Saw 16 year old working drive through at arbys

>Saw 16 year old working drive through at arbys
>Felt bad for him. Wrote down on a paper. ChainLink.
>Handed it to him.
>He looked at me like I was an axe murderer or a faggot.

Why are these drive through workers so stupid that they wouldn't listen to life changing advice?

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At least you tried user. You're a good man

>some random guy hands you a piece of paper with some gibberish and a website
>tears of joy start streaming down my face
>my life will never be the same from this day forth

Did everything occur to you you were given that because you wrote down ChainLink?

probably thought it was a bi porn URL


he's not as dumb as the retards who actually bought that russian scam shitcoin, good for him


>why does that faggot want me to look him up on a bi dating website

Jesus christ you fucking autist.

why would you try to ruin some poor kid's life like that user

>"Thank you sir! Bless you!"
>"Sergey, Jason Parser, the shadowfork. All the pieces are falling into place."
>"How can I ever repay this kingly gift?"

you fucking linkies wtf is wrong with you. the whole reason he's working at arby's is because he lost all his family's money in the chainlink scam of 2017

Aside you suggesting that shitcoin chain link that was really cringe and faggotty thing to do

I bet you look like Charles fucking Manson. Because that's some serial killer shit


The autism is strong in you OP, you'll make it.

>be me
>working at drive-through just to pass some time since I'm already a millionaire from buying ETH at 1$
>some weak chinned neckbeard faggot shows up and gives me a piece of paper
>link. topkek.
>suddenly a feeling of digust envelops me
>look at him with total contempt thinking about how he's been holding these bags for half a year now, while I was making mad gains.
>stinky linky feels ofended
>leaves in delusion thinking he gave me life changing advice
>me and my coworkers who are also cryptomillionaires laugh at him while he leaves
>one of them throws a big mac at him while shouting "keep this for Sergey you faggot!"
>everyone gets back to work with a smile on their face thinking about this stinky linky for the rest of the day and how they are so fortunate not to be in his position

He thought you were from the mcdonald's across the street and spying on them.

Did you buy your roast beef sammich with link?
Well fuck.

Stinky linky so desperate he's shilling to normies at the drive thru...the absolute state.


kek and you tell him to buy chainlink....

Why are you wasting our oxygen?

Kek. Are linkies the new jehowas witnesses?

"Excuse me sir, do you a minute to talk about Sergey?" And people just want them to fuck off.

What's the cheapest-fees method of getting BTC from Coinbase to Binance?
Am I always going to get fee-raped??


cool thanks, so basically what this fat shit said isn't a ton of bullshit?

Kekking out loud, sounds like a gay bdsm site

maybe he thought you were applying for a job and handing in your resume?

Yup, once you use gdax you will never ever use coinbase again. You will save a shit ton of money.