Lets take a moment to remind ourselves how much we hate this evil shitcoin


Who actually thought this was a real concept? How does trading crypto help an AI algo out aside from having to carry more header info and big the CPU/GPU cycles down?

I literally can't comprehend how someone held this fucking shitcoin all the way to the bottom. I sold at 30 cents and thought i was dumb, boy was I lucky. Where's that faggot "Brainganggoodguy" who would spam every thread, he's gone just like this pajeet coin.

Most pretended to understand the concept and threw around technological words beyond their comprehension. At the end of the day it was NEO's financial backing that was their only credibility.

Imagine the fuckers who rode from $0.70 to the bottom? I went full retard and sold at $0.25. I think Brainganggoodgoy is handing from a ceiling fan in India somewhere

remember when it started dropping?
>wow whales trying to accumulate
>fucking whales keeping the price down
>why do whales hate us so much
>$1 e-e-eom
It was genuinely sad.

why would I hate the coin that's taking me to early retirement?

People fell for the Disney thing kek

That January 10 dumpoff was one hell of an emotional ride. So much FOMO and energy all lost in an 8 hour window

You must have been rich as fuck to be able to retire at an 85% loss kek

I was part of one of the 3 different discord groups shilling this shitcoin. AMA.

>our whales accumulated dbc near ico price
>a few other people got it under 20 cents
>most of our retards bought in at 40-50 cents

I sold mine at 63 cents, or about a 10x.


How did you get into said discord?

Shill discords were inviting from lots of different places at the time. I got in early, showed the mods and whales that I was just as much of a sociopathic shitskin prick as them, and then made it into the semi inner circle.

i sympathize OP, for I too was deep brain cucked

Truth be told most people didn't give a fuck about the underlying "tech". It was more of a nice bonus if anything else. The point for most was to get rich quick.

>People fell for the Disney thing kek

Of all the pathetic things, this was the most pathetic. The chart showing that it was mostly Indians that bought the ICO was the second most pathetic.

Damn. When I save up more from wagecucking, I'm interested in partaking in some behind the scenes shady business. I too am a sociopath

When did you buy in/dump your bags?

Why do you even bother?

I assume you bought at ATH and sold when the market crashed. You fucking stain

Those Indians bought at less than a penny. I bought at .04 and sold at .35. Sounds like everyone in this thread is just a whiny faggot.

Why do I bother what? Showing my disdain for a shitcoin?

thanks just bought 100k

The best thing is DBC failed so hard it poisoned the well for shit like BTO and AGI

It's literally the coin which gave AI coins their meme image

>larping this hard
Anyone on biz who saw the first threads on DBC bought under .10 you fucking waste of life. We all made money.

The first threads were started by us. Congrats on getting in on the pump early, but it was never organic.

What fascinated me the most you guys even had threads on Veeky Forums literally explaining what you were doing, but none of that was ever even mentioned in those "braingang" threads.
Just goes to show how dumb most people here are

Exactly what I did I took my x3 and ran. Felt like I made a dumb decision for a bit but feel pretty ok now

deep brainlet chain

BTO far superior.

How can you call it a shitcoin and provide zero evidence to back that up?

FUD harder faggot

Tron from 16 bil marketcap to 3 billion

XRB from 35+ USD down to 10$

Everything is down from Jan ALT ATH. DBC is around same price it was in early Jan. Many alts are below that.

Comfy hold

BTO is a half baked concept compared to DBC.

Same as AGI, Effect.AI (scamcoin at its finest).

NO one in here is providing anything other than their fucking opinion. ZERO facts to back their fud.


I sold at 0.5 on the way up and watched it break 0.6 but resisted fomoing back in

I made plenty of money off it. Like 7x. Oh you didn't sell at the peak? Dumbass.

It may be a good idea to buy back in at the next bitcoin dump. it looks like we're nearing the bottom. Plus, remember, this shit was super hyped before. And Binance is listing NEP5s now

Long term investment.

Why the fuck would you sell at a loss when the project has actual traction and a real team.

I've seen people ride bitconnect to the ground, now that's fucking stupid. Because it's clearly a shitcoin scam, just like Effect.AI.

I can't comprehend how some people don't realise the market crashed? Did anyone else see it go from 800bn to 300bn or just me?

Are you all fucking retards in here or what?

Congrats on your lucky sell though, if I had done the same I would have bought this bad boy again during the bottom at 6cents.

>Zero evidence

You mean aside the fact that the good coins all have been making decent recovery the past few weeks while this shitcoin has difficulty breaching $0.10? You mean DBC going from position 70 on the marketcap to 162? You mean "AI tech" having no practical application in crypto markets?

What other fucking quantifiable evidence do you need?

Dbc will go back to .65
Any more questions

Yes. What evidence is this assumption based on?



Biz hates dbc.

Boy, suddenly all the FUD around DBC has multiplied. I'm gonna buy 100k. Always do the opposite of what biz says and so on.

pretty sure the goodguy is still alive and posts from time to time

dbc will be worth at least $5 by the eoy so who cares what happens before then


B-but pajeet scam coin! I-I work for a big AI company and I'm an insider, s-stop buying this shitcoin! I know better

It's a Fucking project lost all invested.


It would be beautiful seeing biz most hated coin do a 50x in a year.

>You mean aside the fact that the good coins all have been making decent recovery the past few weeks while this shitcoin has difficulty breaching $0.10?
Wait so if bitconnect pumped you would see that as evidence that it was not a shitcoin? You're a fucking retard.

>You mean DBC going from position 70 on the marketcap to 162?
Again this is a retarded point. A coin dumping is not evidence of its not having any value. Every coin whether shit or not has dumped at some point, especially during a market-wide crash. Conversely, a coin mooning doesn't confirm that it isn't vaporware.

>You mean "AI tech" having no practical application in crypto markets?
It does, and you'd see that if you weren't a brainless discord shill. Feel free to post your technical issues with dbc in detail though.

>you hate yourself so much you just decide to retire

Well prepare for beauty my friend.

My friend my torubles in real life are insanely bad right now not going into detail to spread the negative stuff but why I am not posting right now is because real life needs all my attenion and I mean all. I try to respond to emails fromt he BRAIN GANG that they send and keep an eye on threads but frankly I just dont have the time to spare when I must deal with all that real life is throwing at me longer work hours, and family having some serious problems so I have to be there for them. I am sorry I cant be here hyping more. Much love and peace and happiness to all of you my BRAIN GANG

The Biz hates something buy in meme is because fudders and whales hate on coins they accumulate and when it rises after that they get richer.

BRAIN GANG HYPE binance soon enough my friends.

Comfy meme pic related just for you my friend I made it long ago and it is a fond memory.

Fudders will fud my friend congrats on your gains I hope you are having a wonderful time.

Yet they should listen and know it is a long term hold like fistni##er said.


Exactly my friend!

Sorry friend I am not.

So the mother fucker actually decided to swing by

>we hate this evil shitcoin
Why? Smart people made money off of it.

You faggots are so stupid for buying near the top. I bought in at around 1000 sats after the dip. Get ready to blow your brains out once this hits Binance.

anyone who calls this a shitcoin is just mad about the price drop

get cancer you brainless retards

I'm still waiting for you to explain why "'AI tech' has no practical application in crypto markets"

>You DBC skeptics are gonna neck yourself when this shit gets listed on huobi
>Shit's gonna EXPLODE
>We're going 5$ EOM

who remembers this shilling?

can't wait for this to do a Red Pulse on Binance so I can get the fuck out of this heavy heavy bag

never going to fall victim for Veeky Forums whale larp again!

F U DBCWhale



Good to see you back, my dude. I hope in time you can solve the problems you're dealing with. Much love.

>Photoshopping in a black kid
>The kid is full black instead of half black
/pol/ memes are really getting weak these days

is this bait? gj

NEp5 + binance + bull market + alt season = DBC 3$

I sure hope so for you all my friend I really do, my life has took a real bad turn. I will try to post as often as I can but looks like what happened cant be undone and I am having to face real life issues. Bad times happen and we must all look to the good. I still pray wish and hope for peace and love and happiness for us all and always will.

Much love to you my friends.

Such a beautiful thought friend BRAIN GANG HYPE!

Should i really buy now? Remeber that all of septembers and octobers biz favourite shitcoins like COSS,ELIX, ODN, FUN and some others pumped in the beginning, than dropped almost to zero and mooned after in december-january but I was too much of a brainlet to buy coins with 0 volume. Now the situation with many shitcoins from kukoin seems similar - expecting huge pump if the bull run starts

Also Kingcooked from their telegram is gonna meet up DBC early next week and discuss a lot about different issues and the feedback community has addressed. A lot has happened behind the scenes. We'll see updates next week and maybe an interview. They announce partnerships and such strategically when the market is ripe.

Buy when you see baseless FUD, sell when it's getting pumped and shilled. Do what you want with your money, man. Decisions should be made by the investor himself, though.

lol this fucking pajeet is still posting

getting ready for the 2nd PND run?

Take bitboost, ZCL recently

Look at MAN for this happening right now - the price is taking a dip and will likely stabilise. Volume is dropping after topping off, shilling is feverent. It is a good project that will do well, but price isn’t going to pump again for a few weeks.

poor bloke got shilled so hard he can't let go of his investment
>Still thinks it's whales accumulating


37k deep here. Buying 13k more today for a solid 50k. Never killing the brain gang.

As weird as the pictures of food are, I hope you’re doing well and everything works out man

holding 55k to end of year and hopefully masternodes along the way.

DBC threads always bring the bantz

wtf happened here


He got up and left, didnt shake hand, left benji hanging.

Also Benji is about to get indicted in Israel on corruption charges, big scandal brewing there. Tick tock ZOG

fresh brain OC meme

Can anyone explain why this is doing so bad?

When I saw the Mickey mouse "AI" toy, I noped the fuck out.
Seeing pajeets shilling the Disney partnership from this was the ultimate cringe


Why did you guys buy this obvious shitcoin lmao.
And the history repeats itself with Matrix AI Network



You make it sound like this is obvious but may I ask why? What is wrong with the Disney partnership? How could that possibly affect it negatively?

I bought this shitcoin at $0.10 , sold it immediately at $0.30 (200% profit)

reason ? Watch their youtube interviews.

the CEO cannot speak fucking english.

and his trusted CTO read fucking scripts during the interview, it was laughable

It's funny how a bunch of moonkids here think they are smarter than NEO council who invested millions in this.

I bought at 13 cents. Not even sweating it, because it will go back to at least 80 cents at some point.
So easy to make money on this shitcoin.


>Doesn't speak english
>Is Chinese

Grow a fucking deepbrain you loser

>tfw lost a little money on this
Even if it was only $30, I still keep 5 of these shitcoins in my wallet to remind myself of the shame.

Yeah good call if you made a profit, completely irrelevant to Mickey though.

They're partnership is on their website with the Disney brand licensor. They've sold 3mil+ units with DeepBrain AI inside the toy. They plan to do more.

Smart upgrades for the software coming.

So they're hugely successful in the early childhood learning toy department utilising voice recognition.

None of you have any FUD that can stop this coin. The tech and the team will speak for themselves.

You'll all want to smash your little brains in if you sell now or don't buy while it's low.

The only reason it dropped so low was because of BTC crash.

i traded it when it hit kucoin. made 7 eth in an hour