i am SO happy i didnt sell my stack last night

i was a button click away

guys, theres already 5 apologize nano threads

the other threads spelled "apologize" wrong

dead cat bounce

get out of your basement once in a while

is this because reddifags are falling for the coinbase meme?

what coin is this?

wow up 25% after losing 85%+ congrats OP. Literal retard

redditfags are still holding bags, they were too attached to sell.

I went on the nano discord and I would say 40% of the people there are diagnosed autists. Not joking at all, they are autistic as fuck. I could only listen for a few minutes.

when will this pump stop

Imagine being enough of a brainlet to sell when volume is the highest its been since January and the price just blew through the 50hr and 100hr EMAs

this is unironically a decent coin with decent tech

before anyone says "muh no incentive to run a node" any store that would save more than the 2% credit cards/paypal takes would definitely run a node (which costs around 30 bucks a month on AWS)

also, even though I know you guys love to FUD this coin's tech, there have been no vulnerabilities discovered so far

nantards literally believe walmart is going to accept nano LMAO

No, you're just a dumb burger

if you're serious, please explain why they wouldn't?

I sold 1500xrb at 65sats. AMA...

Nano would have to be a lot bigger than it is right now with a more stable price before Walmart would accept Nano. There will also be some cost converting nano into USD, which would eat into some of the money saved. Maybe in 10years, if nano is still is relevant they might accept it.

Was it worth the job of solving the captcha?

Everything is gonna be fine user, you can still make it.

I cant believe it just crossed 10 dollars and keeps moving up


The state of nano cucks

What the fuk is going on

kek. Are you serious?!?! You can't be serious...

Raichads win again

Holy shit

For you brainlets, the hacker is pumping the price up to liquidate his position. This is your escape. Take it now.

They released a nano android wallet. Soyboys lost their mind.


>he sold his nano under $10!

lmao i bought @ 7$ and sold @ 8$ earlier today thought that was good gains for a single day, now watching this I wanna kms

What hacker are you talking about? The one who sold sll hus coins months ago? Brainlets...

This is true, but then again, this would be the argument to any cryptocurrency

Nano has the best chance of being adopted because it's speed of being transferred could allow a customer to pay directly to an exchange, who then would sell it for fiat and deposit that into Walmart's account. This may not even cost a fee because many large exchanges waive fees for whales with tons of volume.

Other coins (mainly litecoin and bitcoin) have a block time that has a risk of price shifts while they are waiting to be transferred to an exchange.

The guy who hacked bitgrail for $170m worth of nano

People say don't out all your eggs in one basket but I believed in the project so much that I did. I put everything I had in crypto investment (50% of my life savings) into nano near ATH. As the price started dropping, I put in the remaining 50% of my life savings to dollar cost average because I genuinely believed that with the rebranding, binance announcement, I would see a profit but the price kept dropping.

I was an idiot to buy using bitgrail instead of kucoin and now I have officially lost everything due to the alleged hack. I wish I could have withdrawn to my wallet but withdrawals were disabled.

I was also an idiot to put in more than I could lose. Money I had saved up by working so hard. I lost $120,000.

I believe in the project and idk how I am going to live with myself watching the price of nano soar over the months without me not having anything to invest in it.

>the hacker is pumping the price up to liquidate his position

We will be ok... I'm sure another Chad coin will come along.

> believes you can sell 13% of all nano in existence in a month without tanking the price down to a dollar

dead cat bounce not being ironic
just fucking look at it

I think we will see 15-16$ by the end of the week.

it is
shit will be there again in another hour

holy shit im so sorry, i just checked the price and its up to almost 1/3 of its ath, to the moon!!!!!!!

Remind me! 1 hour

fuck this shit redditcoin

Personally being a female specimen, quietly stalking this community and cautiously early adopting (more frankly: just hodling) small amounts of Nano. Just curious, how many of us here (roughly) are female as well?

P.S. Also interested in community reaction to the post.

god bless you

I thought you lost everything on bitgrail

i hope you cunts didn't listen to all these biz fud fags

this was shilled on biz for weeks before reddit even knew about it btw
where do you think reichblocks came from retards

It's already dumping. Why do you fags keep giving him your money?

Why did the picture make him white instead of orange?

i am.
P.S. you know the rules. tits or gtfo

so basically it was the same as Veeky Forums?

I am torn up on how big of a douche I am. This describes me and xrb is my biggest hold. Saved this one for later...

>Centralised shitcoin
I will not apologise.

Doesn't even fucking matter. It broke out of the long-term bearish channel on heavy volume. Shit's gonna moon over the next few months


you're thinking of IOTA

17m nano. Look at the volume between ATH and $6.90. especially with kucoin and Binance added.

you know whats interesting? all these new threads follow the exact same pattern as spam threads on /pol/

almost as if the same group of faggots are now triggered and targeting Veeky Forums

>explain X
>why is X doing X?
>explain X to me Veeky Forums

started a week ago when homos migrated from reddit and got triggered over the culture of thotposting

cry more you queers

I expected it to be above 10$ but I can't stop fucking laughing ahahahahaha.
android wallet can't even pull it back more than 17%

this happens for every single coin that recovers
also, the only spam was the unreal level of fudding for one of the most solid projects in crypto with an existing product that isn't a bitcoin fork or clogging up ethereum network

Prove he sold months ago idiot. I tried to warn you. Going back down...

Still down over 50% sat.
That being said, I was watching the order book a bit ago, and one guy (as far as I could tell) puts up a buy order for 50k Nano.
People were selling right into it. 10k here, another 15k there. Even with nano being down, it was a $400k order.
Wouldn't that make you stop for a second? Wouldn't you think that the guy with the 35+btc buy order might know something you don't?

people sell or buy 35 BTC on GDAX all the time and get JUST'd in like two minutes because the price goes the other way

35 BTC ain't shit

already getting JUST'd

Bomber wins again.

Yeah, on GDAX buying btc/eth. I've been watching Nanos charts for a while now, and that was irregular.



ps: I'm saving this for when xrb hits 10 cents