I fucked up. I need 1k a month

What the fuck do I do Veeky Forums ?

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you could get a job delivering pizzas

K_ _ _ _ _ _ s

Sell shit on ebay

I accidentally bought a 1 1/2 ton 1935 Ford. I don't think I'll get enough fuel mileage.

That's plan 4

>K n i g g e r s


>K_ _ _ _ _ _ s
K a n g z e r s

What did he mean by this?

Dropship. Do social media management. I'm a 19 year old dumbass and I'm doing low 5 figures each month. I have 19 social media clients and sell shitty car mods on a shopify site

While niggers claim they wuz kangs at one point, Finns sleep tight knowing they are currently Caesars.

get a fucking job you stupid queer then maybe you wont be here all day to have highschool level internet battles

fucking queer

I'm a drunk 24 year old. Teach me da wey. I'm about to have a bitching truck.

Yeah, I work rentals for my dad and I'm a current student.

I'm physically disabled and have the autism, so I'm currently fucked. What do I do to stop being a rental owning neet? I'm trying to fix that, I've got 130k in credit, but I want to flip this bad idea into a company within a week. What do?

Do you have ANY connections? If so, use them to the best of your abilities. I cannot stress how important a personal relationship is when landing clients.

From here:
>buy domain and hosting, maybe $20 in total
>pirate wordpress theme that you think looks good(you can find one on themeforest)
>create a good site that entices people
>go on google maps
>find local businesses with shit websites and no social media presence
>get their email with who.is, and send the owner an email
>set up a meeting, get their social media passwords, and post for them
>grow the social media channels at the same time
>charge them $500 a month to do this; professional agencies will do the same thing for several thousand a month - use this to your advantage
>Once you have clients, offer them a month of free work in exchange for every paying client they bring to you.

I also REALLY play the young kid card - adults love it when kids try to make money for themselves.

>I'm physically disabled and have the autism
ayy, so do I. it keeps me focused just enough to pour an inordinate amount of time into my business.

Does your dad have any connections? My dad is a local sports radio host and when I turned 16, for my birthday, I asked for his advertiser list. An odd request for a present, I know but my first 5 clients were people I met with after coldcalling every single name on that list.

the absolute state of finncucks

>muh daddy gave me his list

Okay, and? It's not like he made anything else happen. I did everything else, and It's not like those clients are the only ones I have. My family boost was a list of names and phone numbers, I did the rest. If you don't have that, use the method I posted literally RIGHT ABOVE at Also I was helping OP - Who also seems to work for his dad, and ask if he has any family connections he could use to land clients. Fuck off with your self-righteous bullshit

I'm just fucking with you. Your dad hooked you up. Relax.

I apolgize, I get ridiculously triggered when people tell me that. I'm at uni right now in a private dorm(that I pay for) and not a single kid works anything more than a minumum wage job, with maybe three exceptions. shit pisses me right off when they flex their parent's money

WEak contacts, no contacts. Figt of the gab.

Yes, but not in this industry.

And? It's the same as that nigger buying a mialing list.

>Gift of the gab.
All you need. Just find leads

My problem is getting out of the chair and unfucking my shit, savvy?

If you are actually serious about making the money, show up to a construction site, say you have no experience but can hustle and willing to get paid "under the table" until you prove yourself. You can make the $1k in a little over a week if you bust your ass.

>b-b-but they don't hire white people

Foremen know that white people bitch and complain more than beaners but you don't have to explain to Pedro the same shit a million times until he gets it. I'd hire a thousand inexperienced gringos before the first chicano scum and I'm Hispanic.

Want a prestige truck to haul material around your small town for $200 a day?

I can even source decals with your information on it.

I mean.

>but you don't have to explain to Steve the same shit a million times like you do to Pedro, until he gets it


kneepads are always necessary in a gun fight.



literally /d/-tier

A wut naw

>My problem is getting out of the chair and unfucking my shit
Oh yeah, this model forces you to do that. You have to really really fake it till you make it. Put your best foot forward. When I started I had to get bus rides/rides from friends to do meetings. Then I bought my first car(a 2000 camry) with my first gains.

You might need kneepads for sucking dick. ez 1k

I mean, I can "afford" a 10k loss with family help, but I mean "forcing" myself to sink or swim with it, can't be that bad, right?

I've been a priviledged mexican.

If you cant figure out how to get 1k a month, then your country must be very poor, or you're just a retard/child


Also, you're the type of niggah I want in my corner.

The chair is against the wall. You'll spot me in the future, give me 8 days.

I'm literally physically and mentally retarded thanks to a car accident with a drunk redneck. If your pathetic ass could read, you'd know that. BUT, please inform me on who is in that photo.

i cant help?

>not slavsquating while giving head

Absolute cyka blyat.

Put it in your OP next time
Also you're apparently able to communicate effectively via text on a screen so obviously use a computer and some deductive thinking to find a niche and exploit it
or just invest in cheap coins before they moon huuuuurrrr

>Also, you're the type of niggah I want in my corner.
that's what everyone says on Veeky Forums, but everyone I know in real life just wants my money :(

Wash the fucking windows at McDonalds like the other retards. You can make 1k a month doing literally anything

I want your contacts and your support. I've got the "money". I need the drive. I fell for the modern women meme and thought they could push me. They don't. All I ended up was a custody battle, a cheating whore, and punching my own windshield out, and being the darlin on the CB.

Yep. If you faggot could read, you'd learn that's not my problem.

Yes, I ran smokey for 600 miles with a punched out window. Every rig on the way home that time was friendly as fuck, and let me hide in the cradle when I was blowing past them.

Shit was fucked up and hilarious at the same time.

Okay user, got a telegram or discord? I'd tell you mine but not on Veeky Forums as it's literally my full name. Also my is may have changed since I'm on my iPad now

No I do not. Fuck me. Keep an eye out for a similar thread in the next couple days. If you IRC, get onto freenode IRC and ##arfcom, or rizon and #arfcom. Ask around for the idiot that bought a vintage truck. You'll be directed towards me.

errrrr, #arfcom should be #operatorchan.

##arfcom is still correct on freenode.