Folio r8rs

Trying to decide what to do with the ETH. Might split it up with ADA and IOTA. Critique and leave yours.

obviously throw a little bit of it in don't go crazy though.

Just picked up Zcoin and Etherfuel in the last hour on the cheap.

how do you get one of these? do you have to manually put in all your trades?

Put half that LTC in Link, would stay away from ADA. If you want some DAG, get on with NANO/XRB. Shit has a lot of stuff coming up these next two weeks that isn't announced.

Here's my folio, please shit on it

you do, which is why I don't bother.

blandfolio desu

dump the LTC and some of the ETH and get more LINK and BTC

also dump some VEN for AMB or ENG

Yes, but it's not that bad. Also this particular one spies on it's users. But just give it an x10 or x0.1 depending on how poor/rich you want to feel, lol

Put it in a ponzi while the market recovers, come out with slightly more appreciative value than you would have just weathering the dip

Yeah they are all scams, but if people are still putting in 1+ ETH buys, you know they're gonna stick around until they see some ROI themselves


What do you see in these coins m80?

Link and Nano. Shit memes.

Vechain. Only shit that really matters in 2018z


Critique me. No shitcoins

Go easy on me...

AMB. Put that shit into AMB.

Honestly man, I will go easy on you but you seriously might as well put that into HPB or AMB. Tron was overhyped and is honestly just an idea. Check out AMB.

nice bags

Why? AMB has a relatively niche usage and seems to have its potential priced in already.

so what's so good about AMB? you are obviously a fan

DRP is actual equity in a decentralized venture capital (fund? company?). Pays dividends. Low supply and low as fuck market cap. Decentralized derivatives exchange for cryptos coming this summer. I can hold until then. It's pretty much stagnant, so at least I'm not losing money.

ETBS I bought at like $1.4 right before it went to like $11 overnight. Sold some off, but should have sold all and rebought. Either way, they have low as fuck market cap and low as fuck supply (

Be gentle

I would drop more BTC into Monero. Hardware wallet support is right around the corner

>Decentralized derivatives exchange for cryptos
Interesting. Assuming they're able to pull it off, what would be the benefit to it compared to trading futures on a normal exchange? I know there's another coin trying to do the same thing (REP) that actually was backed by Pantera.

Is this a joke? It's near the bottom of 1day bollinger meme line. Underpriced.

I meant longer term. I don't really care what some "it's underpriced by 12%" meme line says

If you're looking for a low market coin, I'd probably suggest blockmason.

You're dumb, Tron is at the bottom of the j curve. It may bleed more but will moon hard later 2018

$50k goal by summer will I see at least half of that?

i didnt say anything about Tron but ok

>Tron is shit but it's probably a mistake to sell now. Try to get rid of it on the next pump.
>XRP is meh. Link is overhyped and overpriced.

Probably just the trust aspect. Plus maybe they won't ban all US IPs and more people can get in on the action. I'll check on REP, thanks for the tip

R8 me biz


Dubs of truth. Thank you senpai

You're either going to be a genius or an idiot. 50/50 shot with that portfolio. Trx is dog food though.

Add some LTC and NEO

Help me

I said no shitcoins

IOTA is the upside-down pyramid where all gold flows downwards to, due to quantum gravity.

rate mine bros

Wrong pic.

IOTA is no shit duh

This is stuff that IOTA could actually process in under 17 transactions once volume flow reaches 34% per quarter (daily would yield better, but WHO WOULD EVER BELIEVE IN A BLOOD-RED WOLF MOON INVESTOR WHO FLEW INTO SPACE TO MAKE SURE THAT THE IOTA FLAG WAS PLANTED THERE BEFORE SCREAMING BACK TO EARTH IN A FIERY RAGE OF FURY!)

Any advice? Thanks.

Convert all to IOTA so the inevitable happens faster.

might make it, Ive heard iffy things about SKY though
someone rate this please, its mine

Not bad, take half of the Eth and put it in Link.
You do not have enough money to only be in blue chips unless you're not planning to make it.
Jesus christ
God tier
Just consolidate into 3 you like.

Now do me

Nice to see some DRP.

only strong blockfilio screencap I've seen on this site

Simple. Get on board:
ADB while it is still $0.02, it is going up right now. On Kucoin
IDH sucks balls and I hate the name and their stupid symbol but this shit will work just finishing a drop will pop back up very soon. On TIDEX
FOTA - wait for end of chinese new year then buy this shit and hold for 6 months.
KEY bit of a gamble but you never know.

Yes I own this shit - except FOTA I am waiting for end of CNY, but DYOR

yeah fuck me dude, I guess it depends on when you got in. I think Tron still has legs but it will be a slow painful climb back to where it was. I hope you got in early and are still making some profit


Tron is con

The problem now with tron is that everyone who is currently holding it brought in at 20. It will probably never go up unless the market has some parabolic gains

50k by summer ?
wtf how

Youll never make it with that much on eth. You have to find a low mcap coin you believe in and hope for the best

Dude I had a similarly diversified portfolio. I don’t know when I should sell and I hear of good projects and jump on. I felt I was too diversified (still am) so consolidated a bit. At your 10k though this is madness, you won’t make it.

Sell MAN, buy back after the incoming dip, all the hype and shilling mean it’s time to sell.

Sell Ven after rebrand, buy back the dip.

Sell Walton

Sell everything from ARY and below

Buy more AMB and OMG

Sell MAN, rebuy in 2 weeks


Here’s me, bought EOS recently

Linkies link. Well played

Minus the NAS and AMB (good projects but I dont think the token price will increase) that's a chadfolio. If I had to choose id divide 1/3 PRL 1/3 link 1/3 jnt

JNT I feel is still a moonshot, and if tokenisation happens, it's a year off. Probably selling it after Sheikh confirmation and the interview on Arab TV.

PRL I've held longer than any other coin, ridden this bitch up and down and now back up. Kucoin volume is dogshit and it keeps getting PnDed, hope it gets a real exchange soon.

NAS will blow up my dude, look at the team (Antshares co-founder) - it'll also function across all platforms and blockchains, and it's the only one doing what it's doing. Long-term, this will succeed.

AMB has a few NDAs expiring and they're starting marketing by March - it's got potential to be the Drug and Food VEN of Europe. Ignore the waltoncucks and their muh GSK bullshit.

what are you putiing zcl into after fork?

Rate mine:
900 prl

not great/10

No? Which one would you change?

How did you take that screenshot?

>50k by summer
Dream on friend

should i open the macallen 18?

Stitch app

Please sell ven after rebrand thx

>Stitch app

will sell 50% for REQ