BTC will never be below 10k again

>BTC will never be below 10k again

>it's a bull run

>Everything is back to.... "Normal"

>20k EOM

I always laugh at that goofy smile :3

>mfw i will have enough to buy a rolex after BTC reaches 100k this year

Fk what to do.. seems like BTC broke down on the rally since that 6k rally. Hardly any alt volume either, could be in for another drop.

>aaaaaand we're back

>100x long

I'm gonna leave biz soon, too much bullying. I hear Reddit is nice.

we still havent gone below 10k though so that could still be true

One last line then it's freefall all the way down to 9k

>"here's why I'm bullish on [insert flavour of the week shitcoin that 100x'd and is now crashing hard]"

I predicted this and no one listened. Itll drop below 8k. It will surge to around 14k early march. Sell now be rich later

Or this could be the bottom and we go up from here. What do you know?

Why is he so smug?

Because he knows something you don't.


> blockchain 3.0

>hold my beer

Double bottom, we gonna go for a moon mission


>please, stay
>pump soon

Someone with sense. These retards have a 50% of calling the price correction correctly, and then consider themselves experts when it goes their way a couple of times. The one thing I've learned from spending 2 years on this board is that nobody knows anything.

No, Veeky Forums COLLECTIVELY has a 50% change to get it right.
This is going down, you cuck. Better prepare your anus.

Sorry you sold at the bottom, champ.

>t. Didnt hold

Sorry you bought at 11.8k, mate.

jewish homosexuals

jewish homosexual from tumblr

>the dump starts in an hour

the real hall of cost might occur sooner than you expect.

>jewish homosexuals

>tfw below 10k as I type

Bump so everybody can see how much of a dumbfuck OP is

>nobody has ever satisfactorily explained the point of owning a bitcoin. All they do is default on 'muh blockchain' and 'muh scarcity'

>being this new