I know of a coin that a bunch of oldfags from Veeky Forums are accumulating and don't want you guys to know about...

I know of a coin that a bunch of oldfags from Veeky Forums are accumulating and don't want you guys to know about, I might just spill the beans...

It's not even on CMC yet and you can mine it.

You can take your turtle and shove it where the sun shines daily for you

Whoever paid you to post this should get their money back.

oldfags don't need to gamble on scams and pump and dumps.

Get fucked TURTLfaggot.

Hehehe, nice try fags. Proof that I know about your stupid coin.

Spill them beautiful beans boy

We're all friends here user, you can tell us.

I'm thinking about them beans boy. Is it constellation?

huh it must be crashing hard then.

Nah DYOR, and don't post when you do find it. It's probably the last viable 100x kek. I'm off to bed.


oh nice hes gay

delete this
these idiots don't deserve to know

i know it starts with an r, right op?


This is the same dude from earlier, here's what he's dropped so far:

The fuck OP delete this shit, I haven't finished accumulating yet

Right now that I have your attention, I want in on whatever pump group is gonna be running point on this, I've already accumulated 1BTC worth and I have at least 5 BTC I'm willing to pump this shit with.

Message me here please:

[email protected]


if you couldnt google and find what coin this was you are literally retarded. nobody here has mentioned it yet and i wont be the first to.

Confirmed retard here then I guess

its some shit coin that is just gonna get PnD and he's lying it's already on CMC that's all im saying. be glad you didn't find it

There's 5000 shitcoins dickhead what are we supposed to google
>pls google tell guaranteed 1000x chink coin thank

Yeh look, I'm not giving that info up. I only just got access by invitation and I'm not about to get booted. You're also going to need more than 5 btc to pump this to the level were aiming for.. Just wait and keep accumulating. You're going to see good things happen very soon.

Kek I know
But I think the actual reasons people make these threads is just for the you's.
They have turned into the new "post your address for free coins"

Please oh please for the love of Christ don’t tell the normies about it you mother fucker. I love seeing them rage and post about suicide after they lose their money, fuck normies and fuck you OP for giving them a glimpse.

Unless you're pumping 500 BTC in, I don't see how 5 BTC is an insignificant contribution, and if you are doing 500 BTC, then by all means I apologise for even being so presumptuous.

>Avoid the next biz PnD
Thanks user

Op is a faggot who knows that you brainlets will think you're smart for looking at the archive. It's part of his shilling plan.

here you go. Wasn't anything

OP is a faggot
Google akroma.io
It's like OP described exept it's not a P&D and he doesn't know about it.

Behold!!!!! Quickly remember the name for this post will be deleted in 5 minutes!!!!!!!

>Decentralized oracles

I don't ever want to catch you posting in one of my threads again.

I don't ever wanna see your shitty threads again on my own biz
As if you shitcoin can even begin to compare.

Sick coin you got there man, keep it under wraps don't want anyone else getting rich off of it.

Sir please give name of the coin sir

Good, stay away.
Masternodes by the end of the month, and then they implement decentralized oracles on them, this will be the moment you FOMO.

Sorry Pajeet no can do, remember that shitty chinese one+ phone? Yeah, you have to be invited to hold these bags


nice one kike

>32 minutes ago

It's arcblocks

OP, i'm searching for that damn chink coin since this afternoon. I need sleep srsly