At what age should you have your own house?

At what age should you have your own house?

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Bought mine at 25

I wagecuck though, that might be why

You're not the only one who can't afford it. In the UK (or is it England?) the average house price is $420,000, and only... I think it was 1 in 4 middle-earners aged under 30 can now afford to buy a place of their own. Having your own house, not rented I mean, is rapidly becoming a luxury. It's better to just live with your damn parents forever or live in a fucking van, than pay some smug faggot rent.

I'm hoping to have at least my own condo or apartment by 21. I'm 19 and in an apartment with several roommates at the moment

when the overall utility of owning a house becomes greater than your other options

how unsistainable

ideal age would be 20-22 desu
but most people who have the opportunity should buy a house with land to start a farm large enough to sustain themselves at a minimum

i honestly might start living in a van lmao, like a third of my paycheck goes to rent and i fucking hate it

Bought mine at 22... paid 93k. I have a loan and i put something like 3k down on it.

Im 24. Making $17.40 an hour doing HVAC and plumbing.

The real question is how old will you be when it dips and will you have enough savings to enter the market

fuck a house

might buy some land soon tho

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10 you lazy fuck

>people suggesting early 20s

Why? Honest to god, why? If your'e making enough money to buy a nice house at 22, you're in a career where you will be making exponentially more money by 32. Why take out a 20-30 year mortgage and pay nearly double overall just so you can live in a meh house before realizing you could've just saved up for 10 years, grown your earnings, and buy your dream house?

Age limit cutoffs as follows
Smoking dope : 25
Being single : 30
Believing in god : 35
Renting : 40
Believing women are equal : 45
Drinking : 50
If you exceed any of these age cutoffs you have failed at life desu

When I was a kid in the late 80's and early 90's, it was expected that, if you went to and finished university, you should be able to get a career job and a house by 25.

Now i'm 34. I got the damn degree. Career job was hard to get and it paid shit anyway with no chance of promotion. Quit job, got different unrelated job that pays slightly better than shit. Still can't afford a house and at the current housing market prices I would need to make $100k/year just to get a detached instead of a condo. This remains unchanged even if I move an hour out of the city and do the commute. It's fucked. Boomers destroyed everything. Where the hell is my firm handshake job straight out of highschool that pays for a house, two cars, supports wife, and 2.5 kids?

So i invest in high risk shit like crypto and weed stocks because i'll be renting well in to my forties if I don't and the housing market stays the same.

House ownership is a fucking scam.
Just rent. Something breaks? Not your problem, landlord better fix that shit. Gas and water? kek, landlord better pay that shit. Have to move because of promotion opportunities? Good thing you're not anchored down to a anvil.

Honestly have thought about this, 24 years old right now making $30.00 an hour and already have $10,000 saved up, but buying a house now is tempting.

In your 20s you should be life on a whim enjoying your freedom and young body not paying a fucking mortgage.

are you a tech? if you are you are getting fucked on your wages man. go to another company and ask for at least 24 an hour

sounds like a fucking awful idea unless houses cost like $50k in your area

>My own experiences are the ideal
If you believe religion bryond the age of 12 you are a retard period

Average house costs $685,000 in my suburb.
Fuck Australia...

t. boomer


Southern California

hahahaahaha yes, in Sydney a house 33km away from the city is 550+ and that's just a small three bedroom. We're so fucked.

fuck that looks like such a comfy house

Lower your standards. If this is too much maybe you are below average or should stop living in Sydney

like nobody under 35 can afford a house in the UK. more and more people are living with their parents over here. if they're not, they're splitting rent with 3+ friends.

Nice you can get a mud hut with your 10k down payment.

You can rent it out in some scenarios and make profits

I have a 500/mortgage on a 2 bedroom. I live in one and I rent the other out for 400. I can understand wanting to live alone or whatever but youth is the best time to have roommates. In about 10 years I'll buy my dream house just like in your scenario, possibly faster because I don't really pay much monthly for living space

I live in Brisbane, I catch an end of the line bus route to uni and still have to walk about 2.5km a day.
even the shitty bogan and migrant filled suburbs are still 450,000 for a house.

>Boomers destroyed everything.
Almost got it. Boomers were jewed. Born into a world where a man could get an ordinary job that let him buy a nice house and car go on vacations and his wife never had to work.
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Boomers mass graves when?

Statistically most people own three iirc. They buy the first one around 27, move into a bigger one at 35, and retire to another one at around 60.

Haha I made it pin dick. Enjoy your basement.

And literally having to get permission to paint a fucking wall.

No thanks.

what age do you get a life, op?

>Australia and live outside of any cities...

Yeah I think you mean its either city or another country. This place is fucking Barron outside of the city.

>a house made out of wood

Abhorrent slut

lol what

have you ever rented anything? shits expensive, user

I'm 18 and have 10k savings. Why do they tell you to stay in school again?

Bought one at 30

I'm a real estate agent and I fucking hate clients younger than 23-24, they aren't mature enough to handle the process sometimes and it wastes my time.

You don't need a large down payment with some programs, FHA, VA, and USDA loans for example, plus some lenders and banks have first time home buyer loans (In USA at least)

What are you going to put up a tent or something or just wait until a developer makes you an offer

fuck outta here with your electric boogaloo bullshit

Dumbfuck, over time assets appreciate in value, cities or county seats do frequent tax valuations, the property taxes go up, and so does your rent all while you gain 0 equity

Just go steal some more Abo land, they just drink petrol and pass out in the streets anyway, you could put it to better use

I went to England once and got sick for a month afterwards, how can you stand all the moldiness? And the Pakis, holy shit the Pakis everywhere

And mortgage + property tax + maintenance isn't?

My mortgage is half what my rent used to be, seriously you are screwing yourself over

its much cheaper in almost every scenario imaginable over more than a year or two

My current plan is to find a plot of land somewhere where there is;
>public transport line to the city
>decent internet
Then im gonna build one of these Titan homes.
Though finding a suburb in brisbane with decent internet is gonna be the hard part.

Get away from renting as quick as you can, it's just burning money. Live in a van if you have to, save the money you would otherwise pay for rent. When the housing bubble pops, then buy one.

A few years after entering the workforce, assuming you will be a wagecuck. This is the perfect opportunity to save up for a down payment on a house because living at home you have nearly 0 expenses. Renting an apartment is throwing money away, it's stupid

I stopped all these at like 23

Haha yeah one of you mutts explain this - I come from the land of the double brick 3x1. Why the fuck do Americans build houses out of timber frames and fibreboard? Is it because you’re part niggers???

What’s your best advice for someone who lives in Southern California, 24 years old, $30/hr

Do you guys really think 10K savings is that good?

Move the hell out of Socal.
t. 805

>real estate agent
what's it like being worthless, retarded, and having an inflated ego?

serious response, it's because it's all the mexicans and brazilians are good at, and wood framing is a BOOMING business for white business owners employing illegals who can barely work a saw

would you trust them to build a sturdy home out of anything they cant redo at a moments notice? I sure as fuck wouldn't, they've almost killed me more chugging miller lites and accidentally dropping their tools from the roof of 3 story homes

I'd recommend doing these first steps:

1.) Don't finance anything new

2.) Go talk to a lender and get preapproved

3.) Get a real estate agent and have them set you up on a client portal

4.) Pick the ones you like and go see them

5.) Make an offer, get offer accepted

6.) Get your inspections done, don't freak out at the report

7.) Proceed or back out

8.) Let the lender do its thing, let the underwriters carry out their autism, get final approval to close


10.) Go to settlement at the attorney

Also make sure you have closing costs covered, depending on type of loan they can be ~5k give or take a little. You can also ask for closing costs from the seller if it's a slightly slower market. If the property is in multiple offers don't bother asking for that

Shill me a titan home! Are they deltacore or something?

never if you have crypto, unless you buy it with crypto

I know way more about the process than you could ever know doing it on your own, and I have access to tons of tools you don't even know about. I love it when people try to sell their house on their own and miss the market analysis by 30k and wonder why nobody is buying

their saturation of this market also makes it 100% impossible for anyone educated to work in the framing business without being in charge of said illegals, since they are paid pennies on the dollar for this type of work

rofl yeah man keep justifying your parasitic job which will be automated within 5 years

>Owning a boomer-era legacy asset class
>Literally decaying plywood


nigger most americans can't even schedule doctors appointments before they die of lung cancer and obesity

you think they can sell their fucking house without help?

Ofcourse housing prices are inflated all over the place, interest rates was this low last time when wars were fought with maces and swords. When rates pick up everything gonna come crashing down

We should just all live in SUVs twice their current size, and bulldoze all the homes for wider roads

I'm also a real estate agent and think you should rethink your ego. It's a very basic certificate. CMA's aren't difficult and there is a good chance that they price their house high because they are in no rush to sell and plan to work down

I would say between 25-35. you should have a job or a reliable source of income and good/excellent credit

>tons of tools you don’t even know about
Oh jfc you know gen X and down won’t be using real estate agents. I’ve never used one. I think everyone understands that if it were legal to hunt them with Bowie knives we’d all be doing it. Lower than crack dealers. Lower than hookers. Mostly sociopaths. All terrible people.

all those "services" you provide are being automated at this moment. how do you not see the writing on the wall? but sure, keep that blockbuster video franchise running, nobody wants to watch movies online.

Automation to some degree will be available, no stopping it, but you will always need some sort of council. Typically people with your opinion are Gen X/Boomer men who are holding their wives captive with their shitty decision making skills

what do you do for a job?

you're vastly underestimating the stupidity of americans.

>internet is down, time to kill myself I guess

It's actually an appreciating asset, unlike the fucking "lambos" Veeky Forums posts about constantly

Chasing a market down is a horrible strategy, the house will

kek real estate agents are truly some of the dumbest people on earth.

I'm not a real estate agent, you blind man, you

Glitched out

The house will stay on the market longer if you chase the market down which will create a perceived lack of value which will result in further lowball offers and frustrated sellers.

It's not ego, it's how it's done. People don't hire me to lie to them.

Kek. Estate agents are all illiterate morons.

but user, council is a word

Yeah you boomers fucked us good. I have already made it, but I had to do it by scamming retards and trading crypto. The normal guy these days does not standing a fuckin chance in this jew system you let creep in.

move out of the city / suburb, housing get a lot cheaper

it's not boomers per se, it's gentrification, it's a class borne issue

i live 10 mins away from this ho. but her face doesn't look that good in her other pics so i haven't been motivated to stalk her

we'll confiscate jewish wealth and build a new world, don't worry

>It's actually an appreciating asset

You mean possibly the land is an appreciating asset?

You would have a point, but I bet there are assets with quicker appreciation than land.

The house itself, is abso-fucking-lutely a pile of decaying wood if you live in North America, which starts rotting away and requires escalating maintenance costs.

How are you out of bed at this time Boomer? Did you mix your regimen of laxatives with painkillers and diabeetus drugs?

I bought my first property when i was in college. Rented out the other rooms to pay the mortgage. Was living in a cheap part of the us. You city fags are screwed.

You know and I know that what you just said is pretty much complete horseshit.

Never. A house is a losing bet most of the time. Factor in interest, insurance and taxes and all of your gains turn into losses in 90% of markets, 90% of the time.

this entire post is extremely childish and untrue.


Housing has stayed with inflation on average for the past 150 years.

If you don't pay for one in cash at 21 using n more than 12% of your net worth just kys.

Its not gentrification, its the fact that there are 30+ million people here who shouldnt be.

It's becoming a lot more common. You'll need solar panels though and access to a bathroom.

are you.. denying the existence of gentrification?

or home prices being cheaper outside of the city / burbs?

not in California

16 or so

Are you denying the law of supply and demand?

You're never going to be able to afford a house unless you 10x your savings user

there are way more homes in the US than you think user, and the people you are talking about live up to a dozen per house, so they don't impact the supply like you are imagining they do