Veeky Forums thinks it's just an exchange

>Veeky Forums thinks it's just an exchange
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the ETFs
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the TAMs
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the fiat pairings for altcoins
>Veeky Forums doesn't know about the FUCKING DEBIT CARD

Do you guys EVER do research kek?

>inb4 people FUD this for the token burn

Those tokens ain't getting burnt bitch, they're going to get sold out, someone just bought 10 million XCM in one fucking order (1.1 million euros). I just want some of my fellow faggots and niggers on board this train.

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actually there were two million dollar purchases from what was posted in telegram.

Use link for 5% bonus, add in letters in photo..

americans can't buy can they?

you can just put in EU address then change to US when they get permission to sell to US. Should be a few days.

Nope, which actually helps prevent dumping when exchange opens, Americans will be scrambling in. Plus this shit has an aesthetic appeal to normies.

I'll let you guys in on a secret, I actually had to explain to a normie how to buy tron or some shit, I advised them not to first obvs, but either way I talked them through going to coinbase then sending to binance then buying tron, and then explained they'd need to sell the tron for eth then transfer the eth to coinbase to cash out.

Do you understand how much they'd have just preferred to use some gay normie site like coinmetro? This is gonna be huge. I've got 100k, if XCM hits 10 USD I'll have made it.

I don't know if you mistook the referral bonus on accident, but there is no bonus above 2.5% for using someone's referral link. You get a 5% bonus if someone uses your ref link, though. Just wanted to clarify, lots of people BS their codes and lie to get more refs. Pic related is my ref if any anons are interested!

Also, even if you only make a small purchase, anyone buying into main-sale or sooner gets a 25% trading fee discount in the future even if you sell all of your XCM. I don't want to shill my link without giving back!

This is the point so many people seem to miss. Most of my friends have been to university so are pretty well educated people. Most have also heard about crypto. NONE of them have invested despite many of them saying they are interested. The main thing putting people off is the learning curve to buying btc and transferring it. I've actually had a few people offering me 10% of their money to buy for them. for 2.5% bonus (redirects to reflink)

ALSO NOW OPEN TO BURGERS! Officially announcing it tomorrow.

This will dump hard when it hits the exchanges.. will buy in when it goes to the 1 cent range

No it won't. Anyone buying at 7 cents or under is having their coins locked and distributed evenly over 6 months. Anyone above can sell instantly, but there won't be much incentive too and the price won't instantly dump.
It's a smart plan on their part.

Will this 100x? is a good reference. Exchanges are always a good bet.

Also Kucoin and Binance didn't dump, XCM is only going to be traded ON the coinmetro exchange and there's a buyback program so the team will buy the tokens if they dump too hard, because they plan to use them as a liquidity fund.

Read the damn whitepaper.

No, realistically it'll 30x.

>No, realistically it'll 30x.
If this 10x's, I've made it for the year, and have a gameplan to make it for real thereafter
fuck bros, I'm ready

This is assuming it reaches 1/8th the volume of Binance, if it reaches the volume of Binance it'll be a 200x.

None of that shit exists yet, you delusional fuckup.

you made it user. i have some, but wish i had more.

nice try pajeet. you don't use toilet paper and have never seen a toilet in your life. try not to rape any women in the field during dookie time. and please stop shitting on your railway tracks. tokens are locked, read the whitepaper, take a dump in a toilet faggit

I know, fuaaark, but I don't wanna dream too soon. If it hits $1 I'll be fucking happy.
40k, doesn't feel like a lot, but I've never made it in my life, so I don't know what that feels like
t. hopefully soon to be ex-Poorfaglio

It will reach the volume of coinbase

this makes logical sense, but I refuse to believe it until it happens. Fucking shitty coinbase and their non-existent customer service. They will get destroyed by CM if they deliver. I just can't believe I'll make it if that happens

Biz will buy anything if shilled long enough. Convinced that these are coordinated assaults aimed that that weak minded.

For those wanting a 2.5% bonus, you can use coinmetro.networ

>tfw America

Haha at least I can buy it when it hits exchanges at 3x the price....

You're also forgetting something, if you're an institutional investor who wants access to alt coins, who's been researching crypto, who needs margin trading, and who wants a trusted team, CoinMetro is your ONLY choice.

GDAX has piss poor choices, Binance has no leverage or fiat, etc. not only that but they also know that exchange coins are a good investment, this will create a feedback loop so the first people to jump ship will be all the boomer fags and daily traders who don't want to mess around transferring eth between exchanges constantly. Then the normies come.

Does it pay dividends?

I KNOW. The fabled solution to the fiat bottleneck. Holy fuck. I'll be so happy for crypto if this works, and will make it in the interim. Am I dreaming bros. I just want us all to make it, and for institutional investors to buy our bags.

stop shilling this, user, are u dumb

bro, if you think Veeky Forums can keep this under wraps, sorry. I've been saging, so that's the best you can hope for. Those tokens aren't going to be burned at this rate. Much bigger powers than Veeky Forums seem to be buying in already

1. Sale started at 2 cents - is now 12 cents
2. 500% bonus for early buyers if hardcap is reached??????
3. Alts are not doing so well

I'm gonna skip this, Idc this token sale is fucking ridiculous.

So not only do they get the token for 2 cents and the current price is already 6x they also get 500% bonus???

Tell me how this won't dump like the south sea bubble?

Has a buyback program... fuck that give me dividends you cheap bastards.

Dividends are going to be illegalised soon due to govt regulation you dumb fuck.

Yeah once again we're turned into consumers instead of traders or investors. Its not like they don't use the money to build their business.

Fucking shit gov

this is pretty common in all ICOs for private whales, you just didnt know it untill now

Normally they're not so blatant about it. But I guess its better now they're being transparent.

Still on the fence though, I got a feeling it will dump. I don't see the market conditions improving anytime soon.

It won't dump because the coins bought at 0.03 and 0.05 are on lock for 6 months. 0.07 euros is the cheapest price with which could dump. But even then it is only 50m tokens out of 500m total.

The 0.07 price tier is not 50M. It was divided like this:
12.5M for 0.03
12.5M for 0.05
12.5M for 0.07
12.5M for 0.09
50.0M for 0.11
50.0M for 0.12
and so on

The average price if the ICO reaches its hardcap will be 0.118

open to burgers. big news coming. check the AMA on kikebook

the early investors have their tokens locked. check the white paper.

US citizens can't buy, what do I do bros?

Not sure about this crap anymore. I threw in one ether just in case during a flash sales after which i learned there was another flash sale many times just around the corner with the same price. So basically it has been one single ICO for months now with no end in sight.
Probably turns out to be another decentralized exchange hype shitcoin.

I'm on the fence, I will see the exchange listing. I think BTC has a long way to ''correct'' (crash) before anything happens in this market.

>You're also forgetting something, if you're an institutional investor who wants access to alt coins, who's been researching crypto, who needs margin trading, and who wants a trusted team, CoinMetro is your ONLY choice.
Not really. Legolas exchange would be an even better choice. Both of these hybrid exchanges have yet to launch. There will be more than them as well.

yeah, there's actually a ton of exchange ICOs

burger news coming tomorrow. buy with confidence user

The fact that people will actively FUD XCM for selling ca. 10% of their coins at 500% discount (less if you factor in vesting) but did so PUBLICLY and FAIRLY, but no one speaks out about the fact that 60% of LGO tokens were sold privately...says a lot.

But look at the cute drawings

sale is over 23rd march or when hardcap (50MM) is hit.

Also everyone's saying how these exchanges will be the new coinbase, I think RobinHood has that position reserved already.

ICOs perform shit right now anyway, and since dividends are now not allowed anymore there's 0 reason ro buy. This price won't budge because there are no superwhales to buy up all the tokens and move the price, trap buyers and dump.