The bear market is here to stay

>Most ICOs hardly break even
>Lambo Twitter noticeably quiet
>Paid newsletter peddlers in panic mode
>Cocky HODLers like Cryptogat dropping their bags and moving into fiat
>10% pumps are the new 80% pumps
>Girls don't care for your crypto anymore

See you in 2020, anons.


ICOs don't matter.

We have huge amounts of money pouring into crypto and it's only going up. Once it hits the ATH nothing will stop it. I think at this rate we hit 15k in 4 days.

Yeah they do actually. It's the ground floor, meaning where there should be the most amount of FOMO.

>Most ICOs hardly break even
Look into BoldPure and read the whitepaper. Private sale will bring the most impressive gainz anyone has ever seen.

I sold evrything.
Crash imminent.
All lines crossed each other.
Run for the woods.

please get out, pajeet

he's pretty sexy

seems like a good guy

I’ve been thinking about applying for it but idk
this post makes no sense
thanks for finding his LinkedIn though
Maybe I’ll invest

this shit has been moving in 60-90 day cycles for years

just wait it out

we will hit $13k next month

healthier than buterin at least

t. bought in 2017 and think they are an oldfag

kek ICOs created the bear market user

How could the spike of funds last summer possibly continue for any longer when most of those ICOs were blatant scams?

SONM: we will be running quake on microwaves by 2019


Yeah, I'm totally gonna buy 100k now, you guys have convinced me, he is pretty sexy.

Looks like a sure bet to me, user. Confido-tier ALL IN.


I disagree, aka YOU'RE WRONG. It was the 100x on a whitepaper that created the bear market. Tron and Ripple are the best examples. And Verge, the little coin that no one's going to use but did a 20x on a Tweet from a guy who's idea of breakfast is doing coke while you load your guns.

yeh and they wouldn't go 100x if people weren't buying them up left and right at ridiculous speed

looks more like 8k in four days with this perpetually waning buy pressure.

Its not just the altcoins though, BTC went up too hard way to fast. Ofcourse its a fucking bubble.

This space needs a crash, there are no good entries for most coins, they still have tons to develop and are already at prices where they should not be even after all development is done.

Right now we're in an obvious bulltrap, every investor in the sidelines bought 11k and up thinking it would go up and up again. It won't, they're fucked.


Watch the original Ghost in the Shell faggot, and Stand Alone Complex et al.

I personally think BTC legit can hit higher highs on the long run, break 1 trillion marketcap and even go into 3-5 trillion. But not this year. This year is marked by bear claws, their teeth sunk deep into the flesh of retail investors.

It's Pacific Rim, tontolculo.

The crash happened already. Not that it's over, we might still see Bitcon at $1K, but it's happened. And hundreds of thousands of normies got burned hard. They won't be back for round 2 until their greed gets the best of them when Bitcoin hits $50K.That's when we dump on them.

coinbase money 1/20th of what it was.

Yup should be one last gigga pump o stir up the ant hill then im out

BTC is def setting up for another crash, 4.5k is the target

Sorry, am brainlet

I pray and hope that a crash obliterates what's left of the fomo since it's the best time for patient and smart people to take up their positions and accumulate for the bull market.