Just redeemed muh lcc. Anyone else...

Just redeemed muh lcc. Anyone else? Remember to transfer all ltc from the wallet before exporting its private key to the lcc wallet to claim.

fuck yeah bro gonna make stacks on this

what is your intention stupid?
>same ID

honestly just baked dude and was messing around. sort of curious tho too


Fucking scam

just bought 100k

also gonna make so much big money on lcc FUCK YEAH DUUUDE

Fucking shill scammer.. GTFO

how do i buy litecoin cash i see that its at 5.95

why is anyone buying this?

100% speculators hoping it does some BCH type bullshit?

bitcoin cash is viable isnt it?

Are any exchanges accepting LCC deposits? I want to sell this shit ASAP before it goes on CMC as a top-20 coin with nowhere to go but down.

Any serious EOY predictions for Litecoin Cash?


either 20 bucks or 2 depending on the seriousness of the devs


the fuck is this, I had my ltc in electrum wallet rip


Download lcc wallet and import private key. its a pain in the ass to download the full.blockchain but oh well, free coins.

1) "Litecoin Cash is a scam!"
Charlie Lee tweeted something like this out before the fork and that was apparently that for most folks but no one ever states HOW it's a scam, just that it IS one. The simple fact of the matter is that it's NOT. Why? Because they asked nothing of you, unlike an ICO where you are required to send funds to participate. In fact, the Litecoin Cash team has been VERY transparent about HOW and WHY you should move your coins first and then SAFELY participate in the fork. If you didn't follow the many many many directions and ended up losing your LTC then that is entirely your fault.
2) "There's only 1 exchange and it's locked! It's a scam!"
This one kills me. Yes, it's true Yobit was the first exchange to have LCC and yes, as of this post, their wallet is still locked down so we cannot deposit. This is not the fault of LCC it is the fault of Yobit, who has quite a history of lackluster performance and shady practices. Also, it IS currently possible to trade, deposit, and withdraw LCC at Meanxtrade, however the prices aren't near Yobit's so people are getting salty about "missing out on profits." Remember how these coins were free and cost you nothing? Relax, you're not losing any money plus they have stated numerous times that the other exchanges listed on the official website are currently in the process of configuring the wallet. These things take time, regardless of how quick you think YOU can do it.
3) "The dev team is never around and never responds!"
Highly untrue, perhaps you are looking in the wrong places for information? There is a very lively and active Discord channel which you can find listed on the official website. Join it, and ask your questions there. The dev team is regularly in the chat rooms but more importantly THEY HAVE DEVELOPMENT WORK TO DO so most of their time will not be wasted answering your questions that are likely already in a FAQ or posted somewhere to be easily found with a smidgen of due diligence.

4) "There's a Reddit post showing a Binwalk where there's discrepancies between the released binaries and the Github repo."
/u/Litecoincash (dev team member btw) has refuted this already on both Discord and Reddit trying to attempt to recreate the issue unsuccessfully and has invited the entire community to try to reproduce the apparent fault. So far, no one can, so before you go believing ONE SINGLE POST's bad news, maybe double check on things for yourself and don't spread unverified information.
5) "Why is Roger the Uniorn anonymous?"
He actually answered that in the Discord. His job is in financial sector and frankly his involvement in crypto could compromise his career. The man has a family to feed and bills to pay too. Chill out. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Answer that, scientist.
Please send me a link to Litecoin's white paper :)
7) "They took the name of Litecoin to confuse people!"
I'm a total Litecoin fan, I admit, but what ever happened to healthy competition in a marketplace? I do agree a unique name is a better alternative but I also think the trolling of Bitcoin Cash with this name is rather hilarious and poignant to these times. Yes Bitcoin Cash is trying to subvert Bitcoin, but the Litecoin Cash team has been nothing but supportive of Litecoin since their launch and don't seem to be doing anything malicious against Litecoin's marketing or adoption. I'm sorry but if you cannot distinguish between the two and buy the wrong coin maybe you were moving a little too quickly and need to rethink your investment strategies.