Would you ever wear this in public?

would you ever wear this in public?

do you think it would attract attention from women who think you have crypto money? or is it something only a soyboy would wear?

All the wrong attention. Like forced to send off your coins at gunpoint kinda attention.

looks pretty good, you're already a soyboy if you care about what strangers think of you. I PERSONALLY wouldn't wear anything that would imply flaunting my wealth but to each his own

i would literally get shot by a nigger the second i leave my apartment so yeah nah i'm sweet thanks

where can I buy this?

to pull it off without looking like a soylican-valley betafag "nerd", you would have to do it ironically, and wear a great looking pair of dark jeans, and have a muscular physique and handsome face. then it doesn't matter. if you've got a dyel skinnyfat body and one of those faggot hipster beards, you'll look like an ironic "nerd who is proud of being a techie nerd" no matter what you wear. say it with me now: it's all about face height frame. physique is most important, then height, then face.

these guys get it. at this point the cat's out of the bag and talking about btc in public with normies is no longer something interesting to do, because it's already all over the place. if you didnt buy btc under $1k-$5k you already fucked up big time and no amount of meme-sweaters will change that.

>tfw niggers will unironically wear this

I’m a woman who has been buying crypto for a long time, and I have the XMR one. So it would attract my attention if someone else had it on, but not bc I want to sleep with you or take your money.

i would wear that to work in the hope people get interested and my ahit goes up

I have the ethereum one, people would talk to me about it and it started interesting conversations. I write blockchain software though so showing your power level around normies is always fun.


Tbh the fact that I HAVEN'T seen anyone wear a bitcoin tshirt makes me think we're still far away from true normie adoption.

Also this is the only patrician choice:

>On my Veeky Forums

Would you wear a "United States Dollar" sweater in public? Exactly.

If you wear this you'll seem like a try hard trying to show off that you have money. Might as well just buy a lambo.


Can’t escape us!


show milkers pls

I have one. It's been really fun actually. I just tell everyone I tried to order a bitcoin online and that's what showed up.... actin Norman as fuck

cryptofags are just as bad as vegans and libertarians
never talk about it to normies

>gets mugged
>apologises to robber


That's me back in December, u right

>doesn't want to take your money
wew lad


I think that sweater is ugly, but I do like to sport a Dogecoin hoodie from time to time.

you're doin it right. I guess you have to look like a douchebag to pull it off instead of a nerd

I'd wear it, if it didn't look like a goddamn Bruins jersey

I would wear it ironically to a gathering of friends or something.

Oh shit no I’ll gladly take your money, but not bc we’re wearing matching crypto sweaters. Plus Monero is superior to btc in every where, so btc sweater is meh.

you look like a mouth breather

after the bubble bursts, yes

that works

cosby crypto. i bet a nog wouldn't think twice about wearing one.

Severely deviated septum... shit happens bruv

I love dressing like a douchebag. Great filter for people who judge based off preconceived notions and appearance

>knows about crypto
>knows XMR is better than BTC

can i impregnate you

Ha exactly I’m single and nerd signaling with ugly sweaters does me more good than forever swiping left on chad on Bumble.

I saw her first, scrub.

>swiping left on chad on Bumble.
Fuck off

The only time I've ever seen crypto apparel was a middle aged man at the casino with a simple btc shirt

I struck up a convo and we had a nice little chat, enjoying the start of boom around late november

How much btc to sucky milky milky mommy?

legit question. well?

>that feel when no mommy gf to lie on her chest and sucky suck while she pats my head


I own one, work at a bank....wore it on ugly sweater day in december and the third day of the bear market when everyone was LOLing about the dip