When will altcoins also be paired with fiat rather than only with eth/btc?

when will altcoins also be paired with fiat rather than only with eth/btc?

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the million satoshi question

when fairx goes live


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>People who lived in those days were obsessed with knowledge
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They were though. Genghis Khan was well read, apparently. So were a lot of the other """Great""" warlords.

In April on Coinmetro


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CoinMetro is going to do that. Launches in april. Their ETFs will provide the liquidity combined with their FXPIG partnership

coinmetro.info for 2.5% bonus (redirects to reflink)

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VEN will have fiat ramp for enterprise companies and other big players

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Heyyy I was about to ask the same thing: When is an exchange with fiat pairs incoming. Guess you saved me the time.
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So the answers so far are:

FairX is so far just hype (social media only)
Payfair seems ok until you realise it's just a digital escrow service using their own crypto to back the transactions (just another exchange that allows pairs with HEY! it's own coin)
CoinMetro however seem legit (more than the others at least) and has real world experience in the industry dating back to 2011.

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>How the fuck can you fathom whether or not I'm "experienced" from what, 5 short posts on an anime forum
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Conquering the adventure that is life is all that is left, don't kid yourself into thinking you can murder a village and rape it's women as a prize. Do a bit of study and you'll find it was rarely done by Europeans other than to try to outbreed the enemy sapping the local resources, meaning you had to rape ALL the women. The history you may or may not have studied is like most written accounts, highly over romanticised to help sell the written form.
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You think if that happens, alts won't follow btc ? Oh you poor fag...

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Being 23 years old doesn't mean you're inexperienced. Alexander conquered half the world by my age. Again, null.
I also never said it was going to happen, did I? What am I retarded? Do you think that I really think we're gonna just start ransacking villages and whatever? Obviously not.
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When Coinmetro launches, so early April.

There’s too many shitcoins around.
Btc is already for the more interested investors enough of a topic and only the most dedicated make the leap to ETH. All other coins than that are eventually garbage for mainstream and will never make it into average joes head.

I doubt that there will be many new fiat pairings in the future, maybe a couple but btc will keep concentration of that.

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I hate the way their ICO is being held. Its gonna dump so hard after it gets listed

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Pls elaborate user, I'm not into ICOs but I do have a genuine interest in this project.

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ark wallet will have direct fiat support Q4

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The comparison is at least parallel to what I was saying, if not a bit extremely hyperbolic.

>Alexander conquered half the world by my age
He was considered aged in that era, and again, romanticised.
>I also never said it was going to happen, did I? What am I retarded? Do you think that I really think we're gonna just start ransacking villages and whatever? Obviously not.
Good, it would be a great loss to loose you to the penal system. You legitimately sound like a white conqueror. You see minor disagreement and different perspective as someone directly saying you're nothing and asking you to prove them wrong.
>never had any head start... got here all by myself
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next.exchange also does that

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It doesn't necessarily have connotations of violence or whatever, I was just painting a picture. To conquer can literally mean to overcome. Isn't that what we all should be striving to do? To overcome?

>People who lived in those days were obsessed with knowledge and power

>average peasant
>obsessed with knowledge

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When/if the exchange can have a relationship with the bank. It's not looking good

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