What can i do to make money as a neet? I am 31 and a complete failure at life

what can i do to make money as a neet? I am 31 and a complete failure at life

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ETHgames are the best way right now. Literally can make $1k in 5 minutes during a good flip. Veeky Forums hates them for ponzi reasons but the flips are fucking real.


buy FUN

Tineye 0 result.

Their names?

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>trap chang

> what can i do to make money as a neet?

By getting a fucking job

i am social retardation and long gaps in my work history. i haven't worked in order half of a decade

in over half a decade*


Okay. Why do you want money?

so i can buy my own shit

why wouldn't you want money?

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15 gets you 20, user.

'cause somehow he seems to have been getting along okay for more than five years. Dude wants money but wants to stay a neet, so I just want to know why he doesn't just carry on doing what he's been doing for that time.

I'm 31 NEET too user.

I'm unable to get a job right now because I'm waiting for my student loans to be forgiven. Once they are, I'm going to give up my disability and I guess try to find a regular jackoff job. Probably the dumbest thing I can do.

It's a vicious cycle. I'll be monitoring this thread to see if there's a good idea that pops up. Honestly, at our stage OP, anyone who looks at us is going to say "so you were doing nothing for the past 10 years...? Bye."

Best bet, I think, is to develope a fake resume and hope to get lucky with some skill you have.

Adopt child from Ukraine, kys, live your money to a kid, live forever in memory of his family as a god tier saver.

suck dicks bro, 10 bucks per dick thats a hundred bucks after just 10 dicks, if you're any good you can up your price, easy money

here's another website like this

have been making some decent coin, as of lately, off of this dapp cancer, as well

my latest flips:
kim-jong crypto

Sorry to be that guy but can you give me a quick rundown on making money from these things?

I don't know man. The world is tough out there, despite what peole say. My business failed and I can't even afford bankruptsy and I can't even convince someone to pay me to wash dishes. I literally have walked to every place around me every week for six weeks just looking for any type of work while I have applied to hundreds of companies online.

Excellently and succinctly stated

Are you a Wizard too?

I don't want to be like OP, I'm a NEET too.

I'm making money using crypto but its not fast enough, things have slowed down.

OP if you want to make money go crypto otherwise its the retail store/warehouse work.


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Learn java. 6 months of dedicated self study will leave you experienced enough to be employable.

buy low caps and pray youll make it in a year.

Find a job posting you think you could do. Obviously nothing you need real experience for. Like you couldn't be an air traffic controller or some crazy shit but I bet you could do data entry or work in a warehouse or be a cashier. Then buy fake references:
>I bought fake job references on the Internet—and it worked

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