Bottomed out yesterday at 6k sats and just broke its long-term bearish trendline...

Bottomed out yesterday at 6k sats and just broke its long-term bearish trendline. Worst of the bitgrail FUD sellers have been shaken out. You are gonna buy now, right senpai?

already back in. See you on the moon

Why would you buy this shit when you could get it for free just by dupe spend? I literally doubled my stack

+25% today. Not bad. People are jumping from BTC & LTC to NANO.

Kindly take your lies and fuck off, pajeet

Have fun in jail for money laundering
you know 12% of supply is stolen right?
are you gonna help the criminals to launder it?

Oh shut the fuck up so is nem, eth, btc it happened when it was worth like 30¢ who the fuck cares.

I also dont give a shit about criminals and you dont either. If you did, you wouldnt own any crypto.

Go fud over some new drama, this is getting old

Fud is good for a coin. Fud means people are talking about meaning theres interest. Buy when theres fud. FYI chainlink had no fud, just delusion.

centralized exchange means the exchange is laundering it nigger

> Being this bad at FUD.

Came very close to rage selling my stack yesterday, happy I rode it out

>rode it out
when will nanolets learn

So you only hold Monero?

Meant for

>a few green candles appear in a cascade of red
>da trend is over guyzz xD

You fucks see 3 green candles in a row and think something is mooning. Actually zoom out and get the chart. I sold my stack 2 days ago and planned on getting back in but not yet, nano isn't ready.

rage sell it right now, buy back in a few hours. Increase nano stack by 15%

I sold a week ago, feeling amazing

threw half an ETH into nano last night. Comfy.

I been slowly selling mine and cut off the last chunk a few days ago, also glad. I will rebuy though, not now. It's not done bleeding.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of COINBASE, literally liked gary tan's post about nano. Coinbase confirmed. Get the fuck in. Do you hate money?

God you guys are retarded. I'm not doubting a coinbase addition at some point in the future bu to buy in now is stupid, this thing has been bleeding hard. do you really think its smart to put money into a sinking ship? NO. you wait for it to stabilize . We aint there yet. We will be, but not now.

also I've just tested the android app beta and it is amazing! sending Nanos between my phones in less than 4 seconds! I think the fastest must have been around 2 seconds ^^
definitly bullish on that one. 100$+ EOY

me again, forgot to mention that I'm sending around less than 1 cent which is only made possible due to zero transaction fees...
inb4 other cryptos also have very low fees. But very low is not free and it will definitly be a psychological advantage that benefits nanos adoption in the area of micro-transactions.

the redditors are here

Nano logo looks like diarrhea for a reason.

>definitly bullish on that one. 100$+ EOY

definitely agree with you. easy triple digits given the fact that litecoin went from $3 to current price in about a year... so nano can follow suit

the android wallet feels amazing. fast transactions with NO FEES

beat that

can you fags go two seconds without talking about reddit.
fuck off

Three white knights and highest volume since it was listed on binance.

DESU I don't give a fuck about the tech anymore, I just want my money back

you're not going to make it.

wow such a massive GRREN DILDO RIGHT NOW

You meant 60k sats. Binance for some reason doesn't account one decimal point in sat.
>tfw you sold at 65k sat yesterday.
someone end me.
I'm the buy high sell low guy

Poo in loo no takey my nanooo

>Binance for some reason doesn't account one decimal point in sat.
Fuck this chink exchange

When do you think you’ll get back in?


Hope you're not invested in BTC or ETH, because each of them have had much larger sums of money stolen than NANO.

Baha it's gonna close out the day above 90k sats

mooning the fuck up srsly

what does that have comment have to do with monero

Because user thought that holding a coin that could be traced back to a thief or money-laundering activity is illegal. By that logic, only an untraceable coin like Monero would be safe to hold without getting locked up

i see thank u bought 100k

this is the only coin i have on an exchange cuz i dont trust having a desktop wallet.....hardware wallets have spoiled me :(