Has Veeky Forums been ever been wrong about a highly shilled coin before? And I mean HIGHLY SHILLED, not this weak ass "shilling" that VEN and OMG get here. LINK threads eat up 30%+ of this board. I remember ETH shilling being like this a few years ago, and BTC shilling being the same back when Veeky Forums wasn't all about crypto.

Didn't Veeky Forums shill NEO relentlessly? I was on break around then, so I wouldn't know.

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DGB. PoSW when it first came out. Probably some other shit.

Oh yeah, SIGT.

But DGB mooned 600x and PoSW mooned 200x.

Confido ico got shilled hard aswel
Everything gets shilled/fudded here, eventually one of those coins will moon and someone will take the credit

God, SIGT was the worst.

If you sold the dgb top and somehow knew that there was gonna be a bug in the pows contract yes
If you can see the future you can make a lot of money, if not, you lost a lot of $ because of biz

the fuck is that?

Some kind of blockchain market scam

BTC and ETH were already top coins before, regardless of shilling

but with LINK Veeky Forums hit the jackpot, low mkt cap coin that will 100% be top 10 coins EOY

oh just like link


It’s too late for that

Once you see biz shilling something hardcore it’s too late. No one is going to spoon feed good picks. I know one right now, that you probably saw a couple times (like VEN Sub $1) that I’m not going to tell you about.

Why? I know it’s a for sure moon mission and I’m accumulating.


ANS was insane:

Anons then were VERY sure, but it was progressed to $10 at the time of that thread. But note how conservative they were. Only a couple of anons predicted $100+ before end of year

With LINK, we're basically at that level of shilling/FUD but with a longer way to go. So it's either incredible premonition or delusion kek.
I think the writing is on the wall. LINK is at least gonna be a 10-20x from here, which is fucking amazing in and of itself

this is pathetic. slap yourself.


ANS had partnerships and the Chinese market going for it. What does LINK have?

an army of autistics and kek

an actual use to help other coins

Literally the only reason I hold a stack of 100 of these fuckers

Nothing. Make sure you don't buy any.

you need more

POSW was shilled as relentlessly as LINK OP.

Big macs

ANS wasn't shilled nearly as much as link, but it had a few threads

Pick one



Are you eating cut up hotdogs for dinner?

If Kek wills it I make 100,000

I’ll be happy with that.

you will make 100k but have to hodl for a couple years

bullshit. i bought some posw after the hype died down on here. link sounded interesting at first but before i could consider it the constant shilling turned me off. i tried blocking it out like a ptsd victim but they literally broke me and i'm in for 50k. no comparison at all.

Good man.

I believe in ChainLink myself, Veeky Forums just makes it entertaining as fuck on most days. No other project has as funny memes, "insider" information, etc.

I could get more... ok here’s my red pill why I think Chainlink might fail

Other block chain projects will create their own oracles as part of their own platform. EOS aims to be able to host the internet on its platform. Why won’t it have its own oracle service?

How about a working proof of concept with SWIFT?


only correct answer

>what is network effects

is it chainlink?

this piece of shit is the hardest fucking thing to buy on the internet. I bought a few quid... just in case....and it would have been easier to buy a fucking leopard

SWIFT, zeppelin os, axa, request, factom, the only way to get real world data onto the blockchain

this is wrong

it's like how people mentioned MAN and a few days ago and then it started pumping, sure it was no 10x but it was something

>back when Veeky Forums wasn't all about crypto.
i member , this board is beyond repair

STFU user do you hold XRB as well?

Nah, it's honestly better now. Old Veeky Forums was 50% about buying shit on alibaba and selling it on ebay, and 40% bragging about jobs. The other 10% was shit like crypto, which everyone laughed at.

Eth and btc never had pump and dump groups organizing shill and fud cycles

atleast dropshipping had some information , and people used to get some decent inside info about other people's job
this board is literally buy my bags , ooh fuck we're going down , link link req , wojak , expert this expert that

delete this

shit tier shitcoin pajeets only
shit fuck coin

If you look past the memes there's a real value to Veeky Forums's "discussion" of crypto. Almost all shilled coins ended up being successful, with the most shilled coins almost always going big (ETH, BTC, NEO?). biz/ is a good way to screen out popular coins before actual DYOR.

>Old Veeky Forums was 50% about buying shit on alibaba and selling it on ebay
holy shit that brings back memories
yep that shit was dumb as fuck
>40% bragging about jobs
most of those were larps and have now transcended to the crypto millionaire larp

Link is pure PnD to enrich oldfags, the meme is that new Veeky Forums blood is easy to rope into tribe, then they get all this hope and band together, then they get "tested" aka give their money to the sharks, who then rally them for the next pump. It's genius really. Straight out of Wolf of Wall St pink sheets. Poor noobs but hey, they gotta fight their way out of the Chainlink paper bag to earn next level. Good test.

I miss the limbo memes whenever something crashed

I was just coming here to ask; have I been duped by you Jews? If so, know this: You will not be free of this curse.
I walk away rich, or I crawl away to invade your deepest nightmares forever.

Link threads are legit the only thing making biz enjoyable these days

you're either a stinky linky trying to confuse newfags or you're delusional. this thing has never pumped. its like 50% higher than it was at sibos 5 months ago. if old biz were really trying to pnd on noobs they wouldnt choose a coin that does zero marketing and appeals only to enterprise. tron was a pnd. deepbrain chain was a pnd. chainlink is the opposite.

obviously this shit isnt guaranteed. far from it. but if you think its a scam remember:
1) its been in the works for over 3 years
2) they won a POC with SWIFT with a 2 man team
3) they don't hype the coin whatsoever
if its a scam it is probably the longest, most poorly executed scam of all time

>he doesn't know Veeky Forums shilled ETH at 22 cents

How knew are you? Kek.

ACT Achain. Girl u know its true.

>Presents one of the most commonly misinformed, idiotic reasons not to buy.
>Prefaces it with 'here's my redpill'

There are many reasons LINK might fail, that isn't one of them. You've been in crypto for less than 3 months I bet?

hey user... I know it’s tough for you to try and act smart and all... but it’s ok cuz everyone here thinks you’re a fuckn faggotard anyway so chill

I got shilled REQ at 5 cents and even as it dipped below ICO price it was still getting shilled.

$1000 EOY

Kek. No one is gonna use that piece of shit you brainlet. Let this get through that thick shit skull of yours you fucking imbecile

Btc = currency
Eth/neo = dapps and public chains
Link = data
Omg = the world’s exchange
Rlc = distributed aws

Do you need me to go on? If no one uses link then no shit it’s going to zero. But how fucking new and stupid are you? Large industry players are looking to use smart contracts and they’re all looking at chainlink to make it happen. This is like google and the search engine. The one to build the best mouse trap wins the game. I don’t even know why I’m explaining basic venture investing and network effects to retards like you on this Mongolian desk carving forum

>Confido ico got shilled hard aswel
Mate that was just generic shilling.

Also...... EOS????? How much of a brainlet are you?

>absolute state