40% pump in 4 hours
3rd in binance btc volume


Because its good? Shit question.

Idk, these markets officially make zero sense to me at this point.

Because it’s best traditional-style coin, duh. No point having shit like Litecoin and BCash with Nano. Looks like people all of a sudden had a mass recollection of that

aaaaaaaaand it's dumping, I bought the top as usual

nanolets will learn soon enough

>40% pump in 4 hours
added to coinbase.. expect it to dump at this point

kek, dont ever buy into a 40% pump ever again

Aldo offal currency of Ledger hardware wallets

Because I finally sold yesterday after watching it plummet for what like felt like forever

because coinbase ceo liked a video on facebook

not kidding

got a link to it mate?

Hacker will dump some more now. Only 13 million more to go!

>oh nice xrb went 40% in 4 hours...time to buy in!
>oooommmmg why is it dumping!!!!

What are the chances of this actually ending up on coinbase


yeah, not falling for this P&D

Look at it in SATS faggot.

It's probably gonna go back down to 75k SATs or so

I'm coming up with 32.33 repeating of course percentage of listing.

these are the types of idiots that invest in nano.
they actually think they are smart and ahead of the game, "dude coinbase liked a post, get in quick!" and that
is a recovery. there is no saving these people.

>view it through this specific prism/gem
>squint before you look faggot!


Well the CEO of coinbase adds it..
So pretty high

it was actually twitter. i'm not sure how to link to twitter likes, but here's a screenshot.

hey is this a bot thread, like do you queers have automated thread generation using token / coin logos and random questions / facts, or are you losers actually sitting around here thinking you're gaining something in life by "dominating" an imageboard to attempt to drown out thots?

either way, you're a bunch of poor losers ;)

Android wallet news, Garry Tan endorsed?

I sold at 0088 eth. Should I buy back in after it cools off. Is the trend reversing? Or wait till tomorrow

If you can get 1000 or more of these puppies under $5, you’ll be set in a couple years’ time.

I had 1000 I got at 1$ but sold because at the rate it was going down thought we'd be back to a dollar

i could do that with my dogewallet

It isn’t too late to get back in user.

Remember when ETH was around $10 and people fudded it just as hard as they’re fudding NANO? It’s the Bitcoin killer. Once it gets a fiat pair on Coinbase late this year/early next year, the BTC/NANO war is on. All currency coins are shit except one, and there’s only enough room in crypto for one dedicated currency coin.

ETH will flip BTC in marketcap and NANO will deliver the killing blow to a weakened and fragmented BTC. Screencap this.


you're a fucking liar

I seriously don't understand the amount of people who hold this shitcoin.

Even worse, they're all over plebbit. And some hacker has $170m that he can dump on these morons, and yet people STILL buy it.


Where is the guy who sold 17k at the below 69k yesterday and was bragging about it? At how it would be at a new low today?


Now Apologize

is it really?!
god damn it not again

You know thats not true, fundamentals dont mattr in this market. yyyyiiidiot.

And another bag holder is born. It's a beautiful sight.

atleast add your pepe senpai