Coinmetro ICO just went live

CoinMetro ICO finally started today bois get in here. Last chance for cheap cheap XCM faggots. CoinMetro bonus via this link:

>TL;DR video:

>CEO Kevin Murcko explains why CoinMetro is the decentralized crypto exchange of the future. ICO / Token Sale starts TODAY!

CoinMetro ICO INFO: - This is a rundown of the upcoming CoinMetro crypto exchange - a new decentralized exchange offering trading, ICOs and a lending platform from the people behind fxpig. This one has 20x written allover it and some of you cunts have made me laugh over the years. Your welcome!

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Retard you are supposed to shill after the ICO.

sniff. im in love.

>trying to help the brainlets on biz

No wonder biz only gets pajeet scams now.

Plagerized website and white paper

She ugly in the rest of her pics, I’m sorry user.

Follow this link and you'll get +7.5%

>stablished forex broker company

>simple token used as currency on the platform

It’s just an exchange with its own token, lmao the only reason people shilling this is because it was launched by an stablished company with good liquidity and a large customer base, and they want to bring crypto ETFs to make it easy for Normies to buy crypto, just like buying stocks but with a higher risk reward, Normies will love it.

I put in 0.6 eth
let's see where it goes

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Mu Yu Qian

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You're going to make it. 10x at this price easy.

She's not into nocoiners brah. Get serious.

I don't like the way their ICO is conducted.
Full of discounts and different prices for each level.
Pre-ICO investors got in at like 0.02€ whereas the last one to invest in this ICO will have to pay around 0.15€ per token. Scammy as fuck. Its gonna dump so hard once it hits exchanges. I'm gonna take advantage and invest then


It's a fucking exchange token for use on it's own exchange, it's not going to hit other exchanges

Jesus.. please don't invest.. we want smart money not stinky pajeet rupees.

LOL they were not 0.02 you lying faggot they were 0.10. Yeah please don't invest, you're just FUDing and couldn't read a whitepaper if your life was at stake.

This guy gets it. If he'd read the WP he'd know they have a solid plan to prevent what he describes! Fucken chaods on this board.

it was 0.02 for first investors, I'm not sure about this ICO thinking it might dump when it first starts trading

plus, it states on their website they are going to give 7.5M€ of the ICO proceeds to FXPIG... without any explanation as to why. Their website looks too shiny and their product a bit too good to be true.
Feels like an elaborate scam to me...

That information is on their website you dumb fuck! How's the workout plan going for you to learn to breathe from your nose?

>dumb fuck

Irony.. it started at 0.03 EUR cent... where are you pulling 0.02 from?

Dude, no she fucking isn't lol.

>not reading the whitepaper, or even secondary summaries
10x which price? Got 41k of the chad coins, if it gets to fucking $1.5 - 2.00 I'm happy
I'll be even more happy if it BTFO coinbase

For early investors theres a vesting period to prevent dumps when it goes live



Awww ill send you 1 XCM in a few months bro.. so you can buy some more pee pee soaky up panties

Incontinent fuck.

Lead developer is a russian scam artist and the cto is an italian pizza delivery businessman. what else could go wrong?

fucking topkek dude, I thought you were trolling, but you're literally copy-pasting the LINK fud. That's just lazy, but a good laugh

Big SCAM !!!
Logo made from Canva
Website copied from District0x

seen other "decentralized exchanges" - they don't work well, neither will coinmetro

it won't succeed - thats a guarantee .. .

They hired the same web developer for their site as District0x - what's wrong with that exactly?

These bois will make it.

Ugh pajeet, go back to your curry. No Russians on the lied again you filthy cunt.

idex doing pretty well

I’ll put 2 eth in, when will the exchange launch though and will the coin launch with it?

They're saying March/April, I believe?
And yea, they're going to launch a private alpha in the next couple of weeks. So the exchange should be live by March/April with the tokens, or you can store them on an ERC20 wallet. Check the telegram, they're answering questions like beasts

Reminder that ANY ICO which doesn't sell out in the first few minutes or, at most, few hours is a shit ICO.

>what is PRL

They're saying as early as March but I expect April. The coins will be distributed once the token sale ends.

BONUS coins with this link:

Most scams sell out within 5 minutes because they sell to their "friends" at reduced prices.

Who is this semen demon?

Poorfag here just purchased 448 tokens @ 0,31 ltc. will i make it ?

I went into this thread to see spongebob. Where is spongebob?

Looking good!

Buy some CoinMetro and I’ll post her nudes.

can i send eth from an exchange?

i sent from kraken, you get the tokens in a wallet on their website

Hm, I get banned multiple times because I'll try to make you happy with 2.5% bonus since the presale. You know what? Just sign up by using my reflink or refID and get 2.5% - here is a price calculator that predicts the future XCM price based on the coinmetro trade volume:

Use my REF LINK for 2.5% BONUS Id=5a74fcd6e224226d5fd70f93
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btw. AB mentioned a certain exchange still at pre-ICO phase that will list CL soon ...

they recommend not to, but it looks like you can set your wallet address under the profile option. I think they just say that to cover themselves

and after that you can register a private ETH address where they will send your tokens to.

If I'm not mistaken, yea, they give you the option of either leaving it on the exchange or withdrawing it. So it's all good. Just double check on the telegram. They're really on top of their game.
Fucking looking forward to this shit. Godspeed to those faggots who supposedly got 1m+

It was blank for me I think. I had to update my profile settings first (which included filling in an ETH address).

the ref bonus is fixed at 2.5% there is nothing above that. nice try.

some were able to buy into the ico for 0.03?? how do we know if they dont dump the whole stack theyve got at us when this hits exchanges?

Their coins are locked for 6 months

"This allotment of COIN is intended to be locked for the first 6 months after the date of distribution, and will be vested over a period of 24 months."

coinmetro com/wp-content/uploads/coinmetro-wp-newspaper.pdf

topkek, check the telegram
The CEO, Kevin, responded to him with a voice note, and absolutely rekt him.
What a chad

I don't know how you Coinmetro "investors" have gone through life without dying just because of your own stupidity. Seriously, what are the chances you still being alive with an IQ equal to the temperature in Syberia?!
Open the LinkedIn profile of the lead developer you dumb cunt


- Hello, is this the CTO of Coinmetro?

- Yeah, I would like to order a pizza, please! A margheritta would be perfect, thanks!

- What? I have to use Coinmetro's platform to order it?! And I have to purchase XCM first? No thank you sir! Have a nice day!

XCM is purchased automatically, though, it does the same thing. Why are you so desperate as to bump the thread with your own FUD.
Unless you're FUDDing for coin burn, I can't tell anymore.

max supply of coinos?

XCM is purchased back-end, you don't even see that process.

Nice try

1 billion XCM

>theyre shilling an ico on biz with token burn possibilities
>burgers allowed in ico
>obscene bonuses of up to 500%
>they think this will be successful

dumb money confirmed



>this level of weak FUD
Now I know we're definitely going to make it, bros

Fuck you, too.

Just bought another load :)
News coming today user.. hold onto your burger!

everything i said was true. how stupid are you? the fact that youre even shilling this when you can get a token burn means youre an absolute retard. it cannot be argued.

There are positive and negatives to the token burn side. On one hand, supply decreases and is burnt anyway, but buying into the ICO more means more support for the devs and the success of the platform.

there is absolutely no negatives to a token burn if in fact the project is good. youre retarded for shilling this if you believe it is a good project. this cannot be argued.

all these people shilling this confirms there is an overwhelming presence of dumb money.

muh circulating supply; it's users and adoption that will drive the success of the platform, not 50m tokens getting burned. This is going to sell out at this rate anyway.
What I'm more impressed by is the team. They're actually running this very well, which makes me think this actually will supplant a lot of the exchanges if they fulfil their promises
>muh 500% bonuses
>read the whitepaper

That's fine, you're narrow-minded and stubborn. I'll screencap and post it for you in a few months.

I completely agree, that's the biggest factor. I was just pointing out the token burn aspect. Your argument is better though, in that it really doesn't matter.

>he's arguing that token burn doesn't matter
dumb money confirmed

Either way.. both outcomes are fine.

Either reach HC or burn.

Neither will affect investors.

>token burn doesn't matter
i didn't know somebody could be this retarded but here we are

yea, agreed with your point also. Anyone who's trying to FUD with the 500% bonus point is trolling, and you can dismiss most of their points.
Obviously the ideal world is token burn PLUS equal or more adoption than if it didn't get burned, but you can't count on that. I'd choose more users/volume over a token burn any day.

>theyre still trying to rationalize that they are retards who are shilling on biz when they can get a token burn
>theyre retarded and don't even realize it

lol this will be a axpire level failure and i will be laughing

Why does it matter?

Nigger if the private alpha is in the next few weeks, which would mean March, then the exchange launching in March or April would be suicide

reddit tier arguments
>team is running ICO very well
>read the whitepaper
>10x in one month screencap this faggots
kek have fun with your scammy bonuses

>why does token burn matter?



Thanks for posting and taking the bait.

You know nothing about CM at all..

If we reach HC and no token burn then we unlock the 20% token buy back reserve. :)



This. I'm getting major LiveEDU vibes from this one from all the dumb shilling, and they're raising 35 million. In this climate? Fucking forget about it. You all missed the good ICOs last fall get over it. You're all going to get dumped ot hell by presale buyers. Wait a month for the crash after token distribution then buy if you actually believe in this.

>i-it w-was b-bait hurhurhur
hahaha he's shilling a coin with token burn possibilities. just retarded level brainlet.

forget about reasoning with retards.
Plus check this part on their website:
"Contribution Distribution Notes
A maximum of 7.5M EUR, based on a percentage of the total contributions raised , is to be paid to FXPIG; the company agrees to support the Token Buyback program and invest in the shared development of blockchain trading technologies."
So they are basically gonna give 7.5M€ to another company without any reason. Guess who's the CEO of FXPIG: the CEO of Coinmetro. He's basically using this ICO to get liquidity for his real company!!!!
Guess where FXPIG is located: Fiji Islands
Guess where Coinmetro is located: Hong Kong
>talk about knowing how to evade regulations