Just bought 50% of a landscaping/trade company for a percentage of my crypto gains...

Just bought 50% of a landscaping/trade company for a percentage of my crypto gains. What websites are best to advertise on? I think sprinkler installations and driveway repairs/stamped concrete will be the direction i want to take

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pay like 1 dollar per western viewer for facebook ads and the like

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one of the best hustles in driveway repair is sealing. easy loot. also, when someone has a concrete pad for their driveway that meets the asphalt you can tell them how the driveway will sink away from the concrete overtime (which it will) then sell them a package with a small asphalt ramp to meet the concrete with a good seal on top. just don't get messy on the seal. you're welcome. easiest sales i've done, big money when you can get an entire street on board. tell the people to get their neighbors on and give a reduced price for the work

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Google adwords, Facebook, etc

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Also you should get your own website built. As a webdev that builds decent websites and takes pride in his work, here are few things to make sure you don't get ripped off:

1. Pay 50% upfront, and nothing more
2. Whites only
3. Ask for previous work
4. Don't be afraid to be pushy. Any web dev worth his salt will be happy to answer your daily questions (even hourly)
5. Get it in writing what you want from the money you're sending. This way you can hammer his ass hard in court if he fucks off.

Also, there aren't really any sites worth advertising on besides paid ads (Facebook/Google). I'd recommend Facebook before Google, just my opinion. But advertising on other people's sites will not pay off at all if you don't have your own site.

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you need to determine prices based on the square footage of the driveway. the best way to do market research is call companies and get quotes. the asphalt for the ramp is minimal. you don't need serious equipment either. a hand held tamper is enough to compact the asphalt and any spic or nigger can handle the tool. i recommend having a lead hand that manages the actual spraying of the sealer. your prices and your market determine the prices. i worked in sales for a regional company that had an excellent reputation and employed well mannered college students to do the jobs. i suggest that you do your market research and then look for new housing developments. the builders typically use the least amount of asphalt required to cover the dirt, and they rarely use enough gravel to establish a firm base. if you're in a climate that freezes over winter then asphalt repairs are very common in the spring. if you're operating in a warm climate, usually the repairs will be on older residences with sunken asphalt and craters. it's not the most complicated market to learn. just a bit of research and knowing your competitors. also, try and offer some type of incentive to your customers. i used to offer $20 cash back for anybody that was a referral client, and i'd always offer double coat (it's actually a single coat but you do the first one very lightly then do it again) and the best thing that i saw ever was a cute little asian sales girl that just put $10 extra on every sale because she could. women can sell like wildfire if it's to men


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Contractor in a small town, never advertise, word of mouth is golden, I wouldn't even know where to advertise but I'd start with google search results for your product and location.

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Target a rich neighbourhood, get an amazing flyer (check the koypwritingkourse blog for that), advertise cheap af, win a lot of clients.




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