2nd PFR PnD accomplished!!

First off, good job to the discorders and telegrammers who worked together to shill this shitcoin for a second pump and dump.
We couldn't have pulled it off without you, as volume for PFR dipped to nearly zero. discord bagholders finally got to dump their bags. now onto the next one

as you can see, shills got to dump at a sexy 2x if they bought at the bottom, it was free money. This is another lesson to NEVER trust what Veeky Forums is shilling to you, do your own research always. PFR is a pure scam coin.

Reported to the SCC for that $100k bounty. Cya later

lmao this is the most retarded FUD I have ever fucking read lmfaooooooooooooooooo im fucking dying

successfulpumpanddump.jpg lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooo I run a fucking pump group with 50k members you didn't do shit

>this mad
Sounds like you're still holding bags from the pnd, we told everyone sell targets. "I run a pump group with 50k members" sure and I own 50k bitcoin, which i just doubled by dumping on you

this is actually a great coin with a great team. DYOR research Veeky Forums and as always, do the opposite of what these brainlets tell you. I made most of my money this way.

what kind of pump group only does 2x on a coin with 2 btc 24 hour volume LMFAO you fucking faggot 2x im fucking crying im so fucking embarrassed to share the same pump space as you faggot

chill out retard, as if you'd risk large amounts of liquidity on a scam coin as terrible as PFR, a 2x is perfectly fine for a dead coin.

You came in here thinking damn I'm gonna spread some hardcore fud rn they'll never know what hit them all to just be fucking embarrassed with your "pump group" that only did 2x. think next time faggot

damn you're a poor ass faggot lmao "2x is perfectly fine" is 90% of your investments made up of bonds? My group could easily pump PFR at least 5-6x oh my god you're so fucking poor you put your life savings into this "pump" and now can only afford a 1992 toyota corolla with a leaking head gasket you made it!

>this buttmad that his scamcoin died out
and the part that I love the most, we took your money and you'll never get it back.
>tfw I only FUD it for fun now

I can pump anything I want at anytime, you run a pump group that doesn't exist that only does 2x LMFAO i can make that in a day by closing my eyes and picking a random coin on binance to day trade. What money? What did you fucking take with 2x gains lmaoooooooooooooo this guy "made" a 2x gain and feels like he's rich oh my god it must suck to be this fucking poor

This thread is actually full of aids
I can’t believe this is what biz has become

Are you trying to say the price is low now and I can buy?

look at the volume user

project is dead, but for sure you can hold some if you want. maybe another pump group will pick it up.

All of you guys are fuckin retarded. Nobody believes any of you. Please end your life.

Reported your IP to the SCC.
Thanks for the 100K$ fagot.

nice pump from 15c to 18c I'm proud

New pump and dump group should pick it up soon I heard the one who did this is doing minereum next. They actually like to alternate from minereum to payfair come to think about it.

Jesus christ stop posting about shit coins! I'm so sick of seeing TRASH LOGOS ON BIZ. Why can't you fucking brainlets at least try to pump coins with a future.

DESU actually surprised you shitbrains could even figure out how to use Forkdelta.

PFR $20 by December