. I fired them as my employer for being total fucking faggots. You wanna know what their crypto plan is? They don’t have one lol.

I used to work at banana, sometimes you would have to count more then 1-2-3-4-5-6 whole fully grown ripened ready for juicing bananas and one time it went higher but I forgot to lock the dog up and he at all the bananas in my pops fridge.

Good day to thee, ps don't fire me




>Redditors who don't understand satire or memes.

Excellent thread OP lol. Redditors & Roasties: you have to go back.

Get me a job I know a couple hot keys and type 25wpm