Why is this the only one not crashing?

why is this the only one not crashing?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=sxsw dates

i told you this shit wasnt a meme

Why not

tfw you have to wait until next month to start investing in linky stinky


Question linkbros: Are most coins total vaporwave? I read the link whitepaper and I know what it does. It has an actual use. Then I read whitepapers like VeChain and it seems like complete vaporwave. "Putting the whole economy on the blockchain"

What the fuck does that mean? Im serious. The only comments I see in their reddit are about muh partnership and muh devs, nothing about what the fuck it does.

Are most coins like this?

Honorary mention to OMG "banking the unbanked"

What the fuck does that even mean, seems like complete vaporwave

its the only one with value

who is this kid?

>He doesn't know yet


power of memes


meme magic, also it's a good project

Monero isn't crashing either, feels pretty comfy. I wish Ethereum would stop fucking around though.

Get in before SXSW. Not joking

The people who buy this relatively unknown project generally understand its value and will hold it through earthquakes, tidalwaves, robot uprisings and just about anything else. Aside from the same bots that every other top100 coin has and swing traders, who exactly is selling this? LINK could sink back to sub 20 cents again and I wouldn't do anything but shitpost memes on Veeky Forums.
I thought the singularity is a meme but when some user explained it well I fully understood what it meant, when LINK takes off it will happen very, very quickly and I look forward to shitposting here with the best of them on that day more than anything.


When is it? Like the actual date(s).

>hurr durr
lmgtfy.com/?q=sxsw dates

why the FUCK did I try to swingtrade right now

Lorde looks good here without makeup

Most coins are actually newwave cuz they’re new to crypto.