Pinkdate Pre-sale ENDS IN 4 HOURS

you faggots want to be pimps dont you? then use my ref link and get a 10% bonus. 4 hours to go until the price X5.

If you don't know about this already, then you're fucked. anyone else buy this shit?

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Amazing idea here and you'll get +10%

PinkDate is the first anonymously operated, world
wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. We offer an enhanced companionship experience to trusted clients and verified escorts who value discreet, secure transactions. Unlike our competitors, we
provide a single meeting place for screening and planning a date. This allows us to offer safety, convenience, peace of mind, and reduced costs.
Escorting is a high risk profession containing many inefficient business practices. Multiple steps need to be taken by the client and provider in order to schedule a date and to provide security and discretion on both ends. PinkDate offers an elegant solution to this problem by providing search, screening, booking, and payment services in a secure, easy to use platform. The company is
organized to avoid regulation by being extra
jurisdictional, ensuring it can operate
in any jurisdiction, even those cities and countries which are not friendly to the escort business in any region. By capturing 20% of each transaction on our
platform, we anticipate that our run rate will be $56M per year, based on the Gross Revenue in Month 36.

>ability to pay in ceypto currency adsing prviacy
Do they understand what blockchain is?

looks like everyone in this thread is in the pink

Sex is the killer crypto app. This is going to be Tinder for high rolling adults you don't want any bullshit. the future is bright.

>he's never heard of monero aren', a virgin, are you?

read the whitepaper

PinkDate is the first platform to combine screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. Some of the unique benefits we offer include:
• Elegant interface with Tinder like swipe capabilities and engagement driving characteristics.
• Client and escort screening/verification system.
• Our internal network uses authenticated (unlisted) Tor hidden services and data encryption for enhanced privacy and security.
• “Instant Book” and “Request to Book” appointment scheduling for clients.
• Payments accepted in cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Monero) and cash.

Shits going to be lit. kinda wish i was going to their pre-launch whore party in toronto on the 28th

>CEO is a female who breathes aka a THOT
Sorry I don't fuck with thots

Thats where I got it its a joke.
Oh it uses Monero? So the coin is useless? Regardless, please explain how Monero offers more privacy than cash?

respect the sinful 666 digits

>please explain how Monero offers more privacy than cash?
Monero is just one of the options for payment. you can also use cash to pay for their services you so desire.

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let me tell you guys something

its a rare-fucking-occasion for me to right click and save on the picture of a bitch

this bitch, she special. i save her fo later

>all females are THOT by this logic

buddy, its ok to fuck the opposite sex sometimes. stay poor.

>Sorry I don't fuck with thots
You spelled "thoughts" wrong.

yw user, but maybe consider buying some pinkcoin to fuck some real women instead of wanking it every time. give it time user, it gets boring.

Lol. I remember the last time they pulled this scam. They didn't even change the name.

they extended the pre-ico

ERC20 token will be distributed April 10th.

its very risky, no doubt. but it has yet to be revealed as a scam. and the motivation is to at least come out with a token first, and a proof of concept first.

It's a security. Will never be listed on any respectable exchange. Mark my words. Screenshot this and I'll see you in 4 hours.

also, nice pink nametag you got there.

PinkDate generates revenue by charging 20% of each transaction. An average transaction is approximately $400, and we anticipate approximately
59,000 transactions per month on our platform by Month 36, representing a run rate of approximately $56M in Annual Gross Revenue.

>This also doubles a pyramid scheme for whores to shill to each other and to their clients. gonna be interesting times.

DNM will love this token and offer to host exchange services for it. They're already in talks with getting hosted by livecoin.

Monero is the key to all of this.

The part that made me laugh was them saying it added privacy when it obviously didn't. the real problem is you are buying useless ERC20 tokens as "shares" instead of actual shares. It is a shares with no actual reason not to exit scam that no exchange will touch, not even a dividends enforcing smart contract. The company offers nothing for escorts. Why pay the fee if you collect cash? They can't come beat you up, they offer 0 security nor a place to work out of. They have what yelp reviews of bad customers? Call girls already have this with phone numbers and its more helpful that way then people just making accounts.

sauce on semen demon

And who gives a fuck about respectable exchanges. this is cryptoland. Everyone is sketch

the value proposition is client side. instead of handing your credentials to multiple bitches, its just one agency with access to the world of pussy. think about it.

And yes monero does add privacy to those who get paid dividends. There is a localmonero website for exchanging cash to monero and vice versa already in place if you really need to cash. but most people are just gonna hodl or reinvest in the DNM...

No, I meant when they did this exact same scam a year and a half ago. They are even using the same white paper.



well i guess we'll know April 10th

never invest more than you're willing to lose, etc.

Clients cant use it if it has no whores lmao. If BP has more women they will use it. Women will be cheaper if you don't use the useless service. Not to mention no there is no advantage client aide because giving your credentials to an online service is bad. Monero for dividends is bad because they are not using a smart contract.
Also understand this is not a share. They are just promising you money you do not own the company.


high risk high reward. only invest what you're willing to lose.

just throw 500 at it in case.

How much are you getting paid?

honestly, I'm just bored and like posting pictures of hot chicks. not getting paid anything but this referral link if you use it. working on some other stuff at the same time.

t-minus three hours tell the end of the pre-ico

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