BTC is gonna keep crashing till the 23rd

Somehow, unbeknownst to me, you fucking brainlets still don't get it.

Silly OP, the BTC whales are clearly in charge of BTC. There's no way that this *continual* proof of market manipulation by futures could have any effect/affect on the market.


(But, uhh, for real, do people not realize this?)

*Till after the EU meeting surrounding crypto you dumb mutt

Prepare to buy on Monday and wait for turnaround tuesday, the day the ultimate moon mission begins

>the BTC whales are clearly in charge of BT
>the "whales"

They're not a concerted group - they're all having disputes - at the moment your only reliable piece of information is they all obviously want to have the price increase - however how they do it, who they team up with, who they fuck over - that's all up in the air as they all fight for an increased share.

So you can't infer any monolithic motives to them - the CIA / FBI have huge pieces of BTC from drug busts and counter-terrorism.

This shit's just getting started - seriously...

post argument or I don't believe you

>This shit's just getting started - seriously...

Please do tell more

most whales actually want to crash btc to the ground for reasons that will become clear in due time

amazing that people still no understanding about futures still memeing about them.

Sort of. They want to sell BTC, triggering a crash, and then buy in at lower rates. Rinse, and repeat.

Simple as that, nothing more to it.

>most whales actually want to crash btc to the ground

Some did (helping institutions they have deals with) - some didn't - some welched and forced their hands so they've had to just go with it so far which is why you saw this insane rush.

However this has put the whole situation in an extremely tense spot here - I don't think (again) this dump at $12k was supposed to happen however some welched so they're letting it pass for at least the futures.

I'd love to show you a screenshot of something however if I do I'm going to blow it up for myself so I'm not - I'd just hodl BTC if I were you so you can have the benefit of purchasing alts cheaper once they've finished.

They can't do these PnDs whilst amateurs are out of the market - they want to increase the number of amateurs in it whilst it's still unregulated. They have all the information from the exchanges, house bots, information on your short and long positions - however they're all disputing. Your only safe option is to just hodl...

Lmao i bet crashing it to 6k was great way to increase number of newfags

huh, explain to me brainlet pls
only reason would be to grab some more on the ground?

>cheap alts
Aren't most of them already cheap?
It's actually pretty scary if it goes cheaper, most of of the coin already 2-4 cheaper than January bullrun, previous BTC rally make it 4-6 cheaper (most of them down by 10%-30%). If BTC crash happens again it will be 4-10x cheaper

You say that like its a bad thing



most exchanges have limits based on USD right?



nigga, he don't give a fuk, he jus say'in