I laugh when I hear people say it can't reach $1,000. You have no idea what you invested in do you...

I laugh when I hear people say it can't reach $1,000. You have no idea what you invested in do you? There will be ICOs and use cases revolving around ChainLink that you can't even dream of right now.

This really is a black swan event that rivals both Bitcoin and Ethereum, except it exits in the realm of the real world rather than speculation.

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Fighting words.

Non-linkers who haven't read the white paper let alone understand it..

They'll just make you're spewing bullshit.

No joke.


Delete this post!!!! No more normie orientated conversation!!!

Thanks just bought 100k

nobody cares 99% of shitcoins will go to 0

Stinky linky.


>lead of the project is a philosophy major
It won't even reach 10.

>ICOs based on Chainlink
Chainlink isn’t a platform coin. It’s meant to be blockchain agnostic middleware for smart contracts to translate data from different blockchains and legacy data systems, not a shitcoin launching platform like ETH and XLM. ffs.


it opens the flood gates for real ICOs

I laugh when I hear people say it could reach $1000. With this sort of revolutionary technology, every LINK should ALREADY be valued at $10000000 each.

Nothing is going to happen with this coin. 20 cents end of year is an optimistic bet. In the superconference which just passed, Sergey had to basically set up his presentation in the hallway leading to the disabled toilets. A single janitor watched, and even they were getting bored because Sergey had a serious case of McDiahrrea and had to keep stopping to go to the shitter over and over again. For the small amount of time he was there, he kept sniffing his fingers and mumbling about how we need more chainlink fences to surround the parking lots full of lambos which the mobius and xlm owners would own. It turns out that there was a massive miscommunication and you guys have basically been investing in the most retarded chainlink fence fundraising event of all time.


Top kek

1000 per LINK token would be 350 billion marketcap, do you really think that is possible?

again who cares even if your coin wins you lose all the money you put into the 99% that will not make it so enjoy be smug i will short all your your shitcoins and make money for sure kek

well, you can now do ICOs with Fiat to crypto

>This really is a black swan event that rivals both Bitcoin and Ethereum
you can't predict black swan events dipshit

How much LINK do you have ?

Love how the LINK spam triples once the russian shills wake up.

That's right man, we're not going to let these commies ruin our board like they ruined our elections by hacking them with russian bigmac technology. It's #Mobius'sTurn.


Kek’s will be done

You can, if you stand outside the general awareness of the public. The singularity will be a black swan event for the masses. We are the insiders here. The smart money. The early adopters.

Wtf did you do to SmineM?

>The singularity will be a black swan event for the masses
Especially since Veeky Forums autists drove them away from Chainlink with their Pajeet-tier shilling, lel.

Depends how many nodes are staking how much LINK and putting up how much LINK for contracts etc etc etc.
Market cap is a fucking retarded metric in an ecosystem where there are incentives to stake tokens.


Market cap is meaningless.

thing is, bitcoin will be worth 2 trillion by then, so yes

That's what the FUD was always about. I've been in since the ICO, and I've FUDed the fuck out of it in order to keep plebbit away from it and shake out the weak hands.

Its usefulness, not hype, is what will drive up the value. When the time comes, these retards will be forced to buy into something they don't understand. Just like they did with Ethereum.

It would be $1 trillion.

$1000 × 1 billion supply = 1 trillion

salty faggot right here

Even if Chainlink works there's no guarantee the token itself will go higher. The only one who will make money is Sergey and maybe his band of underpaid wagecucks.

The 350M tokens that are given to institutions to incentivize adoption of node operations are permanently out of the supply.

While the other 300M that is kept by the team will slowly enter the market as it's used to finance the development of LINK. We're talking several years before even a substantial portion of the supply has entered the market.

So at most, the circulating supply will be 750M tokens.

It'll probably end up around 375-400M by EOY, depending on how much the dev team needs for funding.

>Even if Chainlink works
>there's no guarantee the token itself will go higher

Explain the logic behind that statement, brainlet. This is simple supply and demand.

As adoption of the oracle network increases, the demand for LINK increases as more people will want to operate nodes. Given the fact that the vast majority of tokens will be locked up in node operations means that there will be a scarcity on the markets. And what happens when there's demand, but scarcity? The price goes up.

>all tokens held by a bunch of biztards, each having a sizeable "hodl bag" in hope of becoming a millionare
>nobody will sell for low price to the normies
>they actually think the price will rise

Such blatant shilling just makes it more suspicious, regardless of how good it is.

It's almost like LINK needs constant publicity for it to stay green. If it's really a good coin you'd just accumulate and keep quiet.

Kek this is the same kind of mindset of people who buy ripple thinking it's going to be the next btc

That's what we are doing. But ever so often somebody spits out the truth and we have to FUD. Which is opposed by shilling through newfags etc

It's too easy to spot the newfags.

Both ETH and ANS were shilled to a similar degree on Veeky Forums. Although the LINK threads have gotten a thousand times more obnoxious ever since a large portion of the newfags who arrived with you in December bought in.

Half of them haven't even read the fucking white paper. They just spam memes and have delusions like seeing LINK hit $1k this year.

It's not, it's an acknowledgement that market cap conveys almost zero useful information unless you also know how many tokens/coins are actually in circulation, and how deep the order books are. People's obsession with it as a meaningful metric just demonstrates they barely understand what the fuck they're talking about.

Send it, pussy

Somebody tell this sandnigger to write the article, I'm really interested in his FUD.

He probably started writing it, suddenly realized through his research that CL is actually legit af, and kept quiet after that so he could accumulate in peace before the inevitable happens.

Stinky Linky Top 3 coin cap this!

It wouldn't shock me if link was worth 100k-1m. The possibilities for it are literally endless. Just imagine if insurance companies started requesting data on hospital pricing. They could dynamically reduce your premium for going to less expensive hospitals which would cause the expensive ones to lower their rates or go out of business.

Yeah right i see max 100$. There is one guy who has 100 million coins. Do you really think at 1000$ , someone will become richer than jeff bezos lol 100B$ get real

unironically this...

>b-but he will cash out when the price hits something like $5 or $10
Yeah, and crash the market down to sub ICO levels

the absolute STATE of linkfags

this guy gets it.

In the same way that you could argue the wheel was a stepping stone for the automobile, or electricty was a stepping stone for for Television - the internet is a stepping stone for blockchain. We are going to see some mad shit happen over the next decade an d blockchain will be the driving force. We're going to see such a massive jump in efficiency and production, akin to a new industrial revolution, and Link is going to lead the charge.

I don't know the average age of bizraelis but some old fags here might remember what the mid-late 90's were like in regards to public perception of the internet. The idea of putting your credit card details online and buying goods/services over the internet was initially entirely shunned by normies. They didn't get it at all, they couldn't see the true potential.

This is the exact same thing, they have no idea what's coming. But we do lads.
Fucking lurking this Cambodian Tapestry forum for years has finally paid off, and no one is going to believe your story when you tell them how you made your wealth.

Someone needs to make a movie of this whole thing in a few years time.
Glen Howerton can play AB.

People don’t understand what the support from a board of autistic fanatics is capable of.

>See: 2016 Election

I’m all in

What's fucked up is that wouldn't even be that difficult to implement. Restructuring insurance is just the low hanging fruit. There was a thread the other day where some anons were discussing possible applications for link and there were so many good ideas that just seem like obvious consequences of the tech.

People making price predictions is absolutely ludicrous. If the internet was divided into a billion shares and sold in 1994, saying it would be worth x amount by the end of the year is the wrong way of framing it. The implicit assumption is that there is a fixed amount of money that the internet will take a slice of, when in reality it allowed for businesses to explode in value. Link will save every industry trillions of dollars and foster the growth of new industries we can't even imagine.

Assblaster's analysis is excellent, but even he grossly undervalues link. Who gives a shit if link goes to 60 overnight, crashes to 10, and rises to 150? The only time you should even consider selling is when your car insurance company mails you sensors to hook up to your car to give you a provably fair premium based on your driving data or your boss automatically gives you a raise because your performance data was fed into a smart contract and met certain criteria.

but thats what your doing though.. just spewing bullshit


>1000$ by eoy

for it to reach this it will have to have a market cap of over 300 TRILLION dollars. All of crypto is 500 bil

it would have to have 3x more volume than btc every day for it to reach this number.

Seriously. this is getting out of hand.

>market cap of over 300 trillion
honestly not sure if you are baiting with that...

$350 billion rather.
But as mentioned
Market caps are ridiculously deceptive. The amount of fiat going into alts is NOT reflective in the market cap. See pic related, highly recommend that entire thread to understand this concept: CMC is bullshit, we're not in a bubble, there's probably only $50-100bn in the entire crypto space right now, possibly less, and alts marketcaps are even more deceptive than BTC/ETH marketcaps

if anything they're ridiculously deceptive because they're way too high. Right now they're pushed up to absurd levels by very small amounts of actual money. Nowhere near 300 million, or whatever it is, has gone into chainlink.

As order books thicken up the real price will be reflected and it will likely be much lower than what it is now because currently the tokens are worthless. i feel bad for the people who bought in december. Theres no way any token is worth as much as the prices got to.

>dem dubs

>dat pasta

thanks for the correction i got a bit too excited.
what does that mean? that every alt is fucked and unless alts have fiat pairing then we wont have an organic price discovery for btc and how does link even fit into all of this

>7's of truth

Poorest shill attempt of 2018.. And it's only Feb.

Congratulations, absolute retard.

is wrong
alts have had fuckall fiat flow into them, compared to what their face-value marketcap reflects. So when someone thinks "$35bn MC LINK at 350bn circulating supply: no fucking way that's happening" they don't understand that the fiat flowing into BTC/ETH does NOT directly when correspond that BTC/ETH flows into the alt, because the BTC/ETH was technically not sold into fiat for the exchange the alt, if that makes sense?

hence why:
>70%-80% of the alt market DOES NOT represent an actual influx of fiat into the market, but a mere artificial doubling of the fiat price of the fiat onramps used to purchase those coins. Meaning, when you buy BTC to buy an alt, fiat value goes into the market raising the "market cap" of BTC, but when you purchase your alt with BTC, the marketcap of BTC doesn't go down to represent a transference of fiat value to that alt, it merely pumps the "market cap" of that alt, artificially doubling the "market cap" of the entire crypto market.

The whole thread is solid:

>BTC/ETH does NOT directly when correspond that BTC/ETH flows into the alt
word salad
the marketcap of BTC/ETH isn't reduced when selling it for an alt. Hence their marketcaps seem inflated and in a bubble, when in reality, there's fuckall money in the system compared to what the headlines are telling normies.
Smart money and institutional investors know this, and when the fiat bottlenecks are solved for regulated capital, with solutions maybe like coinmetro (inb4 delet this), then we're going to see the start of the biggest bullrun seen yet.
Now add to that that LINK will, if it delivers, have actual utility for multiple parties (corporates, node-operators, staking etc.) add to that that the supply will shrink because of nodes and staking/pooling, and add to that the above about this artificial marketcap doubling deception.

It's the perfect storm for LINK to go above expectations. $100 is absolutely possible. $1,000 would be insane, but I'm honestly not going to discount the possibility. People thought $100 NEO, $1000 ETH and $10000 BTC was insane, and this was before the biggest bullrun ever seen in any asset class in history, WITH A MEASLY $50-120bn of actual fiat flowing into this market.

I honestly feel sorry for anyone who's quitting the game right now. This is going to be an insane 2 years, as long as the planet's electrical grid / internet doesn't get destroyed


>and no one is going to believe your story when you tell them how you made your wealth.

pic related

Here's some choice wisdom for anyone that manages to make it in this mess.

>LINK is the new ETH
>LINK is the new NEO
>pls FOMO

But you also have to factor all the LINK that is being generated from staking. That's gonna drive down the value hard when oracles go into full gear.

>Someone needs to make a movie of this whole thing in a few years time.
I've said it before. I will commission a documentary to happen
Also, I'll dedicate my time to some glorious OC, so that no one will ever forget the magnitude of this historical epoch.
and never forget this

There's 50 wallets with almost a million LINK and 400 wallets with more than 100k link. So EOY you're expecting to see 50 new billionaires and nearly half a million random plebs with more than 100mil. Fucking delusional.

I'm holding. I'm still ahead.

But it's fucking nerve-wracking.

All link holders should be making quality OC. No more shitty cutting sergeys head or cubes on other images. We have to do better. If you don't have the skills, use the cube genetor and post genuine threads using the cubes on every single other board. No shills, just the image so it seeps into their subconscious. We need to look into every single catalog and see at least one cube at any given time.

they'll sell as it goes up. You could have seen the exact same thing looking at ether 2 years ago. The number of people who wouldn't just be millionaires but 100 millionaires on this board literlaly months ago would have been absurd. Sure some were made but you try holding when your portfolio hits 7 figures

Idk, there's something that seems satisfying about the idea of telling people that you found gold scrounging around a landfill

half a million what, there are only 20k link wallets, sure factor in exchanges and maybe 50k

true but that will just drive up the price in link that needs to be paid to those nodes. the ying and the yang

When this finally takes off and I'm making my yearly salary every day from passive staking income, I'll gladly throw a few bitcoin at funding a documentary

It would be satisfying in some ways, but I don't think many people want to be the guy that made his fortune sucking shit out of septic tanks either.

it really is a power struggle right now

It would literally be pic related but real

i know its not a get but your time is mesmerizing

Look at the winklevoss brothers, they are sitting on a BTC position bigger than they could ever unload. But on paper they are billionaires.

lol i hold a bunch of link and you are correct. Its the small wallets calling for 1k

Can you make some /fit related ones?


AB pastebin post from last week is gone.

They got him.

Where did these two retards come from? LINK isn't "generated" anywhere.

jesus son you know you can just read something and know what they were trying to say and respond to what they meant to say? generated as in the payment to the node

Yout post truly has some numbers.

I don't know the culture. You should download the cube generator. I have no experience whatsoever with design programs and I made that one in like 2 minutes with the first logo I found and it turned out surprisingly nice. I contribute poorly drawn portraits of sergey.

No you retard that's wrong. LINK isn't generated anywhere. Any LINK that will be paid to a node will be part of the initial 1 billion tokens. No more will ever exist.

lol youre trying to bait me. everyone knows that hunny

No. No forks for the nolinkies. You shut your mouth and accumulate before AB does his next pump

Can you post the cube generator?

I just bought link on the sale. I am cool now right?

Would it even be surprising to see LINK at 100k? Not really. Give it enough time, perhaps 3 to 5 years, and the number becomes a conservative estimates.