Can we all be honest ITT? Does anyone actually believe this shit is useful tech...

Can we all be honest ITT? Does anyone actually believe this shit is useful tech? Blockchain has been around for almost a decade and has no utility as of yet. The only people saying it's "the future" own vape pens and make under 35k/yr.

We are all in it for quick gains and that time is over.

U right. Time to get into the next big thing! Stocks! Right right???

And you just realised this ?

what i want people to think i think:
blockchain has potential, some altcoins will do well in the future and their backers will profit

what i really think:
btc is the one and only blockchain needed. all other coins are shitcoins except maybe eth and ltc

altcoins will all crash and burn and btc will suck up all of the value and it will happen sooner than you think

Digital tulips

No one besides turbo autists or normans actually think internet tokens are going to replace fiat.

With that said, you'd be retarded not to get in on it. This is essentially the internet gold rush.

>he actually wrote this out and posted it

yes it's obviously very useful, currency coins like btc ltc xmr etc are nice and will likely stick around but they won't be the big blockchain revolutions. it will go a long way to streamline a lot of industries (financial, supply chains) as well as making IoT a reality

>The only people saying it's "the future" own vape pens and make under 35k/yr.
That's totally me. I was even vaping while reading this thread.

>Does anyone actually believe this shit is useful tech?
It's useful for currency/money transfers, that's it though. That's why I only hold THE KING. Every other application of the tech is pretty useless and can be solved with pre-existing technology that's not blockchain.

100% agree. It's funny to watch the NEETs with their lottery ticket dreams think otherwise though.

Meanwhile, in 1992
>Can we all be honest ITT? Does anyone actually believe this shit is useful tech? Internet has been around for almost three decades and has no utility as of yet. The only people saying it's "the future" own computers and make under 35k/yr.


>is just lik da innernet


here's my counter-question to this...

why aren't you guys actually creating stuff with the tech?

there are SDKs for some of these. Vitalik literally wants you guys to make stuff. Neo is making it easier to make stuff.

So why not make something?

Actually I remember being a BBS fan when the internet was first being discovered. I tried out the various services (web, irc, gopher, archie, email, etc) and was hooked immediately. Not sure why you're attempting to compare the two.

You probably weren’t born before the internet was a thing. Call it a hunch.

Have fun with your shitcoins in 2025 when you still won't be able to do anything with them other than buy cheese pizza .

>he thinks they are going to be used as a currency

i cant tell if this is just bad bait or youve literally been here less than a week lmao

nuh-uh I make 55k/yr

a decade? you do realize blockchain was invented in 1996 by the NSA right? They had it years before it was release under their "satoshi nakamoto" AKA central intelligence. Look all this shit up yourself if you don't belive me.

>Trying to buy a dip
>buy ltc and send it to exchange
>10 minutes at least for confirmation.
>Send a portion to another exchange
>10 minutes at least for confirmation

>This is the money of the future.




Blockchain with no pow is vaporware, but bitcoin is not



I don't know OP. I think it's really actually so revolutionary we haven't had time for the implications to sink in yet let alone for changes to happen. I think disclosure will happen within 20 years or so, certainly within our lifetime and we'll have NationDAOs. 10 years in the public is still digesting what a "blockchain." They have yet to be prepped for smart contracts, the real bull. Think about this. Only within the last year did Ethereum have oracle functionality via Oraclize. Blockchain is still a little baby. The internet wasn't born in a night.

literally this. also nice id

OnA fan, in this thread?

>The only people saying it's "the future" own vape pens and make under 35k/yr.

It's funny cause it's true.

Look at people like this guy. He doesn't understand the difference between a distributed ledger and a public blockchain, nor what a public blockchain means for the organization of society. It really is as huge as the invention of agriculture or the internet. Cavemen didn't just move to cities overnight. It took millenia of incremental progress. Don't expect it to happen soon, but it's coming.

What the fuck is that image

no Jim and Sam fan, I posted the wrong cube

you're going to want to kill yourself in 3 years

There are some actually legitimate uses for blockchain, e.g. SyncFab is a good attempt.

Blockchain is great for a marketplace.

Well, blockchain is a very useful technology. But adoption will take a long ass time. Not worth investing in, but as a trader, the sentiment swings are totally worth trading on the way up and on the way down.

Except it doesn't exist. Distributed consensus without incentivized proof of work (mining) does not exist.

i'm more of a chip fan, myself

I got into this to break the banks. That was always the goal.
That's not to say bitcoin as it is now could fulfil its original promise. Maybe once second and third layer networks are built out. Or maybe ETH and things built on ETH will dominate. I'm very excited about MKR. Either way, we're just getting started. How long did it take the internet to grow into a significant force for change?

you want honestly?

blockchain has huge potential and because of that bubbled up. it could fail spectacularly too.

blockchain isn't for everyone. the no coiners have every right to keep to the tried and true systems and avoid large speculation risks, and the coiners have every right to take those risks and try to disrupt the market. that's capitalism. coiners and no coiners have no reason to hate each other, we could all get along if we really tried.

I'm with Sergey. Smart contracts are the next SaaS sized revolution. Absolutely world changing.

Blockchain is revolutionary. There were people back in the early 90s saying the internet was a fad, hyped, wouldn't be used. That's you now. Oracle, you know the boring ass tech company, themselves are predicting 10% of the worlds GDP will be on the blockchain in 2025. That could be over $20T marketcap then. And that's conservative. In the near term, even a small bit of the $80T equity pie would send crypto skyrocketing. Again. How is there so much potential you think? Because idiots who can't think outside the box, or can't see change, doubt it will happen. If you are type of cuck who has a savings account which bleeds more in inflation than it accrues in interest, you are type of person that will be funding the lavish lifestyles of crypto rich, the smart money who are investing in crypto now as the greatest transfer of wealth in modern history leaves you behind.

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Maybe it's this. The internet was a neat idea in its early days, but it didn't become the internet as we know it until people started building on top of the internet infrastructure. It's easy for some to say that blockchain won't go anywhere just because we haven't stretched the creative boundaries of the possible applications. I'm just talking out of my ass, but as an oldfag, I didn't expect stuff like Twitch and Facebook and Amazon when the internet was just first starting to catch on.

fuck me you are delusional. Is katy perry smart money? snoop dogg? my grandma? smart money phase is over. There are still gains to be had, but this "wealth transfer" nonsense needs to die, the distribution of wealth in bitcoin is even worse than fiat for fucks sake, please chill

Like seriously the show has been cancelled for years now right? Don't tell me there's some sort of O&A shitcoin.

I genuinely think they are comparable. Arpanet was conceptualised in 1963, and the internet was a weird niche for autistic scholars until the mid-nineties. For blockchain technologies, we ought to think about what it CAN be, not necessarily what it is right now. Hopefully, it will develop way faster.

I hold so don't take this as a slam, but we've had all the tech that is able to implement these types of networks for awhile. the only thing blockchain did differently was solve the double spending problem with electronic currency. That IS is a big deal, which has made bitcoin prices soar, but honestly the rest of the utility that the blockchain brings was solved awhile ago.

Replacing centrally emitted currencies would already be huge. And smart contracts have the potential to unleash an unprecedented wave of disruption everywhere we rely on middlemen for trust issues. What do you have in mind specifically when you say that the utility that the blockchain brings was solved a while ago

Forgot the “?”

>but we've had all the tech that is able to implement these types of networks for awhile.

ok so why aren't they being used?

There is a saying about the South Sea bubble:
That the only Englishmen who knew the value of South Sea trade were pirates.

This saying is applicable to #Bitcoin . The only people who understand $BTC 's value are blackhats. Modern day pirates. The only true freemen.

I feel like a broken record, but if you guys can't explain how blockchain can work without an incentivized proof of work scheme, you might as well be telling me about how teleporters are the next big thing. I don't think you understand how the critical innovation in cryptocurrency blockchain can only apply to crypto currency. You are being hyped on vaporware. We are repeating mistakes.

let me guess, you make 35k a year. sorry you're so poor bro, maybe if you actually do some research on blockchain tech you won't be poor forever, gl.

My vape pen is on the blockchain.

its the chainlink cube. Jesus christ how new are you

>what is staking

It is perfectly suited to assurance and record keeping tasks. However a token/coin/mining economy is not needed whatsoever.

IPO's for blockchain tech startups will be the next big thing, when it is universally accepted that token economies are pointless and harmful for enterprise applications.

not doing it in a decentralized trustless way. Something like the DAO was impossible to do before blockchain. I don't think you understand the implications of the blockchain desu

>proof of stake
>proof of credit

Oh and currency use is a meme. Fiat will simply be tokenized and launched on something like hashgraph. There will be a new "fed" that controls tokenized fiat. You wont be able to own any of that stock or a part of the underlying tech.

How else am I going to donate to the Daily Stormer?

The jews have shut everything else down, but they can't shut down crypto.

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Blockchain is a great technology, it will be big in a couple years, but all those stupid coins like TRX which doesn’t have a purpose will die.

but what if /vape/ and make $50k a year?

Blockchain paired with AI will eliminate more than 50% of the jobs in the financial sector. The internet changed communication, blockchain will change the financial world.

Your picture is very appropriate, sorry I don’t have an extra chromosome to spare.

How useful is a worldwide public bookkeeping software secured by a distributed network of chinese miners. I don't know. But not 120 Billion.

>bitcoin = blockchain

No it's not it says opie and anthony on it. Are they related some way or is it just random?

I said nothing about it being fair. Obviously you no coiners will be the losers.

I use a credit card for everything and pay it off timely. Literally nothing is easier. No one cares about decentralization and blockchain can be centralized and will be centralized to track every faucet of your life in the future.

If this was real in any sense, why don't they just start blockchain/smart contract companies. Why does Ethereum have to be a currency. Even still this is a fast moving market and it's exposed to becoming outdated by other inventions in tech. It's hard to see now but try grasping how a blockchain would get as big as it did in 2001. I live in constant fear that I'll lose everything and be the biggest laughing stock of the century.

Anthony's Compound Media is Purdy good especially his show with Arty it's worth the subscription but I also like Sam and Jim. Jim carries the show fuck let em in Sam Sammy shit farts etc.

>I live in constant fear that I'll lose everything and be the biggest laughing stock of the century.
you have no business investing

Not really constant fear I guess but you are likely right.

What the fuck are you talking about. Do you think the blockchain is merely some payment system like a credit card? At least do a single google search.

You sound like grandma in 2000. Why would I need the internet? I just sent messages in the mail. Internet has no point. Why does email have to be a computer? You sound like a moron.

Threads like this are why I wish BTC would fall another 50%