No bullshit what do you think Chainlink will be EOY?

No bullshit what do you think Chainlink will be EOY?

Depends on bitcoin, I’d be happy if it’s stable at a dollar

honestly 50$ EOY 1000$ end of 2019






50 cents at best. Seriously.



$1000 eoy, $10k 2021

$40-50+ if the full mainnet launch has no hiccups and they at least have some big partnerships lined up. Beyond the fucking rings of Saturn if all the SWIFT memes are true.

dude idk. all i know is the market will rise. and if it works just like sergey and co want it to. it will rise too. just look at the prices of 6months ago. xmr was like $100, now its 300. thats so much more volume required than for link to get to like 50. i dont even give a shit about it desu, im a multimillionair by eoy, no doubt

later this year marketing gonna start and it will rise
in 2019 we gonna see adoption then 1000$ easily

it's going to take time for the hype to come.

yeah thats the point, link is already in a super good position, its stable, ranking is fine too for its volume etc. while everything else drops link was always kinda stable. and they didnt even start marketing yet... its still not on big exchanges, once tho.. this will pump hard

ChainLink more like ChainRICH

Not on big exchanges? Binance?

The hype is already here, can’t you see that? Normies are like a year behind this board. ChainLink is the Sega Dreamcast of crypto, way too early for its time.

Somewhere between $999.99 and $1000.01

Veeky Forums != hype

wrong wording. normie exchanges like kraken and coinbase etc.

>not on big exchanges


Veeky Forums is the cryptospace’s bathroom wall. I’m saying CL’s hype is at its maximum extent here. It will never grow beyond.


i guess this is why they call you people deluded

putin+sergey+trump CANT LOSE

i believe that we will 1k
i believe we will 1k
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believe 1k

I’m on your team buddy. $0.50 EOY pal. We’re fighting the same fight friendo.

$11 eoy. No bullshit no $1000 eoy crazy talk but its still a guaranteed gainer if you can wait 9 months

The rope of LINKIDNA inherited, containing all of sergeys perfection
All his weaknesses all his possibilities
Tweaked in the primordial soup before time began
- he came from the stars then
and at the end, his unravelling, will be to return from where he once came, among the stars.

0 or 200$
There is no "middle" price

you are a MANIAC

All speculation to token price is retarded because there are too many unknown variables that will affect the ChainLink ecosystem.
But if you want to jerk each other off by saying $0.10 or $1000 then have at it, I guess.

$10 if things go very well

you are a MANIAC

It solves one of the biggest problems in crypto, the connectivity problem between the blockchain world legacy systems in banks and other trade and financial systems that CANNOT afford to do a system overall.
And it's called LINK
This is normie speak, but see how easy it is to sell it to the normie world?
The thing is, normie sales-scripts aside, the tech is there, and if you actually dig deeper, they're actually making progress faster than expected. That's why we're optimistic
Buy a bag and come along for the wild ride

JSON Parser nobody cares about is gonna solve something thats being solved by Ripple among others.

gg link faggots, you lose

Have you researched R3? Private group of banks that have essentially built their own ledger and are creating an internal blockchain for financial transactions of different kinds. I dont think banks are going to adopt link or any other project at this point they are just making their own versions, kinda bums me out as i have alot of link myself

they can do that if they want, but a handful of private banks is not going to disrupt the market. A decentralized oracle network will be significantly bigger than anything a handful of private banks can achieve with an internal blockchain

I am pretty new to buttcoins. I have looked at an exange and it literally has hundres of coins most of them just as worthless as this one.

On what do you base which coin is going to shoot up?

like 80 cents


But seriously $100k eofy...

If it ever explodes in price, you should be able to know people using them at work and that's what I can't see happening in a short term.


ripple is centralized garbage, literally the opposite of something that would solve this problem

Just got my tax return, thinking about throwing all of it into link.

How dumb/smart of a move is this?

smart as fuck. just do it and hold until 2020. Don't fucking bitch when it drops, just hold and you'll be better off for it.

So many faggot jumping in on this and expecting short-term gains, they have no clue of the long-term potential here.

1000EOY or bust

I have no problem holding. I'm holding a shitload of cause coins and want to spread out. This coin does seem promising and I unironically trust Veeky Forums autistic bastards on this for some off reason. Plus, after reading over the whitepaper and other places, i'm gonna say fuck it and link-up.

I'm in for the ride boyz, fuck it why not live a little.

>Fuck it why not live a little
In your case it will be, die rather than live, and it wont be little either, it will be a lot....prepare to be JUST'd

my fucking man.

Welcome to the ranks.

I'm all in link but have some concerns about the total supply. Just a small amount is in circulation (which cmcs chart is based on). $100 implies an enormous marketcap taking the total supply into account.
What is biz opinion on this? What will happen to the rest of the tokens?

$3 to $5 EOY if massive bullrun occcurs. Eth will slightly outpace it, but 2019/2020 the Linkparty starts


Ah so you're just another idiotic fudster, well done outing yourself.

the good news is this isn't a FOMO coin. You will have another couple of months to DCA this cheaply, although the longer time goes on, the more likely that the singularity approaches.
This will be the judgement token. Everyone involved in crypto will have a chance to accumulate, except non-believers, lol

So every coin that has exploded in price has been used at work by people you know? You're a liar or an idiot. Probably both. Eat some glass, drink some Draino and never comment here again.

Dumb fucks like you that can't think, but believe that you should be allowed to speak are 90% of the West's problem.


ballin or bust bro


kek has spoken

a dollar

10-15 dollar would be amazing.

Fucking idiots all over the place. You gotta hold LINK for at least 3 years, maybe even 5. Thats about when blockchain technology is going to really be picking up steam in real world applications, right now its just speculation and bullshit dapps like cryptokitties. I say in 5 years time LINK could hit $50 (assuming they maintain first movers advantage and keep delivering), and if I'm being extremely optimistic, bordering on idealistic, then $100.

If all goes good and beta is released in Q2. We could see a lot of enterprises announcing they will use Chainlink as their secure smartcontract choice. Simply that could make Link's price scale between 5-15$
If the NDA's conspiracy and researchs many of our fellow weaponized autist Veeky Forumsraelis have done are right, we could see 50-60$ Q1 2019. A lot of things could go wrong, but if they don't Veeky Forums will be rich in 2020.

5$ Late march
25$ July
450$ October
1337$ EOY

1-2$ in the next few months if we can recover from this crash.
10$ max in the next few years.

Dude the price won't just increase because of partnership announcements, those days are long gone. We will need adoptions to see the link token become a valuable resource that people will actually want to buy to run data provider nodes.


Veeky Forums is so desperate for this to be their big break because they missed btc and eth. all of your predictions are just based on what it would take for you to be rich. it’s gonna take when it hits $5 because you faggots will sell

No, I'm saying that has to be the case for LINK. This year network adoption will be minor, without a need for liquidity the market price isn't going to do much. If you're expecting FOMO this year, good luck. Also, I'm very certain I have more LINK than you and that it will always be that way.


Rest of tokens are for partners to use in their nodes. These will be gifted as incentive to use chainlink.