Why are Linux users like this?

Why are Linux users like this?

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the price of technological superiority

They're trying to compensate for inferiority complexes.

>Linux users
Does that even exist? I don't believe anybody really uses Linux unironically.
>/g/ - Technology
Linux is just a meme for /g/. Kinda like feminine penis for /b/. It's meant to be satire.

the price of being open source... in a proprietary world

>its tcnhogliaclaley superiour!
I bet it is. Must be why no one uses it or has ever even heard of it.

That'll change once they switch out GNU from GNU/Linux.

kys wintoddler. enjoy your spyware, better hope a microsoft employee doesn't decide to steal all your crypto.

can't help that microsoft has a stranglehold on the pc market. plus people don't seem to care that windows 10 is spyware in os form.


Using Windows for crypto is fucking retarded

I used windows all my life and hated on linuxcucks, then I installed ubuntu to mine some random shitcoin and is fast as fuck, also comfy.
Now is my primary SO but still hate linuxcucks tho.

>load via remote shell access
It's literally useless without a 0day exploit. They don't even need an exploit or payload for windows/NSA or mac/NSA, the operating system itself is malware.

>I'd rather entrust my crypto to the geniuses who can't even fix a filepicker
KYS yourself

SELinux was literally made by the NSA, retard.

linux is fucking amazing

working on this little script that gets daily chart pictures for dipping coins i want to keep an eye on.

amazing for scripting automated solutions and tools. what a pain in the ass windows is for doing anything like this, in a completely streamlined way. i will never go back to being a microcuck.

I use Linux all day. I do have VM's with wallets running in windows though.

posted by a 15 year old kid with literally no experience other than sucking his moms tit

Doesn't Stallman hate Linux?
I don't get it

Unironically this kind of loonix user, except I have no idea what Tails is.

Probably because Linux users generally are competent people and thus know what attack vectors exist and attempt to defend themselves against it because they don't want to get owned?

Thinkpads are high quality machines that never fucking die, you'd be an idiot not to have one if you intend to have a long lasting laptop for work.

LEDE is great firmware, typically far better and more secure than any vendor blob and has more features to boot, so I don't understand what your criticism is.

This seems like a ridiculous strawman to attack Linux users while everything in the picture is actually unironically positive and demonstrates technical competence and a desire to protect oneself from attack. I know many Windows sysadmins that have all these browser extensions installed and who use LEDE on their home routers.

Tell me, OP, are you a brainlet?

t. brainlet /v/ermin


Linux is the best until you hit dependency hell. You cant use the full potential of your audio or video hardware on Linux most of the time. I'm simpathetic with Linux, I've tried many times to use it in the desktop, I use it everyday at work, it is simply a server OS.
Once W7 gets EOL I'm jumping to OSX if is not as retarded as windows 10 by then.

> Year of Linux on the desktop when
> What is Android

not alone friend...
we will rule the world soon

Luckily with open source software you don't have to use that and they can't sneak in a backdoor anyway, brainlet.

>You're a soyboy if you don't want Russian and Chinese shitware fucking you up

>durrr was made by nsa therefore must be bad and have backdoors

Except that the code is open source and verifiable with no known backdoors, with many security audits under its belt by both paid auditors and FOSS contributors.

>Dubbed OutlawCountry, the project allows the CIA hackers to redirect all outbound network traffic on the targeted computer to CIA controlled computer systems for exfiltrate and infiltrate data.

Oh look, something you can do on literally any OS and needs execution privileges to be able to do.

It's fucking nothing.

even writing ~~~ on windows is a problem
not even joking

PowerShell is unironically trash the moment you need to work with any sort of raw text.

#1: Fucks shit up hard whenever you have to do stderr redirection, a basic feature of any shell which it unironically has issues with.
#2: You have a path in text because of some software that gave you it in raw text, need to use -LiteralPath for something and the command actually doesn't have such an argument so you're fucked.

So was TOR. Some of the shit they make is good because they are making it for their operatives to use, again; see TOR

Stallman is a retard who hates anything that isn't "pure free software" and doesn't go full SJW about it.


I can see that you're underage. This is an over 18 board.

But you have to give credit to Stallman though. He didn't sell his soul for shekels. But this is Veeky Forums so I digress.

And he indirectly started a movement that changed tech as we know it.

>being this triggered

>feminine benis

>no arguments

Yup, your response had no arguments.

I'm the definition of a normie, and I installed linux on my laptop because windows 10 was giving me 100% disk usage constantly. My laptop was unusable with windows (4 gb ram). Now with Ubuntu, my laptop feels fast and very usable again.

I have to admit though, the linux community doesn't make linux very normie friendly, but once you get used to certain things (like installing through command line) it's quite nice. To be a full normie distro, GUIs will be needed for everything, as will better audio/visual and gaming compatibility (though this is on developers).

If Ableton live was native on ubuntu (no wine+jack) then I'd switch my PC to linux.

>Kinda like feminine penis for /b/. It's meant to be satire.
>this is what he actually believes

If any of you windows users are thinking about taking the leap, I urge you to do it. I did like 5 years ago and it's really so great learning all these tools. But I'm a weirdo that doesn't mind no games. Switching to linux helped me with that and I like to think I grew out of gaming because of it.

You are the one making the game that he is retarded and wrong.

Back it up, faggot. Burden on proof is on you.

The community is garbage you have to dig through hundreds of old threads on shitty forums where most of the final answers are shit like "nevermind already figured out". Just install windows and get official support, don't be a panjeet.

Yes you are correct, goyim. Our products dominate because there is no better solution.

Please confirm your identity to reply to this post.

>problem solving and coming up with your own solutions is bad, let daddy take care of you

yes low IQ retards like you should stay in the kiddy lane. what a pathetic sap.

How are SJWs not pants-on-head retarded? It sounds like you're making the more extraordinary claim so the burden of proof is on you.

My thoughts exactly.

It's not that the GUI tools for installing software from package repositories don't exist. They do, it's just that giving instructions through the command line works reliably regardless of theming, configuration and software setup, and often works across distros using the same package manager too (a lot of package names are shared between Debian and Ubuntu for example).

It's also completely unambiguous and there's no way a user can fuck it up, while they are still quite able to do that when navigating UIs.

If you think this doesn't happen in the Windows world, more frequently at that, then you are actually retarded.

I hope the pajeet support team treats you well, because they'll only give you non-answers.

Richard stallman is the ultimate sjw soyboy

>How are SJWs not pants-on-head retarded? It sounds like you're making the more extraordinary claim so the burden of proof is on you.


You were talking about Stallman. Since when is Stallman an SJW?

You do realise that the FSF and Anita Sarkeesian et al. are discussing two completely different topics, right? They don't even argue the same way, whereas SJWs call you racist, sexist etc. for simply disagreeing with them. Since when has rms projected positions onto others or called them names because they disagree?

>no proof or arguments

Good goy.


But then how I'm going to play my DSD and 192/24bit music?
How I'm running Adobe's crapware in there?
How I'm going to use my video card to render a video in 3 minutes?
I'm not even a gamer but muh games

Thats the bane of Linux shilling, they are completely retarded when it comes to realize that everyone has different needs and Linux sadly does not cover all use cases.

There are reasons to use Windows. He is thinking about normal use-cases, not people who have specific needs.

CUDA and OpenCL are both supported on Linux, but I don't do much video editing, so I don't know what the state of usage in video editing software is. Kdenlive doesn't support it?

pertinent question user

Bitcoin 0.1 was released on 9 January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto with only Windows supported

Just the music is a deal breaker for me, I'm that hipster in that regard.

Normal use cases > normie users > normie IQ > no chance in hell.

I know blender rendering is beast in Linux so theres hope. Problem is Adobe shitware, Ubuntu Studio is decent but far from standard.

That said If i had a kid, I sure as fuck would teach him Linux/Unix and open source tools from the start. And everyone should do the same.

> (IBM era) Thinkpads fuck yeah brah!

Also nice dubs