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Will ZCL/BTCP Succeed or Fail?


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Voted yes, easiest vote of my life.

Bump, actually curious of biz consensus on btcp

i mean it's a good bet to say most coins will succeed cause it's so early in the cryptosphere, especially one with this much hype, when i mean succeed i mean not just 2x'ing i mean 10x EOY at least

It will succed at failing to succed the failing failure of the pajeets

Depends on what you mean by "Will ZCL/BTCP Succeed or Fail?", ZCL in the long term? Not very likely (unless masternodes are confirmed but I highly doubt they will be), but BTCP? Yes.

ZCL will be like how ETC is to ETH, a fraction of it's price but will still grow over time

>ZCL will be like how ETC is to ETH

i don't see why this would be worth more than ZCL is now in the long term. in any case people are gonna dump the fuck out of this coin because a lot of them are getting it for free

It succeeded in being the most elaborate pump and dump.

>i don't see how this popular coin will be worth more in the long term

This! You retards are buying and holding zcl because think people will hold It for the btcp, real players are pumping zcl because they know they are going to enforce your stupid beliefes that way, a few days earlier from the snapshot thay are gonna dump hard in you because no one belives in any od the 2 coins but wants to make more btc - thats how you become a double bagholder of 2 valueless shitcoins.

exact same thing people thinked before bch fork lmao
You may think you are smart, but you are just another usefool

It will succeed but the price will be low for a while while people with btc who aren't interested in it dump their new bags. Eventually it will rise up around monero or higher which means a price of $200-400 (unless there's another major bullrun and the whole market explodes again).

Look at nxt (nxt/Ignis is a much stronger shitcoin duo than this current one) , It pumped hard and than it dropped 2-3 days before the fork... Dont forget anons that alts are here just ti make more btc!

Retards don't realise that it has the "bitcoin" brand on it and it's a fucking privacy coin. What more can you ask? it will take over bcash this year that's for a fact.

>comparing this to the bch fork

Explain to me how btcp will have any value when we have more estabilished and trustworthy coins like monero, zcash, shit eaven verge is better? An show does zcl have any value when It got 150x pumped after the btcp airdrop announcement

that's what im saying. and it has bitcoins actual code not just the name. i think it will overtake XMR dominance on the deep web cause its faster and cheaper tx fees with better tech privacy. i'm pretty sure the whitepaper said they will also have the obfuscation option that monero has but also have zksnarks as well

you retard that 150x pump shows people are interested in BTCP, other airdrops/hardforks don't get this much attention, that's a bullish sign

Agreed. While i hate bcash i understand that theres a huge community behind it that believes they are the real bitcoin and thats enough to give it a lot value

>and it has bitcoins actual code
No it doesn't, it's a rebrand of ZCL that air drops to BTC

lmao no it's not you fucking shill. It's a mergefork of BTC and ZCL. You can't airdrop to BTC holders unless you hardfork from BTC

Hey I have a great idea. Let's fork Bitcoin and get rid of 95% of the remaining mining rewards and gift it to a dead shit coin.

or maybe its because all the fucking supply was bought up by the devs before the announcement??? look at the volume retaaard

Legit it had doubled in price before the dev even announced the fork. Fucking scummy.

>and add the most effective advanced privacy technology with large block sizes and quicker block times all while keeping the Bitcoin Brand

No they are not it's just that zclassic's mcap was low enough that it was easy to manipulate and create fomo in normies. Why is btcp more valuable than xmr??? Who's the development team behind it? How dedicated will they stay (no way it's monero levels of dedication)?

>The I didn't get into ZCL early enough starter pack

Yes you cant imbecille, i collected my byteball airdrops many times!

the fact that it's 1:1 exchange means that the price of BTCP is already priced in and you might as well wait until after the dump from people who hodl'd ZCL BEFORE the BTCP announcement

Brought to you by the "developer" who did less work making ZCL than Charlie Lee did when he made Litecoin.

very low tx fee's, quicker transactions, more advanced privacy tech, better price, no 8% inflation like monero has, newer, bitcoin brand, hype, etc.

That's why. Monero is last years privacy coin. Monero will still be around but BTCP will probably surpass it. Normies dont know what a monero is. They can understand what Bitcoin Private is just by the name and it's name is marketable. monero sounds dirty and mexican


do you understand how hype affects this market?

>Whats the deal with bitcoin private?
>Its not bitcoin
>and its not private


Better than the people who didn't get out of ZCL soon enough.

it's not priced in because a lot of people cant go to cryptopia cause its shady and bittrex doesn't let new people sign up plus a lot of people just aren't aware of the fork taking place

And look how successful LTC is today, look what it peaked at. Pretty good if you ask me, considering how shitty litecoin is.

Yeah guys you are right. Your shitfork with a shit dev team is totally going to be the next big thing.

They know they need people to buy this crap which is why they are so hostile. I expect the price to keep plunging even before the snapshot.

No one will support a Bitcoin "fork" that gifts so much to a shit coin.

>no one will buy bcash at $300 that thing is overbought

i agreed with you guys then and you were wrong. if bcash can hit $4000-ish then bitcoin private can hit at least $1000

Bitcoin Cash only went to BTC holders, not an unrelated dead coin that had large blocks.

It would have made more sense to fork Bitcoin and ZCash, you know the people who actually did work.

Meh these idiots simply don't understand market cycles.

We don't like the large founders reward from Zcash, that's why we have Zclassic

I was honestly on board with the entire thing until Rhett revealed that the 21 million cap wasn't going to increase even with the added ZCL. He should have at least bumped it by the amount added from ZCL.

So now the founders reward of Bitcoin Private goes to Zclassic, makes sense.