Why should I buy lumens if you are giving them away for free?

>Why should I buy lumens if you are giving them away for free?

>As a supporter or community member, you may wish to support the work of Stellar.org and invest in our future success.

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>the amount they are giving away can only realistically be 20-50 XLM per person
>fud over $20 handouts

>per person
>1.2 billion persons in africa

hurr u showed them!!

are you retarded? the nigs don't know how to use a computer = free 700m coin burn

The amount per person is irrelevant. The total amount is non-trivial to put it mildly.

25 XLM each for1000000000 nigs is the stated goal

Yeah right...this the dumbest counterargument I've ever read in my life. Go back to redddit soyboy.

I think he was joking

>ayo jamal
>i finna buy a gram of weed how muh?
>yo i sell it for 25 XLM and we call it even
>aiite nigga, send me your wallet

so wtf is this? is there going to be stellar airdrop?

Y'all are lookin' at this wrong.

This is the classic drug dealer strategy of giving away free samples to get people hooked (increase adoption).

Yeah except just replace drugs which are addictive and cost money with the drug dealer just giving away money. XLM are giving away money lmao


who to sign up for free lumens

you just have to have aids



you consume drugs and they are gone

The analogies to referral campaigns are wrong because they feature products or services that are consumed.

A currency is useful if you can buy things with it. What are unbanked Africans going to buy?

>hey dude I heard you got 100 xlm you can't get rid of
>let me buy it from you for 10 dollars

Would anyone be up for a trip to Africa during the next Lumens giveaway? It seems like a good opportunity to accumulate it for cheap.

What will happen is the same thing that happens with food drops. The warlords out there will collect all the XLM either by buying super cheap or taking it forcibly. You will end up with a few mega whales using the currency to finance war crime level atrocities.


>tfw you financed African warlords


holy shit is this whole thing some big arms deal?

Someone shop lumens onto their backpacks please


"My mission is to arm the unarmed. With our one AK-47 per child policy, we can ensure every African can defend themselves"

Got 6000 Luminaires air dropped into my Kraken a few weeks ago.

Went and bought LINK with this worthless shit anyway. Thanks LUMcucks.

Jesus Christ

show bobs



Pretty sure the devs of XLM are Marxist leftists. I bought early on bit this is starting to be a communist coin

So I guess what happens next is a Chinese project starts making advances into Africa and we have a proxy war?

beause you can share the dream of watching black men fuck your wife

Oh Yeh I'm sure you got dropped nearly $3000.

Why are the people on biz so retarded. This is obvious Fud thread with literally no proof niggers are getting anything and the counter argument is them requesting we prove it false when they can't provide any evidence


>tfw actual war profiteer
feels good

Jed McCaleb: I'm going to give 80 billion lumens away over 10 years
Veeky Forums: nu-uh, you're not.

It will probably work if the people can also have access to the internet and cell phones. I like XLm for the speed of transfer and SureRemit is helping people send money fast without the outrageous fees remittances go for already.

The coin will go up only if the Africa uses it.

Look at their partners. It's full of African, Indian and other fourth world based organizations. These are the organizations that will be receiving 25% of all lumens to give out as welfare. stellar.org/about/directory

When you invest in a project and that project undertakes something very risky, you want to be assured that it will be done properly.

>NO NO you need to prove it, otherwise I will just take their word for it


only giving them (a small amount) to businesses that will use the stellar network to begin with. nice nigger fud though.

read the fucking website

>risking getting raped and mutilated for my whiteness in order to fleece a couple $s in internet beans off nogs

>a literal niggercoin

Also, this coin will never go past $1

>Stellar.or designed the giveaway program to ensure that lumens are given away to "diverse" groups

Enough of these hype threads about XLM. Spoon feed them this info and they just deny it.

not all existing lumens are part of the giveaway program

you're right, they're keeping 5% for themselves