Where are my BATbros?

Where are my BATbros?
Lots of movement in the youtuber scene these last couple of days, opinions?

Nothing will happen until ad services really. People really overstate the use of youtubers and hyping them make it seem like a scam coin.

Dont disregard the massive amount of attention that influencers can give to the token.
If mcaffee could do that imagine what pews can do. Also, ad companies know about the token, if it starts rising they will FOMO as hell to try to stack cheap tokens for the future.

why do you think ad companies know about the tokens? i live in germany and you still see roadside advertising here, so BAT advertising might be a bit too modern for many, right?

also, do i understand correctly that if i, lets say, am interested in wraps, then wrap companies can advertise directly to me, but only if i chose so, and i get paid bat to let them advertise me?

Look for the cv of Brendan, everyone in silicon valley knows.

Is more complex than that, but basically yes. That is one of the use cases. Microtransactions and micro-paywalls is what can make it huge.

Also, small and medium companies can greatly profit from cheap targeted advertisement (google is fucking expensive right now)

When are ad services scheduled to roll out?

In the summer.

Hounding youtubers to advertise your coin is pajeet tier and will turn absolutely everyone off.

best advertising is if they use it to pay others - like ivan on tech using bat to pay content created by fans or whatever
does bat have transaction fees? this sounds like iota and nano but im a total noob so

> does bat have transaction fees?
It's an ethereum token.

Looks like LINK to me

isnt that going to break its neck? if currencies exist that transact without fees, why would you use bat for microtransactions?

Payments go out monthly so fees are extremely minimal.

To add to the conversation, Eich knows what he is doing, as do all other smart people. Huge youtubers are jumping onboard daily and it's going unnoticed. HowToBasic just joined today (10 million subscribers.) Twitch integration within the next month, Ads in Q2, and Facebook/Google buyout in Q3 are all things to look forward to.

Finally some good BAT memes instead of that loli shit.

enjoy bro
Getting fucking excited. Can't believe fools are falling for the FUD around this project. What are it's actual weaknesses right now? I haven't identified any glaring ones

I hope facebook...i could see google buying it for 5 billion and killing the token to save ad sense..


Fees wont be an issue in the near future with the plasma fork. People dont realize how masively the tech they are developing for it will change the crypto landscape.



How many of you are funding their Brave wallet?

Has anyone used this platform? Is practically filled with bugs and glitches. I lost all my Bat tokens in two different brave browsers. I could never contribute at the end. This is shit.

Got about 30% of my portfolio in it, so far has been dissapointing, but the potential for growth is huge for this coin. I'l wait patently until it moons.

Buying this coin outside of the Brave browser itself is sheer retardation