Any good crpyto people on youtube to follow? Down listening to Omega/Oracle retards

Any good crpyto people on youtube to follow? Down listening to Omega/Oracle retards.

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Real-Crypto is good

Doug Polk

ultimate chad Carter Thomas of coin mastery. he's fucking fantastic

cryptonick & ryan hildreth

He's too clickbait for me

chris dunn

Try learning how to make calls on your own and watch the charts instead of other people. :^)


lots of youtubers dont talk about charts just news

How about you learn to do your own TA you fucking faggot

who is she

TradeDevil is a gem

"getting started with crypto"

literally made for BBC

Doug Polk doesn't even know what decentralization means. If you're listening to him you're a moron.


>Getting your info from youtube stars with vested interests in shilling you shit

Crypto is becoming a cult.

I wouldn't listen to the guy for advice, or anybody on Youtube for fucking crypto advice, but the guy is relatively entertaining so I listen. 99% of people who make Youtube videos related in ANY WAY to finance, whether it's stocks, gold, or crypto, are extremely obnoxious, irritating, or full of themselves.

Literally the only crypto youtuber that isn’t an outright shill or a brainlet. His macro market analysis is top shelf.

See? now that's the face I want to see in my daily life. That is the face of the female chad. Young, mature, sharp, good looking.

I need more pictures of this excellent visage.

MOAR. :O :O :O

That face is beautiful.

This. WHaddup guys. The only thing he could do to improve was add shorts to his own trading, it is like the black and white of investing.

Cliff high

Her left arm is a stump wtf

No wonder Veeky Forums gets rekted. You guys follow pleb tier traders. Fuck, I've never heard of any of these shitters.

Example? He seems very knowledgeable to me