Shitcoin shill time

Just took some LSD and put pink floyd on. Tell me about a low cap (

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Trust me user I have come to intimately know Link very well, probably better than anyone. No, I am looking for something more obscure that isn't shilled here.

Back by the Money Skeleton
Pick up 5k or more and be happy you did. :)

Throw on some of that aphex twin SAW 1 user for the crypto aesthetic

Thank you user. What is your eth address? I'll send you a few bucks.

dont remember if they are still below 100m but


CoinMetro ICO sale


Unironically Nimiq


Going to be DAPS. has 50 billion coins, but only about 20 billion are active. just this would make it the cheapest coin on the market with a real wallet and chain and community, but it's also going to swap and become a whole new beast.

This coin is going to change lives like many others did.

Also; which album? Mettle is the best pink floyd album, bar none

Genesis Vision

Check it out. Platform on april 1st.

This shit will moon so fucking hard. 100 usd before april guaranteed.

I cant wait to Invest on managers and make thousands every month.

This coin is under the Radar right now and once people know about it everybody will buy it literally everybody

And Check out the supply.. 3.7m only its fucking no brainer to buy this right now.

Im all in on this with 1.2k gvt. I will be fucking rich on december. Sold everything for this


Thanks user. Does this have a website? Would like to gather more info. And yes, Mettle for me this evening.

how much ug of lsd u take

I would agree, this is one of the best sub $100 million cap, I have spent an evening discovering this coin and determined it to be a buy. I would delete this as many are still accumulating

There's a very active discord with up to the minute developments. as far as I'm aware there's a handful of coin developers from a swath of previous coins already gathering to this community

discord DOT gg/sSkWVD


I'm good OP. Thanks though. Just check out the coins posted. Some good ones from everyone.

nice i'm about to do 150 have fun my dude

anons should take a look into GJC

LUX is love, LUX is life

Have a good time tripping. Here's an album to trip to.

Sending good vibes as well.

Best song off Animals. Nice!

yea or

Why did yes go from good to so bad? why didn't they keep making this album over and over?

Thanks for the suggestions anons. I will be busy.

I like this. Trippy electronic stuff is nice. here's some gui boratto.
The original drummer left after ctte. They made some good prog up until that album with owner of a lonely heart. The song Soon is nice too.

If you have a decent gaming comp, LUX isnt too intense on your rig to mine small amounts while you arent at home or asleep, about 0.15-0.3 coins per day on a decent AMD 580 or 1070 Nideva GPU. If you have any questions jump on the LUX discord, and they can walk you through step by step on getting everything running

sending wavy vibes your way OP. Might want to check out Achain, seems like a sleeping giant DYOR. also thinking about crypto tripping balls seems interesting af, Id love to wrap my mind around that on some cid. you smoking bud too OP?


>you smoking bud too OP?

also recommend ELA, refer to for a quick summary and read the partnerships on their website. working with Da Hongfei of NEO too

nigger smoking pot while tripping is full blast off, Ive had the most intense trips peaking stoned as fuck. most distinct memory I have is hitting a bowl after getting settled in an hour after taking 5gs of liberty caps and watched the bowl with herb grow to the size of my fist and shrink to a pinhole in front of my eyes

you are referring to the lord richard james. that is not just some trippy electronic stuff you uncultured swine. those are the sacred texts, the hallowed music sheets. reigning down upon us so that the lord may show us the light. i wont even listen to your song now