We are mooning! Get in while you can before it hits Binance!!

We are mooning! Get in while you can before it hits Binance!!

Don't let this go to page 14! Buy buy buy

God damn you fags actually did it

No user, we did it.

Why mooning ?

>holdings: 200 bazingas

big spender there pal

Because they're getting added to Binance. We $1 easy.

Hence why I need a super moon. This could redeem my other Fiascos. I always believed in dent.

100x because of a Binance listing? Highly unlikely

Its just whale wash trading in anticipation of exchange listing, you clowns. It will dump hard as soon as it gets listed (or not).

I'm exaggerating true but I think you could realize some nice gains...

Priced in

I invested heavily in Ripple before it mooned because of my gut feeling and everyone laughed at me. And now I went all in on DENT at 3 cents with the same gut feeling. Hope I get lucky twice.

Cheers man. You and me both.

Lmao I remember some fag posting a thread of how Ripple investors are going to hang themselves because it will be 10 years and ripple will still be at 20 cents due to the market cap. People make the same argument for DENT's market cap. I'm sticking to my gut that it will be like Ripple on years end.

Next week is the world telecom conference where DENT is presenting their company and also dropping their android app for basically the entire telco industry and its also probably going to be listed on binance

if it dumps on binance, i wont give a fuck. this shit is actually a really sick project. i was just reading juicy stats in the 4th industrial revolution about mobile data in emerging markets too.

>using pages and not catalog
also will keep an eye on this for binance dump

bought at $0.07... pretty heavy bags... it's finally going back up but is it too late? tell me biz i only listen to advice on here

long hold
trust me ive been justed by shit coins and this isnt one of them. you will probably miss moon missions but its honestly a good ass crypto

S..sauce? I'm into this shitcoins for 178k since listing. I'm getting nervous anons

Fucking checked demonic trips. We gonna be rich!!

Triple double!! Double rich!!!