1.5 hours left on the Pink Date pre-ICO. Price per token goes up 4x during the ICO

1.5 hours left on the Pink Date pre-ICO. Price per token goes up 4x during the ICO.

Let me explain why I put 10 ETH into it.

They are building an anonymous escorting platform. Prostitutes are illegal in most of the world, this will keep people out of jail and take a % of the transactions for their trouble.

There's obviously a huge demand for the hobby globally.

As a token holder you will be entitled to a portion of all profits paid out automatically every 3 months.

There's risk with every token, but huge opportunity for a much higher return than betting on any crypto in the top 100 by market cap. These guys have a useful service solving a known problem in a very a wide open market with no competition anywhere.

Sign up with my link to give me an extra 5% and you an extra 10%.


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I'll concede theres demand, and even opportunity, how do we know these guys are serious about it? Do they have any sort of demo?

I'm curious but hesitant

unironically this is by far the best escort service ever attempted, if this is adopted by even a small amount of the industry this coin will 10x-100x bullrun before eoy. If it ever reaches a tenth of tinders mass awareness it would likely be a 1000x which as optimistic as it sounds its completely possible, there is literally nothing that competes with it

then again, it could whither and die before end of summer. I'd say this is medium/high risk for very high reward.

Good ico. pinkdate.us/ and you'll get +10%

I had the same thoughts but after reading the whitepaper/looking at their plan/learning as much as i could about the devs (which is hard, they are anonymous) I'm very confident they will succeed. The pure tech behind it is better than 90% of coins i see shilled here

I heard they plan on having a working product within a month.

This is what I've seen so far though. Looks just like a standard dating app, which could lead to easy mass adoption.

I was surprised to find it during pre-ICO. Usually I don't hear about any promising ones until after launch.

where are the tokens sent to??

Are they doing KYC

yeah, I think the nature of the coin will make it so a lot of people talk about it but few actually put money in until its been up and running for a while, hence why we were able to hear about it before a bunch of old fags on private crypto forums accumulated it all. I like it this way, and since its a vice coin it will moon rocket the moment it gets even the slightest media/reddit attention and a bunch of horny middle aged guys swarm it

if you are paying with monero

Not much time left. I decided to pull the trigger yesterday.

I put the $500 minimum because I'm sick of beating myself up for not getting in on a few of these ICO's.

where do they go?

answer desu. I want to get in but dont want to be Live EDU'd again

iirc the tokens are on "held" on your pinkdate invest account initially and you can transfer them somewhere else where you will also get your monero dividends, but dont quote me on this

ask around the telegram for a better response since i cant be bothered to do research rn

minimum purchase amount is 2,900 (USD 500


lol, it's not even a fucking blockchain. the token represents a share. you're holding a token and praying that they'll pay out dividends, for whatever reason.

Stupid idea, most sex workers don't use crypto. Spank chain 2.0. Didn't work on cam girls but will work for even less educated escorts?.

>Buy token tab
> Select payment method
> click send monies or copy pasta address to metamask or w/e
Send me monies if this helped

congrats, you shilled me. I used your link, and bought 3k. lets do this

So I heard about this a little while ago and opened an order but never actually sent anything. I marked it as payment sent anyways. Could I still use this order today and send xmr now?

That's actually pretty low for ICO's.

It's easy to scream scam at everything, but you have no reason.

It uses smart contracts to automatically pay profits out to coin holders.

They don't have to.

Any experts?

>investing in hoes you can't bitchslap if they don't have your money

ok, link to the smart contract that's paying out dividends?
it doesn't need a token for anything they're doing. a blockchain might be cool for p2p hookups / reputation systems, but they're not even doing that. there's nothing about this project that has anything to do with crypto. the 'fees / dividends' structure is tacked on to raise money. you don't need money for this.