>UFR is not linked to the content downloaded in any way. This is another advantage of “pooling” all the funds together in a smart contract and allocating balances to seeders. We also have a unique encryption system that fully encrypts files during the entire transfer process for an extra layer of security.

>Upfiring has been developing for under 5 months and is releasing a fully-functional product in

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how does it feel to be the only coin on the market not recovering?
how much did the dev pay you to shill this shit?

most pointless coin i've seen

>how does it feel to be the only coin on the market not recovering?
topkek, how does it feel to be this retarded?
>how much did the dev pay you to shill this shit?
nothing, i have no affiliation with the dev, and im only posting this because i believe in this project.

incentivising seeding is not a pointless concept. frankly, it's got more use case than most of the garbage in the crypto market.

so you'll be giving seeders a valueless token. torrents happen because they're all free, it's much easier just to set a miner on ur website (a la tpb and fitgirl) and let others pay for you while they browse

when people refer to garbage in the market, they mean UFR.
The only use for this is nothing.
nodes can easily be DMCA'd by spamming leechers, and leechers can be caught by spamming multiple nodes. IPs are not masked in any way.
a high price of UFR means leechers will disappear and stop buying the token. so it's a TERRIBLE investment.

>topkek, how does it feel to be this retarded?
i wouldn't know. even IOTA is bouncing from the bottom, UFR is just a straight death spiral

read this article and let me know what you think: thehedgecoingroup.com/upfiring-incentivised-p2p-sharing/

do you have brain damage? my post clearly indicated I already knew everything that was in that article.
if you're not a paid shill, seek mental help.

>IPs are not masked in any way

doesnt really matter - as clearly indicated by the dev:

>UFR is not linked to the content downloaded in any way.


one of the biggest shitcoins out there. Buy if you want to absolutely stay a poor pajeet forever

why the fuck does everyone hate this shit. what the fuck have i missed. literally any autistic project is picked up and celebrated by Veeky Forums but this one is despised like its some fucking plague? what the fuck

its BS, 5-7 mounts is literally no time for what they are promising

and so if they do deliver what will Veeky Forums make of this?

>Implying op isn’t the dev

nothing its meant for CP at best.
even VTR gives better vibes than this, and that has not moved for a long time

they won't deliver you autistic pajeet. Just like McAfee won't eat his dick in 2020. If you understood even 5% of what they're promising you'd realize this.


im not touching both until i see a working product that gives me some money for uploading, witch i dont see happening

fair enough for waiting for a working product

well the thing is, unless this gets on a better exchange that what its on now, it aint going anywhere.

The UFR Scam pajeets are back???

Because it was shilled too hard by pnd groups. Now people have a negative association with it. It's not as bad of a project as people make it out to be.

Veeky Forums is mostly swarmed by paid shillers of pnd groups.. ufr was one of the victims, im holding until the alpha and then laugh at all those who went against this coin. i talked with the dev many times and he gave me some information regarding to the development of the platform.
remember that on 2016 people on Veeky Forums said that ethereum is a scamcoin that wont break through 5$

im with you 100%

I fell for the shilling and bought in at $1.25, sitting at about 60% loss now. Project is cool, now just waiting for the market to recover and this coin to redeem itself from the PnD reputation when the working product is rolled out.

do you really think anyone is going to pay $1.25/GB to torrent shit they can get elsewhere for free?


Please dont fall for this scam coin like I did before.

Fuckin pajeets gtfo.

>Please dont fall for this scam coin like I did before.

you didn't get scammed, you just didn't sell high and buy low

Do you really think 1GB of data will cost 1UFR? Retard.

If i could get everything I wanted to download in 1 spot (no private trackers) and be more anonymous without buying a VPN I would pay some small amount.