ChainLink Node Development

Alright guys, shitty web dev here. Starting up a link node to start testing integrating some api's and such. Figured it might be great to get all of us autists together to share ideas, tips, etc.

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yeah let's all huddle together and fix it all don't we. I mean it's not as if Chainlink is a massive meme and won't be relevant in 1 years time, hahah right, r-right.

>cant lose if you buy link
oh really?

kek will show no mercy against nolinkers check these digits

How is $1,000 Link even possible? Do you really expect link to have more than 1T market cap? That's more than double the total market cap including BTC and ETH.

kek is not on your side

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Is anyone else seeing that this repository is a fucking mess? Broken references everywhere...obvious copypasta....I'm starting to lose confidence in it.

Examples of the broken refs?

> Filenames were updated to create_http_json_x10000_job, http_json_x10000_job.json

but code references old file name

curl -u chainlink:twochains -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d @./x100_job.json localhost:6688/v2/jobs

> Migration import references seem to be wrong (I could be mistaken on this one)

supply, meet demand.

>mfw uneducated brainlets flood biz

You realize your looking at old demos, right? I wouldn't expect them to have those updated immediately. More important the golang code works, which it does.


This is what you should be looking at

chainlink node github is at you mong

You fucking mong, guess where they have a link to those exact fucking demos? That's right:

What low-iq dev team keeps references to examples that are fucking broken. Pajeets, that's who.

These small things are killing me...leaving ssh connectors in yarn.lock for repos...on the master branch....


This is also why.

If I'm actually wrong about this I deeply apologize, but I'm at least 90% sure I'm not. Has anyone gotten these examples running to test?

where are the create_http_json_x10000_job and http_json_x10000_job.json files in the new github

Inside of the Hello Chainlink repo that is referenced in the new repo

ah i see what youre talking about

> Examples of how to utilize and integrate Chainlinks can be found in our Hello Chainlink repository.

Yea, I mean if those examples are not meant to be used anymore, fine, I get that. But as it stands, they're prominently featured in the repo and as such they should be runnable and not have obvious issues. I mean I could understand if this were just a pet project that I was working on in spare time for fun, but this project is supposedly meant to upend financial markets. It just gives me a bad feeling.

Bring it up in the LINK slack?

Where can I find a link/invite to it?

[email protected]

Ask for an invite.

[email protected]

send an email there and ask Rory for the invite

Thank you both, I've sent it. I can't wait to start creating some useful things with this!

thank you for your contribution based user

check my green id