pearl bros get in here, we need a goddamn name, even the autistic kids have link marines. and unlike those window licking retards our coin is actually good.
>beta test in a few days
>coin burn in a few days
>we get free shell in April.

so what do we call our-self?

The term is called millionairs.

Comfy hold since december. Thinking of dumping coins prior to airdrop, scoop up PRL and SHL after the dump. Could be a really bad idea though.

iv been thinking about that as well. its risky, shell may be as useful as prl is and you would miss out on getting them for free. but at the same time I have no doubt people are going to dump as soon as they get them. im probably just going to hodl by that time the beta is in full swing and that dump will just get fresh investors.

Yes, if there's going to be a huge amount of hype I'll dump for sure. The Oyster telegram is already drowning in pajeets, Over 100 new members every day for the last couple of days. I'm fairly sure SHL will be obtainable for around 10 cents on day 1

Soyster Pearl

I hope shl dumps im buying the hell out of it if its going to reach sub 10cents. shame didnt know about the pajeets on telegram.
amazing user gj

on second thought im not too worried about pajeets, this coin is very expensive to them and many of the orders are between 100-500$ most of them only make somthing like 15k usd a year.

Absolutely. That's why I need to think about it a little. Just trying to increase my bag of PRL, only holding 7k

wow nice I only got 3k, going to try to hit 10k by april. I think prl will hit $15 sometime this year need to be ready for it .

coin burn is priced in, guarantee it

I have exactly 100 PRL. Will I make it? Btw. OysterChads sounds good to me.

maybe 1k in 2 years. I'd take the risky route and sell them during the hype pre-airdrop. Try to accumulate a little more

maybe 1,000-1,500$ sometime this year from that, could be a nice sum if your young, in college or in a developing nation.

he is right at that low amount its worth the risk you could probably pick up 20-30 more prl

Pearl is the best project i have invested in.

Bruno-IOTA when?

Oyster website stats they are reliant on a tange, not IOTA.

You know shit is brewing.

what do you mean? im not familar with that.

all in

The Clamalams

They don't need IOTA to succeed, they only need the tangle, which they already have.

same here, iv only ever done the kucoin competitions, usually get in top 20-30. prl is the first coin on that exchange I actually wanted. what it does is amazing, and cheap as hell to use.

oh lol thanks

by the way before this thread 404s anyone have aXpire? I bought 50k due to the fact its market cap and public awareness are microscopic but it is actually constantly hitting milestones, anyone else think this is a sleeper? or did I buy pajeet coin? didnt want to make a thread for it.