IMPORTANT NEWS - Mods please stfu and read first

I know I know, this isn't /pol/, but Jared "Huwhite Man" Taylor is potentially ABOUT TO CHANGE HISTORY. Hear this out, mods especially.

He is suing Twitter for censorship, in a case that seems to be EXTREMELY well-founded (see video in link below), as in previous rulings the right to private property has not been allowed to trump the right to free speech if that property is used for public forum, which all social networks inherently are.

Do you FUCKING AUTISTS understand the implications of this shit!? Imagine how huge our movement would be if we were immune to political censorship!!!

I come to you, men of Veeky Forums, in the hope of finding donations. And mods, don't fucking start about the begging rule, when this case is so ridiculously important. Pls.

Watch the video in the link below, and please donate to Jared (you can donate crypto to if you like):


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Bump to this, will donate a bit now :)

Let's hope this all goes smoothly...

This is more important than the teenagers on here will appreciate

this is huge
please allow


Fuck off faggot, this doesn't make me money

Nice. Just donated 100k.

this isn't begging
this is a disaster relief fund


I think most people here are pretty intelligent though, hopefully they'll actually donate decent amounts and if they can't, they should get a job/get off Veeky Forums

I'm donating £50 worth to him, but imagine if everyone reading this donated $20 (will not make a fucking difference to your life to lose that money)

Pls guys

Not losing money is making money, Taylor lost 250k in value when banned. Losing and being denied a platform has huge revenue implications. The radical far left is getting silicon valley gigs and doesn't value free speech, you could make a misstep and be removed, then poof hard work gone if you're on and removed from a major platform.

Mate, I'm not even white. Why in god's name would I care?


Im glad something is finally getting done

Jared Taylor is one of the few men I would follow to hell and back. I will donate.

huwhy wouldn't you care?
literally tax deductible

Freedom of speech and more refined rules applying to platforms is critical, this means all social media platforms and then ICANN who also took it into their own hands to dictate right/wrong in the past.

Fuck off nigger, if you're not a shill why the fuck would you do that - and if you are, get fucked cunt
This just shows the blatant double standards minorities have - why would you be against decent free speech?

>pls donate to my white nationalist hero so i can say nigger on twitter
fuck off retards twitter is not the same as free speech its a business first and foremost. they lose nothing censoring hillbilly trash opinions and instead create an environment where hatred is discouraged

Why should twitter, who pays server costs per user, be FORCED to have to host someone who clearly broke their ToS? Lol, small government my ass

Administer yourself the test please You too OP

Watch the video you fucks

Imagine being this unintelligent and lacking foresight, then not understanding what they're commenting on.


quads of truth
they're just mad niggers and jews

You might not like Jared, but realise that this donation has absolutely nothing to do with White nationalism - that is never going to happen in America if we're all realistic. This doesn't even have to be about race - this is about civic nationalism, even if Jared's Twitter was basically all about race.

White people or not, it is clear if you see global patterns that we are headed toward a more civilised and controlled world - but the vital distinction here is that the elites want to sacrifice our freedom to do so. If you don't believe me, try and deny the Holocaust in Europe.

can you even math? the costs are indistinguishable from zero, that's why tech is so monstrously profitable compared to every other sector
also, gay wedding cakes faggot

Motherfucker, the whole argument depends on the idea that them saying “fuck you and your beliefs” somehow violates the Constitution. It absolutely does not. They don’t need a good reason. You know why? It’s a company you fucking retard. The constitution protects you from the government jailing you, it doesn’t protect you from say, yelling “nigger” in a mall.


>try and deny the Holocaust in Europe
tfw I've been to Europe a bunch of times and nobody ever offered me a Holocaust :(

You clearly haven't watched the YouTube video - he goes over your claim directly.


*30 seconds in*
>my account
WRONG read the TOS. you do not OWN anything on twitter, it is a free platform(no dipshit not freedom). fuckin white devils envious of the niggers cock now they want gibs too?

Yes, I’m a software developer. I understand. But it doesn’t matter what the cost is. Also, do you think the concept of creating accounts, sending tweets, and producing the feed, the countless dev hours it takes, are not real assets? Are they not spending money for the devs to build up the infrastructure? You’re so stupid you think of everything in dollars, but appraisers don’t, VC’s don’t, and that’s why you’ll never be rich

Watch the rest of it and it will go over all the counter-arguments is this thread

>understands if you don't own private keys you don't own crypto

>thinks they can own a twitter account

welcome to Veeky Forums?

Schince then? Schilence. Reniaschanche.

Watch the video...

In a previous ruling, free speech wins, as corporate autonomy was ruling over a PUBLIC forum. This is basically one or two derivations away from anti-Monopoly laws (imagine if all social media were owned by Twitter)

You don't sign a TOS before walking into a shopping center.

You do when you sign up for twitter.

Pic related you deluded crybabies.

TOS routinely says "we can do everything and you can do nothing" and courts routinely toss them out

No pic related
You can read the whole stack of documents that his lawyers have created though on the website if you really want to go in depth

For Jared specifically, he signed his terms of service before Twitter decided they wanted to ban anything. He went over this in the video.

BUT it shouldn't matter, the argument still stands that it is a public domain, terms of service signatures don't change that. TOS or not, Twitter will still claim autonomy as their justification to doing whatever they want.

you're comparing a shopping center vs an online platform. take a shower, change your underwear and open up a fuckin window because youve obviously been spending too much time epic trolling XD liberals. there's a difference between online and the real world

jesus christ, are you actually this retarded? nobody is stopping you from taking your opinions to a different platform.

there is no fucking monopoly on LETTING OTHER PEOPLE express their opinions publicly

That is not the right word for whatever it is you're trying to say

I hope you fucks actually part with at least $20, if you don't then you are literally not a true patriot.

if this EVER happens the way you want, the internet will be classified as a utility first

protip: this will NEVER happen

I'm not donating until this old baby boomer kike lover admits hispanic is not a race

Why should a non mestizo hispanic that is of pure spanish descent be blamed for the shit mayan aztec faggots do? Fuck that jap jew kike lover

> Yes, I’m a software developer. I understand.
you must be a shitty one, because you can't follow an argument.
every business has costs to serve its customers
the marginal cost of including taylor is zero
none of what you say is relevant at all

Not in terms of freedom of speech - if anything, an online platform presents a better case than a shopping center, as expression of speech is primary to its function.

The severity of the point is companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google hog up too much of the total public forum.

Twitter is a private entity they can do whatever the fuck they want
Muh freedumbs mofuhga until someone exercises theirs in a way you don't approve of, then you turn into a commie pinko scum


>Wants Jews and neo-Marxists to rule everything
>Doesn't understand your argument would be used to defend monopolies.

the entire platform is run by bots and paid retweets, there's no cost to excluding anyone either.

twitter doesn't give a single fuck who is on their platform. they only care that those who are see the advertised / sponsored posts

Have you watched the video

Does this count as begging?

You mad, bro?

If it does mods can eat a dick, it's clearly different to the typical begging that would go on here.

Donated like a good huwhite man.

>hogging up public forum
no, this is a wrong opinion. there are literally countless spaces online to express your opinion in a public forum setting.

did you hear me right? LITERALLY countless. any argument against that is fundamentally incorrect.

The idea there might be a monopoly case here is the most kekworthy thing I've read in years, user

fucking burgers fuckoff, at least the pajeets admit it when they beg for money.

Twitter is a public forum and having random entities as the arbiters of morality is wrong. If you had a paid membership and it would then be private. There is no making a proper competitor for facebook, youtube and twitter, it's an organic thing outside of control. Your average person isn't involved or aware enough to fight for your freedoms or go to a place that is, so you need to fight the monopolies or be silenced/relegated to a dead platform

go poo in a loo

Another reminder if you're reading this and care about the Constitution AND you don't donate at least $20 - YOU are what is holding our movement down!
Good Goy :)
I wasn't suggesting the argument should be against monopolies, just that your defence isn't acceptable if the defence for monopolies is.

Welcome to the free market
If you don't like something, make your own
If your platform isn't competitive enough then it's YOUR PROBLEM

And you call anyone else a commie you fucking pathetic loser

>I wasn't suggesting the argument should be against monopolies, just that your defence isn't acceptable if the defence for monopolies *ISN'T.

his right eye looks weird af.
>civic nationalism
its ethno or nothing. Stay cucked

Yeah I'm mad that fucking kike lovers can't read the spanish caste system. Imagine calling yourself a race realist and you think a geographical term is a race. That's like being a cyclist that uses training wheels. It's sad and I'm actually pitying the disgusting begging bastard.


Can't be arsed to watch the video, but will shitpost about it anyway.

Twitter is not a public forum. This isn't the fucking Agora it's a platform for advertisement above all else.

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donate to the help me buy a lambo fund. if you dont donate you're not a true patriot supporting the american dream.

Yes. Now, see how that logic would also be used to defend monopolies.

Competition of produce and ideas is enhanced if, pseudo-paradoxically, competition of the most competitive is sometimes suppressed (think the case study of Standard Oil's monopoly on oil)

>if you dont donate you are part of the problem
>i donated $20
>good goy

>no, this is a wrong opinion. there are literally countless spaces online to express your opinion in a public forum setting.
yeah and protestors could all go protest in the woods and nobody would ever see them
twitter is a monopoly, and their monopoly is on a facet of the public square
the logic is fucking simple
twitter loses or they need to be turned into a utility. plain and simple

You know the rules, money = sharpie or spoon, whatever you choose

Stop trying to interfere with rhe free market you communist cunt

It was a joke, good goy is what you say to anybody who follows orders.

Twitters data centre is a public square?

Isssssssssssssa meme friend

Why is it not a public forum? It's accessable to the public, every major entity and political figure belongs. It has a monopoly on the communication feed network. In the past, people would meet in physical locations because that was all that was possible, in the digital age this has changed and things transform.

Think of a jungle, where huge trees shade out trees at the bottom. This doesn't allow the bottom trees to grow. That is basically why monopolies should be opposed AGAINST the free market, as ultimately it STRENGTHENS competition.

But this isn't Jared's argument anyway - this is just a rebuttal to people saying "muh freedom should be unopposed even if it restricts the freedoms of others"


why dont you white devils just rise up already? if you really are superior you should win and have your perfect snowflake world. instead you pathetic faggots are crying and begging on a cryptocurrency board to help fund a campaign against twitter that nobody gives a fuck about. doesn't sound very superior to me

Because you can't view many things on the site, or have access to many of the features without signing up and agreeing to their terms of service. Thay includes making tweets and replying to others.


Kys communist scum

This isn't about White superiority, but the Jews are pretty fucking strong desu

shitskin detected.
free speech is the foundation of our salvation.

Thanks for this thread bro. We need to support legitimate causes as often as we can.

Can't be bothered to read what all this is about can someone give me tldr please? Or just give me the name of the coin, is it some kind of freedom of speech coin? Is it on binance?

Refute the mall argument made in the video please

If one person owned all the public areas in America, is it okay for them to turn it into essentially a corporate dictatorship? Or would it be better for there to be a law restricting the freedom of those who restrict the freedom of others?

Switch out Nazis with the PC brigade for pic related

>makes comment but doesn't watch the video
is your skin the color of feces? i believe so.

Nope. Twitter is a private company they can do as they please
If you have a problem with it try create a competitor, literally not a single thing is stopping you

MySpace was the big dog once Upon a time
Noone thought Facebook could take over

are you a 14 year old libertarian or just repeating their ideas to troll?
twitter is a monopoly. you can see this by graphing any aspect their market share versus a traditional business like restaurants or flower sellers or car rentals
twitter represents the public square. this is literally where people communicate in public in 2018. the president communicates with the public here you dumb fucker

maybe the little manlet trees should pray for a quick death so they get reincarnated as a taller tree. you faggots loved the rules of the jungle but now you're weak and afraid of being forgotten so you lash out while everyone laughs as you fade away. good riddance i say white people are a blight that has taken too long to eradicate but we're getting there

One person doesn't own all the public areas in America . Not a single one of your freedoms are restriced at all.
You have a mental issue go sort it out you dumb cunt communist

But why should Twitter be able to exercise a freedom that ultimately limits freedom? If you're all about "muh freedom", you need to crack the egg to make the omelette (I think I used that right...)

>own public areas
are you just pretending to be retarded?

so you are not going to refute the mall argument?
Move to Haiti then AMIGO

What freedom is restriced? You sign on the dotted line when you create a twitter account
You can come to Veeky Forums and post whatever you under the name of anonymous. What's the problem here?

You know what I mean.