We're about to dump hard



only the Lord know these things, sinner.

This is how I know TA is real, I came to the exact same conclusion a few minutes before this was posted, that the dump would commence shortly after the new hourly candle, then I see this post, and boom.

I just think people FUD TA so newfags don't learn it.

It's a good guideline, just always be sure to plotthe bull and bear scenario- otherwise you'll just draw lines to fit your bias


Its going up rn.

we're going to 14k baby

btw, buy my bags.

No, we will pump to 12k before dumping to 7.8. how do I know? Because I'm a whale. Screen this and suck my cock later.

Btw those figures are not exact, can't have you fucks longing and shorting me out of my whale games. +/- 5-10%

its been trading sideways which means it will break upwards
easy profit

It's going up, brainlets.

Do you have vision past 2hrs?

And then we will rebuild from 7.8k, gradually testing and breaking resistances on the way up. This will bounce up and down but gradually move up. Ultimately retesting the main downtrend resistance we just dumped at - 12k.

Then if we break that we have confirmed broken the downtrend and can look towards a more bullish market?

Is this about accurate?

>he actually sold at 6k

Whales want at least close to $11k before cashing out.

>biz says dump imminent

time to buy

No reason for the whales to crash the market tonight. I'm going to sleep sound and laugh tomorrow morning when Bitcoin passes 11k again while everyone shorting dies from a heart attack. Just the fact alone that this thread exists shows that bitcoin will not crash.

bitcoin is gonna moon tonight

And crash tomorrow's morning.


sweet jeebus...i-it's beautiful.


Correct, we will have 2 more swings to the upside until the final dump

Sounds about right user. We have climbed to fast to quick, it will be healthy to take profits at the next pump (0-48hrs from now). You'll see the shooting star and thats the time to exit and rebuy in 4-8days away

A H&S patteren is a fight between bulls and bears, A forming H&S means no one has won yet.


I already exited at 11.8k. Trying to find out when the floor will be.




You TA fags were wrong yesterday as well. I am sure if you post "it will dump" today every day you are going to be right at least once I suppose.

you definitely don't want us to be right my friend.

...it has already begun...
...you are hopeless to stop it...


>One. Minute. Candles.


Actually I am dumb. I need to go to bed.

what about it?

Very nice exit.

Watch the market closely, and choose a range for your buy in. Not an exact number otherwise you may miss the boat

Just a reminder, dont FOMO in the next 47hrs.

$11,050 faggots

That is all you get until anal rape time.

screencap and thank me l8r

poo in loo pajeet

Good luck user

up to 11,200 to complete right shoulder and then it is nighty night. absolutely going to be blasted the fuck out.

America/Asia late night fomo... oh!

Look who's waking up right now.

just came here to laugh at your tether bags

Have you got any meme lines to support that? I'm reading 7-8k and hearing it elsewhere.

Our last bottom was 6k and I think our next should be higher.


If you want to gamble, probably that's the time to Tether up or open a short. If you want to "trade" probably better wait the confirmation of the right shoulder and the breakout.

That was the 1h chart, don't know why Buttrex said 1 minute.
>charting on Bittrex
I know, I know...

Huge dips will come to you, but only if you post "dump it, quintsy" ITT

dump it, quintsy

What do I set a buy order at, do you think?

No 6k shit. I don't believe in that hard of a dip at this time. How low will it go in the next day do you guys think?

In the next day? No one knows. Here's a random number: it will touch $10,200.


Europoors dumping once again, like clockwork
Will they ever stop being such pussies?

Not until everyone else stops falling for it.

Face it. Buttcoin is over. way better shit is available. EU regulations are just around the corner. get out while you can.

having checked the TA and being "there" saved me from the last 2 dumps

true believer of elliot waves and simpler yet - candlestick formation/waves, marketcap, p/d in given time-frames ...

this has nothing to do with boomer shit its just how the market reacts even if it is as unpredictable and manipulated as crypto -> you can't hide whats building up and what MUST come down

best of all? you don't even have to be good at math lol ... only follow some tutorial and be able to draw a conclusive picture of the most important market information

also unironically this simpleton spice of an advice to be used and adapted at each position