>Ban is lifted
Ahh feels good, some faggots couldn't handle a naked girl.

Anyways, it's me most hated highly rated Bearfag. Yes the one that calls pretty much every dump...
Unlike oracle faggot i don't state obvious things. Shhh
Z says we go up
>Goes up on bull run
Z says we will have trouble at 10800
>Checks Gdax, sees 10800 has hundreds of coins for sale
I mean you guys are literally so fucking dumb, he only shows his face when it's on a nice run so people think it was his doing. What i do takes balls, i call dumps and or crashes in a bull run....
Where my bears at, i know some of my boys are still out there. My previous target doesn't seem like it is happening anymore, 9k will happen though and support may not hold...
BTC is forming a head and shoulders, if it plays out we are fucked.

*when it plays out, we are fuck


it's OVER

Here is reference
New TA fag here but.... i'm getting the hang of it
Bullflag i drew broke out almost perfectly

nice blog faggot

Glad to see a fellow bear
Bullcucks will be rekt soon enough

The bean will lead the way.

Bullshit march will be the greenest month in history

why do you say that?
Also i'm saying this will happen before March ya cuck

Sure it will, kid. Keep telling yourself that. When did you start in Crypto? Mid 2017?

who is Z

Some tripfag named Oracle, he talks exactly like he is a 14 year old with autism

Exponential growth

What do you think will be the bottom then


fake news


Hi guys...!

>Bull fags actually think we aren't going to test 6k again.
>Yes they are this retarded

faggot it's forming a bullish HaS on the 1d, 12d chart and and a bearish HoS on the 6h,4h chart.

what the fuck are you referring to


that channel you drew is fucking retarded

what's your target to buy, bearfag?
t. reformed former permabull

Watch for 8k, 6k, 4k brah
t. not BearFag
t. bear fag

>Generic tripfag bullshit

Why are you tripfags such losers? You all seem to just trade in one direction.

"Hurrr I'm a bear!"

"Durrr I'm a bull!"

We get it. You're not ambi-traders. The simple act of going long OR short as appropriate escapes you. Congratulations. Now keep those forks out of the power sockets retard.

Way oversold. Gonna bounce. Buy now.

manipulation at it's best before 0.16 release with segwit support

fees will drop rockbottom
bitcoin will be used again by cheap fags

If it plows through 10,000 it won't come back up again, let's see if that happens today

fees are already rock bottom
because people aren't using btc anymore

faggot it should break 10k to form a perfect bullish head and shoulders.

See you at 2k

faggot 200k transactions per day compared to 500k at ath. and rising.

don't talk out of your ass.

This. If it breaks through 10k you're going to see a shitload of people buying like crazy and then setting sell orders for 10k, which will lead to an ascending triangle over the next week or so and then an explosion back upwards but then 2 days later it will break 12k again and keep going.

Someone was wrong I'm wrong too haha gottem

it couldn't get higher than 500k confirmed transactions because it reached maximum capacity of the network hence why the fees were skyrocketing
transactions attempted to be made were way higher than 500k

>wishful thinking

Can't believe you dumb fucks still use TA. So fucking stupid. The market is completely irrational, just like humans.

>some faggots couldn't handle a naked girl
nice, a fucking pajeet
fuck we need flags, they're much more important than ID's


faggot look with segwit it can go beyond 1 million transactions per day with low fees.

so everyone that wanted to use btc at that time can do it now and then at a cheap fag fee

I just showed the fag that thinks that noone uses bitcoin which implies 0 people are using it is completely a wrong dumbass retarded fag.

faggot smartass misses the point.

>he didn't sell when it still was worth 6k
>now its going sub 1k and you won't be able to cash out of this

i'll kek when segwit block sizes will still be below 1.2MB months from now

btc will be dead months from now anyway, segwit won't save it and vaporware lightning even less

>bullish head and shoulders
>after double top
>with rsi still being above 70
>with mcad in red and trend not changing
good luck holding those bags retard

Bearfag = retard
Oracle = love

Easy 12k by Saturday morning.

I'm all in fiat, I'm shorting between resistance/support lines.
My body is ready!


>tell orakek and his shhfags a correction to 9.5k (9-10k avg.) is incoming 2 days ago
>they laughed at me
>it started yesterday
>they still laugh at me
>continues today, clearly looking like we'll hit the price I predicted exactly
>now they try to deny that I warned them at all