What is this? One of the wallets AB said to watch

1.8 million chainlink moved out in the last day. This is a specific wallet he pointed to in his discussion. What is going on?


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Pump inbound

$10 end of month

I don't know OP but this token was transferred into the account at around the same time the transfers went out.

Great painting, who's the artist / what's the name?

You mean a top 10 wallet? I thought he said someone will be accumulating

When/where did he say this wallet we should specifically watch?

He said top 100

He definitely said top 10

Where did it go?

Somewhre in this thread. I think it was one he pointed toward because it had just recieved a huge chunk of coins.

I thought he said top 100. Either way, here is the thread. I could be wrong but i dont see why i would of bookmarked it otherwise.

boards.Veeky Forums.org/biz/thread/7569209

So was this one of the top 10 wallets but now it’s not because they dumped all their tokens on to Binance?

So what's going to happen? Did he decide to try manipulating the markets or is he going to crash this coin with no survivors?

he liquidated some holdings to get eth or btc to participate in the shift cash ico. see

I think he just said "top wallets"

Some other user wrote this in the thread

>LINK is a solid project, but for anyone thinking about buying in now; don't. Wait a week or more.


>Take a look at that address. It's either the dev team or one of the advisors. It's a holding wallet for tokens before they're transferred to Binance to sell. And you might notice there's 2M LINK tokens which arrived to the wallet 4 days ago, which means an additional 2M LINK tokens will enter the market pretty soon.

>So just keep an eye on that wallet and buy in after it has been transferred to Binance and you can see the effect on the price.

It didn't come from abs trip though

why is this gay coin going up now?

don't mind me, increasing my stack

>that bot desperately trying to dump the price by spamming

>1.8 million chainlink
Wow, that's like an entire 32 dollars

Oh shit. Swift coin?? Is this prior to a partnership announcement??

Shift not Swift. If it said swift i would of had a heart attack. Wait. gotta double check...

Kek’s will be done

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What the hell is shift?

So if 2MM tokens flood the market that should drop the price, right?


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this bs shift.cash/

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